The best hotels in Istanbul: Turkey's charm and hospitality

By Iryna BolshakovaDec 16, 2023 19:11 PMIstanbul
Majestic Istanbul
Majestic Istanbul. Source: Image by falco from Pixabay

Welcome to the magnificent world of Istanbul, the city where the hearts and souls of every traveler remain captive. It is where Europe meets Asia. It is the city that is deeply imbued with history, the aromas of exotic spices and an impressive blend of cultures. However, to truly unlock all its secrets, you'll need the right place to stay. And what better way to do that than with our virtual journey through the best hotels in Istanbul? Are you ready to explore these unique gems that will immerse you in the luxury and hospitality of Eastern culture? Then let's embark on this unforgettable journey and visit the most incredible hotels in Istanbul!

Romance Istanbul Hotel

Offers an unforgettable vacation in the heart of the amazing city. Combining luxury and comfort, this hotel is the perfect place for those who want to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere and beauty of Istanbul.

Address: Hoca Pasha, Hüdavendigar Cd. No:5, 34110 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 512 86 76


Rating: 4.8 ⭐

One of the greatest features of Romance Istanbul is its great location in the historic district, allowing guests to enjoy close proximity to the main attractions. The Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Cathedral and other historical monuments are literally a step away from the hotel. The hotel's prime location makes strolling the narrow streets and immersing yourself in Istanbul's history even more accessible.

But Romance Istanbul Hotel boasts more than just its location. The hotel rooms are beautifully appointed and decorated with great attention to detail to ensure maximum comfort and coziness. Guests can enjoy modern amenities such as:

  • air conditioning;
  • flat-screen TV
  • minibar;
  • free Wi-Fi.

As the saying goes, make yourself at home.

However, the best hotel in Istanbul Romance Istanbul does not stop at providing only comfortable rooms. In the cozy and stylish restaurant, guests can enjoy exquisite Turkish and international cuisine. And after a long day of sightseeing, relax in the spa area with sauna and wellness treatments.

Istanbul's history, comfortable rooms and excellent service make Romance Istanbul Hotel the perfect place to stay and relax. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the city's atmosphere and create unforgettable memories.

Primero Hotel

The best hotels in Istanbul's historic districts
Best Hotels in Istanbul's Historic Districts. Source: Image by RiZeLLi from Pixabay

This unique hotel combines not only the historical atmosphere of Istanbul but also modern amenities, creating the perfect place to stay in this magnificent city.

Address: Emin Sinan, Pertev Paşa Sk. No:25, 34126 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 458 01 75


Rating: 4.8 ⭐

Located in Istanbul's historic district, Primero Hotel is conveniently located near major attractions. Places like the Sinan Pasha Mosque and the Grand Bazaar are just a short walk from the hotel. This means that guests can easily and conveniently explore the rich history and culture of this marvelous city.

Primero Hotel offers spacious and comfortable rooms, as well as a variety of services for rest and relaxation. You can relax in the stylish restaurant and savor exquisite local and international cuisine. Indulge yourself and relax after a long day of sightseeing in the hotel's sauna.

If you are looking for the perfect hotel to stay in Istanbul, check out Primero. Its unique historical setting, comfortable rooms and excellent service make it one of the best choices in the city. Enjoy modern comfort and immerse yourself in Istanbul's history with Primero Hotel.

Mula Hotel

A cozy hotel in Istanbul's neighborhood that offers guests unrivaled comfort and hospitality. If you are looking for a place to relax and feel at home, Mula Hotel is the perfect choice.

The address is Küçük Ayasofya Mahallesi, Çayıroğlu Sk. No:46, 34122 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 4446852


Rating: 4.8 ⭐

Mula offers cozy and well-equipped rooms designed with love and attention to detail. Each room has everything you need for a pleasant stay:

  • comfortable furniture;
  • air conditioning;
  • flat-screen TV.

And of course, free Wi-Fi so you can stay connected to the world.

In addition, Mula Hotel offers an amazing selection of traditional and international cuisine in its restaurant. You can try a variety of dishes and enjoy the cozy atmosphere.

If you are looking for a cozy hotel in Istanbul where you can experience real hospitality and relax from the hustle and bustle, Mula Hotel will welcome you with open arms.

Sheraton Istanbul City Center

Best rooms with incredible views
Best rooms with incredible views. Source: Image by ayşe kaya from Pixabay

Located in the Şişli district, this luxury hotel is 2.5 km from Taksim Square and 3.5 km from Dolmabahçe Palace. It offers air-conditioned rooms with free Wi-Fi and a coffee machine. The hotel also has an on-site restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa and fitness room.

