About TravelWise edition


TravelWise is a young team of dreamers and adventure seekers ready to share their experiences with readers. We aim not only to become the number one platform for travelers but also to combine the possibilities of a guide, life hacker, and simply a dreamy tourist eager to explore the world. Learn more about us.

About us

TravelWise, a resource for tourists, started in 2023 and has quickly become a source where travelers can find everything from the best ways to book flights to discovering hidden gems for relaxation.


Our team has expanded with experienced travel authors who share their impressions and experiences from numerous journeys, embracing local culture and traditions.

Main goal

Our team's main goal is to inspire. If, after reading an article on our platform, you decide to leave the office for a few hours and take a stroll in a nearby park, that's already a victory. The spirit of adventure begins with the smallest desire to explore the world.

Experience uniqueness

TravelWise operates on three principles: authenticity, alternative perspectives, and environmental consciousness. Our platform offers verified life hacks and relies on confirmed reviews of various places.


We strive to shift the focus from popular yet often overrated tourist spots and instead draw attention to hidden gems worldwide, from tiny villages to overlooked cities.


Environmental consciousness is a rising trend in tourism, and we share experiences in this area as often as possible, providing a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and advantages of eco-friendly travel.

From mass appeal to inclusivity

Our content creation follows the principle that what suits the majority may not suit individual preferences. Therefore, our platform describes numerous options for relaxation, travel, and more. Everyone can find something suitable while staying updated on trends.


Happy travels, explorers!