Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital

By Anna Veselova-SolovoniukJul 15, 2023 20:33 PMRome
Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital
Rome - top view. Source: Photographer Abraham Ruiz/Pexels

What could be more perfect than a pink sunset over the landscape architecture of Rome? Only if you are sitting in a comfortable soft chair with a cocktail in hand and aromatic Italian food on the table. Rooftop bars in Rome are the best place to fulfil this fantasy.

Of course, you can simply use a map of Rome's rooftops to find such heavenly establishments, but to truly enjoy the perfect moments of sunsets and sunrises, you need something more. For example, a ready-made, tested and selected list of the best rooftop bars in Rome, which we have kindly compiled for you.

Based on the reviews, cocktail and food menus, and rooftop views designed to impress, we've identified 15 rooftops in Rome that won't disappoint.

1 Les Étoiles rooftop garden

Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital
View from a rooftop bar in Rome. Source: Image

Prepare your phone's memory card to hold a million photos of a 360-degree view of the city's architecture with St Peter's Cathedral as the main character.

The picturesque rooftop terrace of Atlante Star Hotel has been transformed into a garden of Eden with an exclusive view and a delicious menu. White tablecloths glistening with the rays of the Roman sun, laid tables and helpful waiters add rainbow colours to your mood and feelings.

A well-curated wine and cocktail list will make your dinner a perfect accompaniment to the sunset. Ricardo Marinelli, a professional mixologist of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, will make every effort to create your perfect evening. And invigorating coffee with Italian sweets will start your day until 10 am.

Les Étoiles is a rooftop bar in Rome where a romantic candlelit dinner will be remembered for a lifetime.

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2 Mùn cocktail bar

The landscapes of Santa Maria Maggiore and the architecture of the Roman railway station are one of the city's trademarks. And you can take a look at the views of the historic buildings from the rooftop of the DoubleTree By Hilton Rome Monti hotel.

The sky-high venue offers its own version of a modern bar, with small tables both indoors and outdoors. Being one of the most popular rooftop bars in Rome, Italy, Mùn Rooftop Cocktail Bar offers its guests a dizzying view from the 8th floor with the sounds of light Italian music and the scent of planted flowers.

You can sit comfortably both on high bar stools and at tables, and for more relaxation and unwinding, choose a comfortable lounge chair or sofa.

Opening every evening from 17.30 and staying open until 00.00, this rooftop in Rome is ideal for sunsets.

The menu is designed to match the cocktail list, not vice versa. The wine list has many variations of local producers, with an emphasis on naturalness, foreign wines are selected for their ideal composition rather than for a popular label.

A pleasant evening for two, gatherings with a noisy company or dreamy solitude - everything harmoniously fits into the atmosphere of one of the best rooftop bars in Rome, Italy - Mùn Rooftop Cocktail Bar.

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3 Terrazza Celo

Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital
Roof of Terrazza Cello. Source: Image

If you don't have time for long walks around Rome's landscape, you can use the services of the Independent Hotel, which is conveniently located near Termini train station. Or simply visit its rooftop restaurant and lounge bar, Terrazza Cielo, for a full view of the capital's wonders from the 8th floor.

The elegant atmosphere of the restaurant offers nutritious gourmet breakfasts and delicious lunches, in the best traditions of Mediterranean cuisine.

The lounge area is suitable for lounging with cocktails on sun loungers or soft sofas, protected from the scorching sun by wide umbrellas. Shots, aperitifs, cocktails, live music and, of course, a stunning panorama will put you in a great mood at any time of the day or evening.

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4 Roof of Lifestyle Suites

The rooftop of the Lifestyle Suites Rome offers an evening view of Rome's illuminated sights from its terrace. Its view covers one of the most beautiful squares in the capital, Piazza Navona.

The Italian-style interior with frescoes by Jose Messas and the large space of the terrace make you feel comfortable in atmospheric but often crowded Rome.

This sophisticated and elegant venue is not for everyone. Only hotel guests who have booked a room and guests of private events can enjoy its views and services.

The romantic sky platform offers a breakfast menu, which you can spend in the quiet rustle of the city that has not yet awakened and the backdrop of the flowing water of the Four Rivers Fountain.

Rooftop Bar in Rome Rooftop at Lifestyle Suites is an exclusive place with premium comfort and gourmet cuisine.

