Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities

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Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Sanctuary in the middle of idealistic nature in the USA with a hot tub. Source:

Luxury vacations in US forest lodges range from exclusive glamping to comfortable wooden hideaways in addition to which you can get outdoor hot tubs. The best forest resorts in the USA offer authentic destinations where the human desire for enhanced facilities coexists harmoniously with wild natural therapies.

Enjoying a stay in A-frame cabins, getting your private terrace and bubbling oasis will be the perfect solution for your next vacation as a family or proudly alone. Choose the best hot tub lodges in the USA to make your experience inspirational and successful, and the photos for social media are just bombastic.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
An oasis in the middle of a canyon in Utah – your place of enlightenment and harmony. Source: @zionecocabins

1. Zion EcoCabin: Zion A-Frame – Hildale, Utah

Zion National Park in Utah attracts hundreds of hikers to walk the canyons, explore the trails, and enjoy the scenic nature. What if you add sunsets, sunrises, and a luxurious A-frame half-glass hideaway with a hot tub to the overall experience. Simply fabulous and it's doable 45 minutes from Zion Park with its panorama of the Zion Mountains.

There are four such cabins on the property, but you're unlikely to touch. A private living room, wooden terrace, grilling, and cooking space – personal spaces at each lodge. Taking advantage of the French press and getting your cup of morning coffee your day will start and end in idealistic fashion. There is no need to wait to check in, as you can do it completely on your own with the push button panel on the door. The location near the bakery, stores, restaurants, and market will allow you to be mobile if you suddenly forget something and lazy if you don't feel like cooking. Utah hot tub cabins are a luxurious stop for your next weekend getaway.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
A place where it's nice to be on your own, close to Washington, DC. Source: @tyehaus tyehaus

2. Sky Haus A-Frame – Skykomish, Washington

This mountain resort with A-frame cabins in the United States is located near the small town of Skykomish, and its wooden decks jut into the slopes of the Cascade Mountains. The resort is surrounded by many hiking trails if you want an even better experience. The cabins at the US resort sleep up to 4 guests, allowing for a family vacation. The resort is year-round, with great skiing fun in the winter. After which you will blissfully sink into your hot tub right in the fresh frosty air.

The resort has access to the beach as well as its kitchen. The three lodges are located next to each other, but have everything for an independent luxury vacation. You can take advantage of the self-check-in feature by obtaining door codes and alarms on the day of arrival. Mountain vacation cabins with hot tubs in Skykomish, WA have plenty of access to bodies of water and landscaped locations.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
A bustling oasis right in the middle of idealistic nature near Washington, DC. Source:

3. Treeframe Cabin - Index, Washington, DC

Just an hour's drive from Seattle, you can settle 13 meters above the ground. This luxury treehouse in the USA has excellent amenities for up to 3 people. The kitchen and grill will also be at your disposal. Sit by the fireplace in the evenings and enjoy yourself in the hot tub that boldly accommodates two.

The treehouse cabin for vacationing in the USA is surrounded by wild woods and has easy access to the Skykomish River. The camp has many more lodging options on its property, including bi-level shipping containers that also feature a hot tub, as well as family cottages and several options for huts standing on the ground.

These luxury stops in the middle of the woods in the US will help you get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowds, be alone or with just your family, enjoy adventures on the river, and take in the scenic nature around you.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Hot tub on a covered patio, for all-weather enjoyment in Oklahoma. Source:

4. Breakfast at Tiffany's – Broken Bow, Oklahoma

Such a luxurious vacation can be safely combined with a visit to Beavers Bend Park. You'll be able to check into the cottage at any time of the day or night, which is great for a spontaneous decision. The landscaped cottage in the middle of the forest at the foot of the Kiamichi Mountains is fully equipped and can accommodate up to 4 people. Smart TV, Wi-Fi, and an outdoor sound system can help organize romantic settings and small parties. The cabin has an outdoor hot tub, so there's an extra location for romance too. The kitchen has everything you need to prepare meals throughout the day and even glasses for your champagne. Inside the cottage, there is a private bathroom with a rain shower. The living room is decorated with a fireplace and the hot tub is finished in natural stone. In the backyard, you'll find everything you need for barbecues and a colorful evening campfire with marshmallows. In addition to the nearby park, a zoo, wine tours, horseback riding and boating, and varieties of fishing can be added to your Oklahoma hot tub cabin vacation.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Whirlpool on the terrace of a multi-level home in Colorado. Source:

5. Wooden nature house with hot tub in Cripple Creek, Colorado

One of the best stays in the Colorado mountains is this wooden house with many amenities, including a hot tub. The landscaped patio and hammock are designed for enjoying the outdoors without moving. A large modern kitchen with everything you need for cooking, picnics, or barbecues creates a special atmosphere and freedom of action. Whether you are working or relaxing fast Wi-Fi will cover your communication and information needs. The three bedrooms and living room can accommodate a rather large company or family (about 12 people). If you are traveling with children be sure to add to the lush scenery the adventures in Mountain View (15 min), and for adults the Cripple Creek Narrow Gauge Railway and its casino (15 min). The grocery store will be only 12 minutes away in case you run out of groceries. The community playground is only 6 minutes away if your vacation goal is tranquility and the kids need to be entertained. The Colorado Mountain cabin with a hot tub can provide you with a year-round vacation with plenty to do.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Only your presence in a hot tub cabin in Georgia could be more perfect. Source:

6. Mountain Serenity – Morgantown, Georgia

Three levels of beauty on the slopes of a picturesque forested hill would be a luxurious hot tub cabin vacation option for a large group or family. Picturesque terraces feature lounges and swings for romance or children. Four bedrooms with comfortable amenities allow you to enjoy relaxation and nature through every window. Balconies are found in every hideaway, allowing you to expand your own space and possibilities. Fireplaces create a romantic ambiance both inside and outdoors. The modern kitchen is equipped with all necessary appliances and the laundry room with washer and dryer. The delightful living room is furnished to allow everyone to gather around the dining table or on the huge sofa for board games or company dinners. A smart lock on the door allows you to check in when it's convenient for you, and high-speed internet solves any questions you may have. A large Georgia mountain home with a hot tub is just what you need for your next family vacation.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
An inspiring vacation in the great outdoors in the state of Virginia. Source:

7. Shenandoah Hideaway, Garden Pub & Hot Tub – Luray, Virginia

Settle into a cottage with a hot tub on the Shenandoah River for a successful outdoor vacation in the USA. The wooden house can accommodate up to 6 people and will surprise you with not only a bubbling oasis in the backyard but also a garden pub to spend your evenings in. Inside you will find a modern equipped kitchen and a spacious living room, several bedrooms with large beds and access to the terrace, and a gas fireplace to keep you warm in cold weather and satisfy melancholic moods. There are also relaxation and barbecue areas, opportunities to sit around a riverside campfire, and trails for scenic hiking and biking. One of the best outdoor hot tub huts in Virginia, USA.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Romantic ranch vacation with the whole family in Montana. Source:

8. Triple Creek Ranch – Darby, Montana

Western Montana offers an adults-only luxury resort vacation with cabin accommodations and hot tub bathing. Each cabin is unique in architecture and interiors, but luxury, scenic nature, fireplaces, and bubbling oases unite all the refuges.

The resort is year-round and has many options for activities on and near its grounds. Winter entertains guests with skiing, snowshoeing, biking with fat tires, dog sledding, and fun snow games. When the snow melts you can go horseback riding, go on scenic hikes, fish right on the resort grounds, and book a round of golf. Farm-to-table meals are included. Sumptuous meals are served in the restaurant or, if desired, in your room. Triple Creek Ranch Resort offers an all-inclusive vacation amidst the lush nature of the Bitterroot Mountains.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Vacation amidst nature without leaving the city in Colorado. Source:

9. Town cottage with hot tub – Estes Park, Colorado

Historic, romantic cottage in the middle of Estes Park with an outdoor hot tub. The cottage is over 200 years old, yet its modern amenities make for a more than comfortable vacation. A wooden terrace with a table and barbecue overlooking Lumpy Ridge will provide plenty of romantic moments and activities.

Inside is an equipped kitchen and laundry room, but a lazy vacation is entirely possible here, as you're only minutes from the city center. Accessibility to restaurants, and stores will diversify your comfort. For the adventurous and active, there are scenic trails with observation decks and unexpected beautiful turns.

The hot tub is located right in the backyard of the cottage. It accommodates up to 4 people and is always ready for your relaxation. Enjoy the opportunity to explore Estes Park and come back for the best relaxation of your muscles in a luxury hot tub cottage in the USA.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Shabby on the outside, colorful on the inside – an impressive getaway for two or alone in Texas. Source:

10. Wooden Cactus Town Cabin with hot tub – Fredericksburg, Texas

Escape without leaving the city or the comforts of home at the 200-year-old Cactus Cottage in Fredericksburg. Modern amenities are hidden beneath a layer of rough-hewn wood planks, tall oak trees, and an atmosphere of privacy. A small terrace with a table will give a romantic start to the day with the aroma of coffee.

