The 30 warmest cities in Europe with summer all year round have been named

By TravelWiseMar 6, 2024 12:10 PMNews
Alicante. Source: Wikipedia

Summer is considered to be the best time to bask in the sun, but there are places on the planet where comfortable sunny weather lasts much longer than three months.

SchengenVisaInfo has compiled a list of the 30 sunniest cities in Europe, where the sun pleases vacationers the most days of the year.

The 30 warmest cities in Europe with summer all year round have been named
The 30 warmest cities in Europe with summer all year round have been named. Source: Wikipedia

Most of them were located in Spain (12) and Italy (11).

  1. Alicante, Spain (349 sunny days a year with an average temperature of +19 degrees).
  2. Catania, Italy (347 days and +20 degrees).
  3. Murcia, Spain (346 days and +20 degrees).
  4. Malaga, Spain (345 days and +20 degrees).
  5. Messina, Italy (345 days and +19 degrees).
  6. Valencia, Spain (343 days and +20 degrees).
  7. Nice, France (342 days and +17 degrees).
  8. Las Palmas, Spain (341 days and +20 degrees).
  9. Granada, Spain (341 days and +17 degrees).
  10. Palermo, Italy (340 days and +19 degrees).
  11. Seville, Spain (340 days and +21 degrees).
  12. Zaragoza, Spain (340 days and +17 degrees).
  13. Marseille, France (339 days and +17 degrees).
  14. Barcelona, Spain (339 days and +18 degrees).
  15. Palma de Mallorca, Spain (337 days and +19 degrees).
  16. Tirana, Albania (336 days and +17 degrees).
  17. Rome, Italy (336 days and +18 degrees).
  18. Athens, Greece (335 days and +20 degrees).
  19. Madrid, Spain (335 days and +18 degrees).
  20. Naples, Italy (334 days and +19 degrees).
  21. Bari, Italy (333 days and +19 degrees).
  22. Turin, Italy (331 days and +14 degrees).
  23. Valladolid, Spain (329 days and +14 degrees).
  24. Sofia, Bulgaria (327 days and +12 degrees).
  25. Zurich, Switzerland (326 days and +11 degrees).
  26. Verona, Italy (323 days and +16 degrees).
  27. Lisbon, Portugal (321 days and +18 degrees).
  28. Venice, Italy (317 days and +16 degrees).
  29. Milan, Italy (313 days and +16 degrees).
  30. Florence, Italy (310 days and +16 degrees).

As TravelWise wrote earlier, experts have compiled a list of the best second-largest cities in the world that are worth paying attention to.

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