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5 Hey Güey

Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital
Hey Güey. Source: Image

The sixth floor of Chapter Roma, which rises above the city centre, adds bright colours and Mexican flavour to the measured motifs of Rome.

Surrounded by blooming cacti, brightly coloured pillows and the aroma of tacos, you may not immediately feel like you're in pompous Rome, but the panoramic view of the rooftops of Roman architecture is unmistakable.

Latin American cuisine will add a playful mood to the heavy and picturesque architecture of Rome and will feed you with delicious speciality tacos. The pearl of the cocktail menu - frozen margaritas - will refresh you even on the hottest day.

The Roman rooftop bar Hey Güey is ideal for fun meetings away from the noisy crowd, but with a carnival feel above ground.

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6 Terrazza Borghese

The light colours of the Terrace Borghese's interior, with small accents in rich cushions and curtains, create a very beautiful picture frame, the central character of which is Villa Borghese and its picturesque gardens.

The height of the 5th floor allows you to see the horizon and serves as a springboard for a leisurely lunch or a romantic dinner.

The well-designed menu focuses on the quality of products and classic Roman dishes, complemented by fine wines, sparkling cocktails and shots.

The terrace has not only a rooftop bar in Rome, but also a lounge area where you can enjoy a stunning sunset on comfortable sun loungers and lie under the stars.

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7 Terrazza Navona

Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital
Dish of the day. Source: Photographer William Choquette/Pexels

Rome is full of rome's best rooftop bars, but Terrazza Navona is one of those that offers an exclusive experience in the heart of the city.

The interior, designed for romantic evening meetings, is framed by the ancient roofs of famous landmarks. The domes of the Pantheon, Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza, Sant'Agnese in Agone, Sant'Andrea della Valle will be a great backdrop for your picturesque Instagram photos.

The evening magic of the play of light makes the place elegant in its beautiful simplicity.

The terrace is located on the 5th floor of the Palazzo Navona Hotel, but not only guests staying in the rooms can visit the terrace.

The Roman cuisine on the menu is a great example of classics backed by quality products. An extensive wine list and successful cocktail mixes adorn the alcohol menu.

One of the best rooftop bars in Rome, Terrazza Navona, welcomes its guests from breakfast, offering a cup of aromatic coffee and a selection of desserts and sweets.

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8 Cielo Terrace

Climbing the Spanish Stairs to the very top, you will meet the pearl of Italian hotels Rocco Forte Hotel De La Ville, the top of which, in turn, is home to the elite Roman rooftop bar Cielo Terrace.

The red and white colours of the interior, enlivened by the growing olive trees and expanded by the view of the horizon, with the picturesque city stretching out, give comfort, cosiness, rest and relaxation.

The best rooftop bar in Rome will surprise you with a variety of signature cocktails and soft drinks, as well as handmade alcoholic nectars. The lunch menu includes dishes from the Mosaic restaurant, which has won a Michelin star and earned the trust of the public. And the selection of night snacks starts with Asian dim sum and Italian delights.

Located a little away from the bustling and bubbling city, Cielo Terrace will become a real quiet paradise, which is slightly revived with the pink rays of the sunset. However, a place in this Roman paradise must be booked in advance.

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9 Adele Mixology Lounge

Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital
Picturesque landscape by Adele Mixology Louge. Source: Image

The best rooftop bar in Rome, Adèle Mixology Lounge, with a 360-degree view, is located at the very top of the eight-storey Splendide Royal Hotel. The spacious terrace, with exits on 4 sides and modern bar counters in the centre, gives a feeling of boundlessness and flight over the ancient picturesque city.

The gastronomic delights and premium cocktails have made the place a desirable destination rather than a Friday night out. Serving excellent aperitifs and open late into the night, the Adèle Mixology Lounge, a Roman roof top bar, epitomises the city's nightlife.

Splendide Royal Hotel has not one pearl, but two at once. Going down to the floor below, you will find yourself in the Mirabelle rooftop restaurant.

The chef Stefano Marzetti, who reigns supreme here, is famous for his fantastic dishes for lunch and dinner.

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10 Settimo Roman cuisine and terrace

The restaurant and bar, located on the 6th floor of the Sofitel Rome Villa Borghese, offers not only the best drinks on the roof of Rome, but also a unique panorama of the city and St Peter's Basilica.

Mirco Cagnazzo, the chief mixologist at the bar, delights with delicious cocktails and light snacks.

