Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story

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Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
A place on Earth that's made for the two of you. Source: Photographer Asad Photo Maldives/Pexels

Having a perfect honeymoon is the goal and dream of every couple. The stars should align and the journey should unfold without incident. Hotels and resorts all over the world have separate packages and facilities for honeymooners, understanding and accepting the state of the beginning of great love. Romantic rooms with rose petals on the bed, welcome sparkling wine and fruit in the room, candles around the bathroom and additional romantic experiences in the form of included candlelit dinners by the ocean or the most romantic excursions. When it comes to choosing the best honeymoon destinations in the world, you want to make sure you don't miss out because everyone is aiming for the only honeymoon of a lifetime. Our list of honeymoon resorts and hotels around the world already has idealistic locations with excellent reviews and luxurious scenery, both natural and interior. You just need to decide on a few preferences: sea or land, tropics or Europe, others. All these places are great for a wedding ceremony with an extension. You can have everything organized for you down to the last boutonniere. The most romantic wedding and honeymoon destinations have already been tested and rated by couples from the gastronomic scene to the facilities offered, so choose your best place from the best all over the world.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Outdoor room with king bed and private pool on St. Lucia Island. Source:

1. Jade Mountain Resort - St. Lucia Island

It's hard to imagine anything more perfect, but let's not limit our imagination. Jade Mountain Resort has clearly pierced the horizon of romance and is a notch higher than many of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Its 24 rooms are designed for romance and nothing but. You'll sleep surrounded by the ocean with views of the twin Piton Mountains. Your private in-room pool offers a 180-degree or more panorama. Here, romance never falls asleep as you'll spend hours gazing at each other and the scenery. A host of romantic activities from a sailing excursion on the yacht to couples yoga on the terrace will help you bond and feel your partner even more. The enchanting atmosphere lends itself to long kisses and heart-to-heart talks. Here it is only you and inspiring nature and only you decide whether to let more into your romantic period. Jade Mountain Resort is a fairy tale that can happen to you on your luxury honeymoon at the resort.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Bohemian romance of France at the country estate Château du Grand Lucé. Source:

2. Château du Grand-Lucé - one hour from Paris, France

The verdant valleys of the Loire have married dozens of couples and for all of them they have been an exceptionally pleasant place and a photographic zone. Spend your honeymoon in a French chateau in the midst of refined luxury and premium comfort in 19 suites. Complementing your romance, there is a spa with a host of steamy relaxations and treatments.

The truly royal suites feature antique furniture at its best, romantic fireplaces in marble, and of course, large four-poster beds. Perhaps you won't want to take off your wedding dress as the entourage of the entire chateau is designed for your long enjoyment of the outfit you so carefully selected. The Chateau du Grand-Lucé Hotel is a luxurious honeymoon stopover and the perfect location for weddings in France.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Idealistic villas for your best honeymoon in Zanzibar. Source:

3. Xanadu Resort - Zanzibar, Tanzania

Those who have already discovered the tropics and idealistic pictures of beaches washed by the Indian and Atlantic Ocean know that there is no better landscape and romantic barefoot picture. Dotted amongst a very secluded part of the archipelago are villas where you will feel privacy and comfort with full service. A personal butler and private pool, a luxurious bedroom and opportunities for additional adventures both on land and water, as well as underwater, will lay the map for your luxurious honeymoon at the best resort. The hotel is like an oriental white-washed palace amidst greenery and shades of blue. Lookout decks, hammocks under palm trees near the ocean and beach sand that is gentle to the point of shivering. Swim in glowing grottoes, enjoy a candlelit dinner and have a variety of steamy experiences at the resort's spa. Xanadu Resort - This world is made for a romantic steamy honeymoon stopover.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
A romantic monastery for the harmonious development of relationships in Peru. Source:

4. Hotel Monasterio - Cusco, Peru

The Monasterio may seem like an odd honeymoon stopover, but that's not the case. One look at the honeymoon and romantic stay package and you'll be convinced that your stay in Peru will be luxurious, fulfilling and memorable. Welcome gifts, daily breakfast in bed, a romantic dinner for two, a luxurious hideaway and plenty of suggestions for exciting outings and excursions. The tiled roofs of Cusco and the panorama of the mountains will adorn your picture in the window, while the luxurious terraced restaurants will open the way to a gastronomic delight. An extraordinary and romantic honeymoon in Peru awaits you when you choose a Monasterio hotel.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Passionate honeymoon in Napa Valley, California. Source:

