Shark's mouth: how safe is it to swim in US waters

By Tychyna TetianaMay 31, 2023 18:31 PMNews
Shark's mouth: how safe is it to swim in US waters
A shark in the ocean. Source: pixabay

Scientists have answered whether we should worry about shark attacks on vacationers. Recently, there have been unfortunate incidents in Florida and Hawaii.

According to the researchers, potentially dangerous interactions between humans and sharks are rare, and serious injuries and deaths from bites are extremely rare. In their opinion, the likelihood of a shark bite is much lower than the risk of being injured in a car accident, reports

How often do sharks bite

According to scientists, over the past decade, 70 to 80 unprovoked shark bites have occurred annually. It is noted that this number is decreasing. Last year, there were only 57 unprovoked bites, and five of them were fatal, according to the University of Florida's International Shark Attack File. The previous year, there were nine such deaths.

The article on the shark attacks notes that one of the reasons for the decline in the number of bites may be the global decline in shark populations.

Where sharks bite most often

The United States and Australia are the most common places where sharks bite. Florida recorded more bites last year than anywhere else on Earth: 16 unprovoked bites, two of which resulted in amputation, according to the shark attack file.

This month, two fishermen in Florida were bitten by sharks in separate incidents less than 36 hours apart.

The impact of smartphones on the number of shark bites

According to scientists, shark bite rates have remained stable in recent years, but it may seem like a more common occurrence due to the prevalence of smartphones. Recently developed smartphone apps allow users to report shark sightings in real time.

What sharks should you be afraid of

The most dangerous sharks for humans are white sharks, bull sharks, and tiger sharks. They are mentioned more often than others in the International Shark Attack Dossier. They also have the highest number of fatalities.

At the same time, scientists note that some sharks can bite a person and realize that they are not their prey and move on.

Is it possible to swim

Yes. You are exponentially more likely to be injured in a car accident on your way to the beach than you are to be seriously injured by a shark bite.

How to protect yourself

Sharks like to be on the beach when there are more people, when the water is warming up. You should also beware of bright and shiny things in the water and avoid swimming at dawn and dusk.

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