Lunches and dinners are equally fantastic in the restaurant, offering Roman and Mediterranean cuisine.

The elegant and sophisticated atmosphere in the room is enhanced by calm and romantic music, while the colourful mosaic floor and tables on the terrace perfectly change the mood to a playful and inspired one.

The atmosphere, cuisine and year-round access to the Roman rooftop bar, thanks to an indoor restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows, make it popular and keep it in the ranking: Top 10 rooftop bars in Rome.

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11 Zuma Rome

Located right on the Palazzo Fendi and occupying two floors, Zuma Rome has become a representative of contemporary Japanese cuisine in Rome and has become a role model in its restrained and functional style that creates comfort and fundamentality.

Those who have been to Zuma in London are already familiar with Chef Rainer Becker's creations and are happy to choose his restaurants and cuisine.

With a convenient location, Zuma in Rome offers a great view from the second floor terrace and comfort at any time of the year in the restaurant on the floor below.

Japanese cuisine is also popular with the Romans, so one of the best rooftop bars in Rome, Italy gathers a lively crowd every day.

Bar Zuma has an excellent varied alcohol menu. Traditional local wines, types of juice and drinks of Japanese culture, unique recipes for short and long cocktails perfectly complement the mood and decorate the stunning 360-degree panoramic view.

Tables for lunch and dinner fill up pretty quickly, but to relax on the roof, make a reservation.

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12 Aroma restaurant in Palazzo Manfredi

Best rooftop bars in Rome to get to know the Italian capital
Dish of the day. Source: Photographer Yente Van Eynde/Pexels

The crown of premium rooftop restaurants in Rome is Aroma in Palazzo Manfredi overlooking the Colosseum. But this is not the only thing the restaurant can be proud of. The Michelin star that adorns the gourmet menu deserves special attention and is the reason why this rooftop restaurant in Rome is a must-see. The short and full tasting menus will help you discover all the flavour masterpieces so professionally created by the chef.

We agree that the prices do not make the restaurant a weekly destination, but the ability of this rooftop to turn your visit into a meaningful and memorable event makes Aroma in Palazzo Manfredi a desirable place.

Of course, reservations are required for the rooftop restaurant, but if you want to watch the sunset with a glass of champagne at the bar, you have every chance.

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13 Roof garden of the circus

The 47 Circus Roof Garden is a great place for a delicious lunch and an atmospheric dinner, which has become a decoration of the Roman roof. A terrace and restaurant offering exquisite Mediterranean cuisine and unique drink offers.

Famous for its gin collection (47 types) and panoramic views of many of Rome's most desirable sights.

With the star chef Enrico Gabriele at the helm of the kitchen, the dishes on your table will satisfy not only your appetite but also your aesthetic senses. Professionalism and talent, backed by innovation, are the perfect combination to ensure that your food looks stunning and tastes absolutely harmonious. The menu changes depending on the season, selecting the maximum naturalness of the ingredients.

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14 Terrazza Dei Papi Roofgarden Restaurant

One of the most famous squares in Rome, Santa Maria Maggiore, is home to a wonderful bar and observation deck on the roof of the Mecenate Palace Hotel. A picturesque panoramic view of the square from the 4th floor will decorate your lunch and dinner, hiding you from the noisy crowds and queues to the city's attractions.

A very cosy, light and relaxed atmosphere and affordable prices for the central area have made the bar popular, but there is enough space for everyone to sit freely.

With a 360-degree view and excellent cuisine, the place is just perfect for celebrations and events. Get-togethers with friends, family evenings or romantic sunset meetings - everything is possible at La Terrazza dei Papi.

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15 Sky Blu on the roof and with a pool terrace

A rooftop pool with a bar and restaurant is the description of your perfect day at Sky Blu. Comfortable sun loungers and sofas lined up in a row by the sparkling water. With one of the most picturesque panoramas in Rome, this place is designed to make dreams come true and create memories. A hookah corner and a variety of organised entertainment events make staying on a unique rooftop in Rome interesting and exciting.

The Oasis is open in the morning, so it may well be the perfect start to your busy day. The restaurant's Italian cuisine is compiled into an excellent menu for any time of the day.

Accessibility of the attractive roof is equal for everyone, whether you are a hotel guest or a lost tourist. The entrance fee is equal to the comfort and services (50-65 euros), so you won't regret anything and will come back here every time you visit the Italian capital, Rome.


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