5. Auberge du Soleil Hotel - Napa Valley, California

Napa Valley opens up the possibility of a wide variety of adventures for couples. All preferences and tastes are catered for. However, it's a bit overwhelming and hard to put something together. Staying at Auberge du Soleil will solve a lot of issues in one fell swoop. The hotel offers comfortable accommodation in romantic rooms overlooking the landscaped hills. The hotel's qualified staff will not only help you put together your desired experiences but also book them for you. What you can't miss in Napa Valley is the famous wine train and dining at SingleThread Farms, a restaurant with three Michelin stars on its menu. The Solage Spa, Auberge Resorts Collection will give you a double treat and you won't have to be apart for even half an hour. The hotel is located by the water and is equipped with a swimming pool. From couples activities, you can choose from picnicking, tennis, biking, yoga, wine tastings, and many other romantic fillings for your unforgettable honeymoon in Napa Valley, California.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Overwater bungalow for a romantic honeymoon in tropical style. Source:

6. Four Seasons Bora Bora Resort Hotel - French Polynesia

Your romantic bungalow for the best honeymoon, surrounded by turquoise waters, is located in Bora Bora. The villas are perched above the water, with private pools and full service. What could be more romantic than breakfast in your room, brought to you by canoe? You'll fall asleep and wake up to the rustling of the water, admire the idealistic combinations of shades of turquoise, blue and green, enjoy the best spa treatments for two, and take gastronomic tours of island cuisine. Swimming pools, snorkeling, diving, island tours, exploring island culture and all as a couple, getting to know each other and the world around you. Melt into each other and nature as Four Seasons Bora Bora has created all the conditions for your stunning honeymoon and romantic experience.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
English chic honeymoon in Hampshire. Source:

7. Chouton Glenet Manor - Hampshire, England

The English countryside is filled with romance and luxurious places for the best honeymoons. Chouton Glenet Manor is representative of luxurious English-style accommodation and an example of exquisitely filling your couples' adventures. Without leaving the grounds of the country house, you will enjoy the spa treatments and the opportunity to take a gastronomic tour inside. The luxurious pool and fabulous nature will keep you lingering, wanting to make the best impression possible. When you are ready for outside adventures, the helpful staff will offer a variety of trips that include castles, horseback riding and experiences that will fill your phone's memory. You can choose to stay in the main house or retreat to your own private wooden cabin with a hot tub and king-size bed. Take advantage of room service and leave the bed when you've enjoyed each other to the fullest only. Chouton Glenet Country House will fold your honeymoon into the best adventure.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Luxury hideaways in the Seychelles where it's just the two of you. Source:

8. North Island Resort in the Seychelles

A luxury aboriginal vacation can spark the kind of passion that would grace any honeymoon. The North Island Resort has all the conditions to rekindle the fire of love to the max. Gentle sand, green palm trees, light ocean breezes and confidential villas that boast luxury and 100% eco-friendly. Villa 11 is your honeymoon destination. This retreat was created for two people, but with spaciousness and idealistic feel. Furnished terraces offer panoramic views of the beach and ocean, and your luxurious outdoor bedroom features a large white four-poster bed and turquoise pillows with candles to match. Island adventures line up on an inspirational list worth making time to realize. Sunset beach picnics with hand grills, gastronomic tastings based on island produce, exciting walks and island tours, diving, paddling and the list goes on. North Island Resort is the best place for a luxurious honeymoon in the islands.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
A rousing honeymoon romance in Mallorca. Source:

9. La Residencia, A Belmond Hotel - Mallorca, Spain

The romance of Spain begins with olive groves and picturesque mountains. Its continuation can be found at La Residencia Hotel at the foot of the Tramuntana Mountains. The location offers both seaside relaxation and luxurious rustic romance. The property features a large outdoor swimming pool, a delicious farm-to-table gastronomic scene and a spa complex that has the best relaxation offerings for couples.

The picturesque scenery outside has had an impact on the interiors as well. The mottled colors and delicate tones form a romantic nest in which your honeymoon will take on very gentle hues. Fall asleep and wake up enjoying each other as well as the pleasant services that are designed to replenish romantic moments. A boat ride along the coastline will be one of the memorable experiences when staying at La Residencia Hotel. One of the best honeymoons in Spain.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
A 5-star honeymoon in Cape Town. Source:

10. Tintswalo Atlantic Boutique Hotel - Cape Town

A five-star honeymoon at Cape Town's waterfront boutique hotel is a good formula for success. However, the hotel has something to add to your romance. The boutique hotel offers to join the Tinzwalo Travel Club and enjoy trips and excursions around South Africa. Accommodation in the Lodges and Manor House is more than romantic because in addition to a bedroom, you can get a private deck to sleep on and enjoy the starry African skies. Private swimming pools and gastronomic scenes complete the leisure activities.