The cottage interiors will look stunning on your Instagram feed. The stone masonry fireplace, chiseled wooden walls, and large wooden beams overhead combined with vintage furniture is a photographer's dream. An authentic deep bath inside and a bubbling oasis outside will denote the degree of relaxation you desire. A mini kitchen allows you to cook for yourself while stocking up on groceries in town, and backyard barbecues will allow you to enjoy Texas-style dinners. Enjoy the quiet, wildlife, and romantic atmosphere of your escape to Cactus Cottage.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
An atmospheric stay amidst nature and comfort in Georgia. Source:

11. Luxury cabin High in Helen – Helen, Georgia

In north Georgia, you'll find a wooden retreat surrounded by nature and comfort, worthy of life's special moments. The town of Helen itself offers plenty of opportunities for romance and experiences, if, of course, you're willing to leave for even a moment the luxury wooden cottage with access to a hot tub in nature. Your cozy terrace cabin is equipped with all the upgrades of modern technology and a large king-size bed. The modern kitchen will allow you to prepare the best romantic dinner or breakfast, which you can safely carry to the terrace to continue admiring the mountain panorama or the city skyline. The fireplace on the terrace will keep you warm even on a chilly night and adorn your two glasses of wine with glare. Access to activities will be provided by the mountain peaks and relaxation by the outdoor hot tub. The location of the lodge allows you to add to your vacation experiences such as the Unicoi Park and beautiful waterfalls.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
Authentic nature and modern comfort in New York State. Source:

12. Cottage in Callicoon, New York

Nature near Callicoon Creek boasts a pristine and authentic setting with luxurious accommodations in a historic cottage with a wood-covered hot tub. The panoramic windows of the 200-year-old home allow you to admire the beauty around the clock, and the comfortable furnishings allow you to relax 24/7.

Modern furniture, country house designs, and a fireplace in the living room create coziness and harmony for relaxation. A full kitchen allows you to cook a variety of meals inside, and a barbecue area outside. The bathroom is equipped with a shower and a toilet. The backyard serves as a wonderful place for relaxation: a large hammock, several comfortable sun loungers, armchairs near the fire pit, whirlpool barrels, and a large dining area. The cottage's several bedrooms are perfect for a family or company vacation.

13. A cottage in Big Bear, California – with ski resort features

Even though the cottage has one bedroom, the living room can accommodate two more people. The large terrace allows for more space and a luxurious vacation amidst the scenic surroundings. The cottage has modern interiors with designer country house-style furniture. Flat-panel TVs and a modern equipped kitchen make this your capsule vacation any time of the year. The location on Big Bear Lake gives plenty of fun activities for all ages, depending on the season. Gather around the gas fireplace in the evenings or by the backyard fire pit to play companionable games and lazily sip your glasses with a taste of relaxation and outdoor recreation in the USA.

14. Diamond in the Bluff luxury cabin in the countryside – Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Sanctuary for 8 with hot tubs and elite access to nature and water. Right on the lakeside in Gatlinburg, a fully equipped cabin with several floors and 4 bedrooms awaits you. The location offers not only BBQ'd outdoor recreation, but also exciting water activities with the provision of equipment such as kayaks, jet skis, and canoes. An outdoor hot tub makes the cabin even more desirable and idealistic at sunset. Designer interiors include fireplaces, wood-cut tables, paddleboards on the walls, exquisite bathrooms, and thoughtful amenities.

Top 15 cabins in the USA with hot tubs. Cabins for luxury vacations amidst scenic nature and comfortable amenities
One of the best outdoor vacations in North Carolina. Source:

15. Exquisite cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains – Boone, North Carolina

The cottage on several levels can offer you one bedroom, with its hot tub, and several living areas, allowing you to accommodate up to 6 people. The highlight of the cottage is the hot tub on the terrace, which allows you to be in the bubbles looking at a variety of sunset pictures. The terrace is also equipped with a suspended wooden swing and a dining area for gathering the whole company. The sauna is a great addition to the winter activities. The cottage is located in the middle of lush nature, which opens up opportunities for exploring and inspiring hikes. The cottage is also equipped with its own gym for invigorating mornings.

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