The address is Hacıahmet, Kurtuluş Deresi Cd. No:23, 34440 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 806 10 10

You can book a room on the hotel's website.

Rating: 4.4 ⭐

Sheraton Istanbul City Center is a great choice for accommodation in Istanbul. Located in the city center, the hotel offers guests the perfect combination of luxury, comfort and convenience. From here you can easily reach the city's main attractions such as Topkapi, Sinan Pasha Mosque and the Grand Bazaar. There are also many stores, restaurants and entertainment venues nearby.

The rooms at Sheraton Istanbul City Center are spacious and elegant, designed in the style of modern comfort. Each room has everything you need for a pleasant stay, including a soft bed, flat-screen TV, minibar and free Wi-Fi. Guests can also enjoy beautiful views of the city.

Sheraton Istanbul City Center offers a variety of dining and bar options. The restaurants serve both local and international cuisine, satisfying the tastes of every guest. The hotel also has a fitness center, swimming pool and spa where guests can relax and revitalize after a long day.

The hotel staff is always ready to help with information on travel itineraries, tour bookings and answer all questions to make the stay as pleasant and comfortable as possible.

If you are looking for a hotel that combines luxury, convenience and excellent service, Sheraton Istanbul City Center is your ideal choice. Enjoy the high comfort and richness of Istanbul while staying at this excellent hotel.

The St. Regis Istanbul

An exceptional hotel that promises luxury, sophistication and unrivaled hospitality.

Address: Mim Kemal Oke Cad 35 Nisantasi, 34367 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 368 00 00

You can book a room on the hotel's website.

Rating: 4.6 ⭐

Located in the upscale Nisantasi neighborhood, The St. Regis Istanbul offers convenient access to boutiques, restaurants and fine shopping. Attractions such as Taksim Square and the Bosphorus are close to the hotel, offering amazing opportunities to explore the city's unique culture and rich heritage.

The rooms at The St. Regis Istanbul feature exquisite design and luxurious interiors. The hotel also prides itself on its restaurants and bars, which offer exquisite dishes made from the finest ingredients and exceptional wines from around the world. Guests can relax and enjoy the atmosphere in the club lounge, the hotel's rooftop pool or the spa where they can try a variety of relaxation treatments.

The St. Regis Istanbul - Attractive Hotel is the ideal destination for those looking for a luxurious vacation in the heart of Istanbul.

Demiray Hotel&Spa

Dolmabahçe Palace, Istanbul
Dolmabahce Palace, Istanbul. Source: Image by Suyoung Kwak from Pixabay

A top hotel in Istanbul that welcomes guests with stylish design and the highest level of service. The hotel is conveniently located just a few steps away from the city's main attractions, making it an ideal choice for tourists.

Address: Hobyar, Hocahanı Sok. No:10, 34112 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 741 57 73


Rating: 4.6 ⭐

The interior is designed in a modern style combining elegance and comfort. Each room is decorated with special attention to detail to make guests feel at home. And the spacious windows offer beautiful views of the city or the sea, creating a peaceful atmosphere.

Demiray Hotel&Spa offers a wide range of services. Here you can relax in the luxurious spa center, enjoying a variety of wellness and beauty treatments. There is also a fitness center with modern equipment if you prefer active recreation.

For connoisseurs of delicious food, Demiray Hotel&Spa offers a restaurant with a varied menu featuring local and international cuisine. Here you can enjoy dishes prepared by experienced chefs and taste the real flavors of Turkey.

In addition, the hotel provides various services for business travelers, including modern conference rooms and business services. Here you can hold successful meetings, presentations or trainings.

Demiray Hotel&Spa is the perfect place to relax and travel in Istanbul.

Pera Palace Hotel

An interesting hotel in Istanbul that has a rich history and unique charm. Located in one of the most prestigious areas of the city, it is the epitome of elegance and luxury.

Address: Evliya Çelebi, Meşrutiyet Caddesi, Tepebaşı Cd. No:52, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 377 40 00


Rating: 4.7 ⭐

At first sight, Pera Palace Hotel captures the imagination with its luxurious appearance and exquisite architecture. The hotel was built in 1892 and has since become a symbol of Istanbul's historical heritage. Inside you will find special interiors that recreate the atmosphere of the old era and combine classic and modern elements.