Tintswalo Atlantic Hotel can help you organize the most unforgettable wedding or honeymoon in Africa. All you have to do is voice your wishes and dreams.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
You'll feel like the world was made for you in the Maldives, there's no doubt about it. Source:

11. Gili Lankanfushi in Maldives

Maldives is famous for secluded vacations amidst expanses of idealistic nature. Choosing among the 45 overwater villas of the Gili Lankanfushi resort you will, in any case, get a luxurious romantic hideaway with a king-sized bed, an ocean terrace and a single path leading to island adventures and experiences.

The resort likes to boast that no two days here are ever the same. A large number of activities can fill the longest honeymoon in the Maldives with memories and meaningful moments. Wine tastings, private dinners, surfing, diving, snorkeling, fishing. Do yourself a favor: don't try to have it all at once. The Gili Lankanfushi resort offers honeymooners dinner on an idealistic wild beach dotted with glowing lanterns.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
The most picturesque valley for whispering in each other's ears in Sri Lanka. Source:

12. Ceylon Tea Trails Hotel - Dimbula, Sri Lanka

A honeymoon in Dimbula's Golden Valley exemplifies that a perfect vacation doesn't have to be a seaside one. A quiet and romantic retreat, the Ceylon Tea Trails Hotel offers an amazing stay with a multitude of experiences. Choosing the historic bungalow for a luxurious stopover on your honeymoon, you'll have several locations at once where moments will be felt with special tenderness. A terrace with a fireplace and a landscaped bath for two, a four-poster bed and a spacious living room with billiards will witness your romantic events.

Wellness at the hotel encompasses revitalization of body, mind and spirit. Local herbs will be your elixir of strength and longevity together. Yoga classes, cycling and hiking will be part of your recovery and experience. One of the best honeymoon hotels, Ceylon Tea Trails offers a couples' retreat amidst Ceylon tea plantations.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
The honeymoon fairy tale lives on in Thailand. Source:

13. Six Senses Yao Noi Resort - Phang Nga, Thailand

Thailand's popularity as one of the best honeymoon destinations creates crowds in season. Phuket and Krabi fill up pretty quickly. However, there is a resort the villas of which are known for their privacy and seclusion. As you sail up to the resort, you'll find landscaped pools on stilts, restaurants under thatched roofs and an idealistic beach fringing the beauty. Villa Hideaway is designed for couples who want to hide away amongst the green jungle and also have access to all the delights of the resort. Your terraces and landscaped pool will broadcast Phang Nga Bay at its most unfolding around the clock. You can count the days of your honeymoon by the romantic sunsets that never repeat. Wellness and spa, travel and tastings: only you will choose what to fill your honeymoon at the best place in the world, Six Senses Yao Noi Resort.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Paris may be modern, but it will never cease to be romantic. Source:

14. Honeymoon in Paris, France

Banality can become a vivid experience if you know which side of Paris to look at and which experiences to include in your romantic stopover. The Hotel Dame des Arts will include the scenery of the Eiffel Tower from the stage on its delicious rooftop in your luxury stopover. The Latin Quarter will present the opportunity for walks or bicycle tours. Order dinner at Septime Restaurant, the menu of which proudly boasts of a Michelin star. Breakfast at the lovely Le Comptoir patisserie can symbolize your sweet tooth, enjoying the most exquisite pastries in Paris. Another successful honeymoon stop in Paris is the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The hotel offers capsule vacations without leaving the walls, meaning you'll have something to do besides each other but always together.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Luxury wedding turning into a honeymoon in Mexico. Source:

15. Hotel Rosewood Mayakoba - Mayakoba, Mexico

Mayakoba has plenty to offer honeymooners with its many romantic beachfront stays. Hotel Rosewood Mayakoba stands out from many with its colorful interiors, interesting solutions for terraces and observation decks, and a good selection of romantic accommodations. Enjoy each other and some of the best wellness on the Maya Coast. The natural gifts of the sea and jungle will take care of your skin, inner restoration and harmony for the day. The 8 restaurants and bars will put together your gastronomic tour, which can move either to the beach or to your bedside. The experienced team will make your wedding or honeymoon an enchanting fairy tale of land and water adventures and experiences, from your villa or suite to the ceremonial arch and wedding cake. Couples can also enjoy sumptuous candlelit dinners and exciting outings.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Sweet dreams and adventures for two in Argentina. Source:

16. Cavas Wine Lodge Boutique Hotel - Mendoza, Argentina

There is a hotel at the foot of the Andes in a valley where vineyards carpet the landscape offering capsule vacations for honeymoons in Argentina. Choosing your idealistic one among 18 rooms, you'll get elegant interiors and the chance to wake up in anticipation of an interesting and fulfilling day as a couple. Your wine tasting will begin right at the hotel entrance and continue throughout your honeymoon. Luxurious fireplaces and landscaped terraces, a pool and spa treatments for two will be the deal-breakers between enjoying wine and the gastronomic scene at the hotel's restaurant. The 55 acres of vines offer adventures both by bike and on foot. The Cavas Wine House will provide a leisurely honeymoon full of enjoying each other as well as grape beverages from all over the Mendoza region.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Dive headfirst into your honeymoon on the island of Anguilla. Source:

17. Hotel Cap Juluca a Belmond - Caribbean island of Anguilla

A highlight of the island and one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. Situated on a white sandy sea, the hotel is like a white sail that will take you to a meeting of experiences and enjoyment. Its villas are secluded and idealistic. Private pools and furnished terraces are designed for the best sunsets and sunrises in the Carribean. Sunbathe on the beach or on a yacht, sail on the water or dive underwater: everything is designed for your best honeymoon moments. Tennis, horseback riding, fishing and beachside campfire parties are all perfect additions to the passion and romance of an Anguilla Island honeymoon. Cap Juluca a Belmond hotel offers special packages for romantic couples escapes to make your stay as focused on romance and exploring each other as possible.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Royal honeymoon in Belgium. Source:

18. Relais & Chateaux Heritage - Bruges, Belgium

The best honeymoon destinations in Europe can safely include the city of Bruges in Belgium. Its architecture, gastronomic scenes, cute romantic breakfast terraces and cultural life will allow you to fill your romantic escape with the best memories. The Relais & Chateaux Heritage Hotel offers accommodation in 22 elegant rooms where antique interior styles and modern comforts meet. Palatial portraits, cushioned beds and fluted ceilings with crystal chandeliers create a meaningful atmosphere in which you will feel like a young scion of the royal family arriving at a city residence. Despite all the pathos the place offers everything from spa treatments, to a map of your romantic walks to the main attractions of the city of Bruges. The Relais & Chateaux Heritage Hotel offers themed packages that are already full of adventure and experiences for two.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
A one-swimsuit honeymoon in Jamaica. Source:

19. Rockhouse Hotel - Negril, Jamaica

Tropical gardens, luxurious bungalows on rocky plots jutting directly into the ocean, landscaped pools and Jamaica's finest restaurants are what the Rockhouse Hotel offers each and every guest. And what's in it for you? You'll enjoy spa treatments one meter from the water, romantic candlelit dinners on the rock, fabulous double baths overlooking the ocean, and a lavish schedule of musical events held at the resort throughout the day. Activities you can do as a couple include master classes, yoga, psilocybin sound baths and participate in all the environmental programs that the best honeymoon hotel in Jamaica supports.

Your rooms and bungalows include furnished terraces for relaxation, large beds, mini bars, outdoor showers and plenty of sea air with a scenic picture in a full-wall window. The Rockhouse Hotel's experienced team can organize your wedding and fill your honeymoon.

Top 20 best honeymoon destinations around the world for a romantic continuation of your wedding story
Under the passionate Italian sun at the Borgo Santo Piero estate. Source:

20. Borgo Santo Piero - Palazzetto, Italy

They say that love is especially hot under the Tuscan sun. Italy is made for romantic escapes and honeymoons. Hotel Borgo Santo Piero is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards and is filled with romantic honeymoon adventures. The antique interiors of the country estate flow seamlessly into the landscaped pools of natural scenic panorama in all windows. The restaurant's gastronomic scene is particularly fine as it works from the plantations of local farmers, gardeners, vegetable gardens and nut fields. Everything from cheese to yogurt is produced on the estate. The talent of the Michelin-starred chef creates masterpieces from natural ingredients to serve on your romantic tables.

The hotel offers one of the ultimate honeymoon experiences: charters on the sailing yacht Satori in the waters of Italy, France, Greece, Turkey and Croatia. The itinerary and conditions can also be chosen by the guests of the schooner.

The hotel's spa is powered by Seed to Skin organic skin care products. A special therapy at the estate is the walks along the River Merse, which will offer romantic picnics on its banks and inspirational moments for two. Borgo Manor will be the perfect place for a honeymoon in Italy.

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