Pera Palace Hotel is known for its spacious and luxuriously furnished rooms, where guests can fully relax after a busy day. The rooms offer superb views of the city and are well equipped for maximum comfort. And a wealth of modern amenities including Wi-Fi, minibar and satellite TV ensure a pleasant stay.

Pera Palace Hotel is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. There is a museum where you can learn about the history of the hotel and the famous people who have stayed here. There is also a restaurant where you can enjoy exquisite cuisine and a unique interior.

Pera Palace Hotel also has state-of-the-art spa services and a fitness center, allowing you to relax and revitalize during your stay. And for business travelers, the hotel offers state-of-the-art conference facilities equipped with the latest technology.

As one of the most prestigious hotels in Istanbul, Pera Palace Hotel promises guests an unforgettable and luxurious stay experience.

Adahan DeCamondo Pera

Evening Istanbul
Evening Istanbul. Source: Image 2427999 from Pixabay

One of the best hotels in Istanbul that attracts guests with its unique design, sophisticated style and high level of service. Located in the culturally rich neighborhood of Pera, offers a unique experience of staying in the heart of the city.

Address: Asmalı Mescit, General Yazgan Sk. No.14, 34430 Beyoğlu/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 393 27 77

Book your room on the hotel's website.

Rating: 4.7 ⭐

From the first step at Adahan DeCamondo Pera, you are immersed in an atmosphere of luxury and sophistication. The hotel's interiors epitomize style and elegance, reflecting its rich heritage and history. Each room is lovingly furnished and creates a cozy environment for guests to truly relax and enjoy comfort.

Adahan DeCamondo Pera offers a wide range of facilities and services to make your stay unforgettable. Here you can relax and unwind in the spa center, enjoy a massage treatment or visit the fitness room for an active vacation. The hotel restaurant offers an exquisite menu featuring traditional Turkish and world cuisine.

As one of the best hotels in Istanbul, Adahan DeCamondo Pera guarantees guests unrivaled service and comfort. You will always have a courteous staff at your disposal, ready to offer you the best experience of your stay in this magnificent city.

Hilton Istanbul Bomonti

A popular Istanbul hotel that is known for its high level of comfort, modern amenities and amazing views of the city. Located in Bomonti, one of the city's most prestigious neighborhoods, offers the perfect combination of luxury and convenience.

Address: Merkez, Silahşör Cd. No:42, 34381 Şişli/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 375 30 00

Book your room on the hotel's website.

Rating: 4.6 ⭐

Upon entering the Hilton Istanbul Bomonti, you will be immediately struck by the spaciousness and elegance of the interiors. The hotel has been designed with every detail in mind to ensure guests a comfortable stay and relaxing experience. Each room is furnished with modern style and comfort, offering amenities that will satisfy even the most demanding guests.

Hilton Istanbul Bomonti is renowned for its wide range of amenities:

  • spacious spa;
  • swimming pool;
  • sauna;
  • hot tubs.

It also offers a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, where you can keep fit even while traveling.

Hilton Istanbul Bomonti is also an ideal venue for business events. The hotel offers modern meeting rooms with the necessary equipment and comfortable work areas where you can hold successful meetings and conferences.

The Hilton Istanbul Bomonti is one of the best hotels in Istanbul. The excellent service, comfort and convenient location will add to the joy of traveling.

Maya Hotel

Turkish shower in Istanbul
Turkish Soul in Istanbul. Source: Image by falco from Pixabay

A cozy and welcoming hotel in Istanbul that offers comfortable accommodation at an affordable price. Located in the city center, it gives convenient access to major attractions and business districts.

Address: Kemal Pasha, Fevziye Cd. No:5, 34470 Fatih/İstanbul, Turkey

Phone: +90 212 511 33 33


Rating: 4.3 ⭐

Maya Hotel welcomes you with friendly staff and a pleasant atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and cozy, providing the necessary comfort to relax after a busy day.

Maya Hotel offers its guests amenities to make their stay as pleasant as possible. There is a café where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast or have a snack during the day. Maya also offers meeting rooms and business services, making it an ideal choice for business travelers.

With its convenient location, guests of Maya can easily explore Istanbul and its attractions.

Maya Hotel is a hotel that offers comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price. No matter how long you plan to stay, you will be welcomed with a friendly atmosphere and professional service from the staff.

Istanbul is ready to welcome every guest with its unique style and hospitality. Choose your perfect hotel and experience the old world atmosphere with all modern amenities. Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the rich history, discover all its secrets and enjoy the unique charm of the city.

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