Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities

By Anna Veselova-SolovoniukApr 10, 2024 14:49 PMGreece
Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Peaceful vacation on the island of Milos in Greece. Source: Photographer Jerry Apples/Pexels

Until a few decades ago, the island of Milos was known to the masses only for its excavations and the famous Venus of Milos artifact. Having discerned beauty and romance in the authentic refuge, couples began to make their best escapes on the Mediterranean Sea. In just 10-15 years, the island has evolved into a luxury resort with comfortable stops, the best restaurants and bars, and the most exciting activities both on land and on both sides of the water.

Your successful vacation on the island of Milos will largely depend on your preferred plans, so it's worth carefully researching where to stay, where to eat, and deciding what you want to do right away. We've already compiled the best places to stop and visit in Milos Island, Greece to get you closer to your desired goals. Don't miss out on valuable information on organizing flights and crossings to Milos Island in the final.

Best places to stop in Milos Island, Greece

One of the 70 beaches or a deep dive into the capsule resorts in the center of the island is up to you. We've selected the best hideaways in each area for a staycation on the Cycladic island of Milos.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Landscaped pool merging with the sea, Milos Cove Hotel in Greece. Source:

1. Milos Cove is the best place to hide out of sight

Like another artifact among ancient excavations, ivory-colored rectangular buildings stand on the pebbled coast. Typical Greek architecture, clear to the eye, is filled with luxurious vacation locales and very comfortable rooms. The walls of glass are designed to let the seascape become part of your interiors and your therapy throughout the day. The terraces and private pools also work towards this goal. The large, backlit landscape pool is quite an attraction for lounging in a fur seal pose with flavored cocktails from the nearby bar. The resort offers a smooth relaxing vacation with the opportunity to revitalize in the spa rooms and enjoy the gastronomic specialties of Greek cuisine, which is farm-to-table and freshly caught. Keep in mind that breakfast will be served in your room for an idealistic start to your busy day at one of the best stays on the island of Milos, Milos Cove Resort.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
The terrace of the Terra Mare Hotel on the island of Milos in Greece. Source:

2. Terra Mare Suites – in the spirit of pirate adventure

Lost among the villages of Mitakase is home to the nautical Terra Mare Suites. The two-level luxury hotel on the island of Milos, Greece, has large spaces for families and exclusive suites for romance with direct access to the sea. Waves crashing against the rocky cliff serve as a daily lullaby that subsides by morning to give you a peaceful sunrise in the narrow cove.

The cavernous hideaways are outfitted with handmade furniture and driftwood that have been transformed into masterpieces of interior furnishings. Suites are equipped with kitchens and bathrooms with wide walk-in showers.

Just 5 minutes away by car is Polonia, the place for a gastronomic tour and Greek entertainment. Terra Mare Suites will be the place for an adventurous stopover on the island of Milos and the best family hotel for a weekend getaway.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
White Pebble Suites vacation in Milos Island in Greece. Source:

3. White Pebble Suites is a capsule stop to close all the gestalts

Milos' White Pebbles resort seems to have smoothed out the corners to add some tenderness and harmony to your vacation. Couples love this stopover in Greece, as this is the maximum place to fill your vacation with romance. The white pebbles, by the pool with cream-colored sunbeds look like an elegant carpet and a separate treatment for your feet.

The most luxurious hideaway at the White Pebbles Resort will be the penthouse suites. They have additional landscaped outdoor spaces including landscaped private pools. The interiors are very elegant in beige tones with green living flecks. Breakfast can be part of your bed or move you to the patio where you can enjoy not only the aromas and flavors but also the morning smell of the ocean.

The spa at the hotel offers hot stone massages and a host of treatments to revitalize and rejuvenate. The White Pebble Suites are the jewel of the quiet Polonia on the island of Milos, where there is always something to do and see.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Luxurious comfort at the Milos Hotel PLV, Greece. Source:

4. Milos PLV is an eco-friendly stopover crashing into the waves

The silence of this luxury hotel, which follows sustainability rules, will allow your company to hear only each other, the seagulls, and the waves. The villa, guest house, and cottage accommodate up to 10 guests and have exceptionally luxurious interiors. The villa features a landscaped private pool that continues with the sea waves. The white limestone blends luxuriously with shades of blue and blues and this can be gazed at forever from the furnished terrace. A pebble path will lead you to the beach, where seaside relaxation is idealistic and comfortable.

Thanks to geothermal energy, light penetrates all locations and the orchards and vegetable gardens have become a great base for the restaurant menu. Milos PLV is one of the best hotels on the island of Milos, where your experience will definitely be unique.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
A romantic luxury retreat on the island of Milos in Greece. Source:

5. White Coast suites with pool – close to attractions

Sarakino Beach on one side and Papafragas Caves on the other are the perfect place for a vacation on the island of Milos. The lack of neighbors will be a nice addition and an escape from the crowds on the beach. The rooms are luxurious, from the most modest to the oversized with terraces and private landscaped pool. Creamy tones, a pleasing mix of glass and wood, and an invariably charming landscape from the panoramic windows.

At the foot of the hotel, there is a large landscape pool with the sea as an extension. This is a haven for adult guests only, so the grounds have a rather calm and relaxing atmosphere with a few lively locations.

The restaurant at this five-star stop on the island of Milos is famous for the creations of its renowned chef, Yiannis Liokas. And the pool bar is popular every night for its stargazing cocktails. White Coast combines the fulfillment of great adult vacation fantasies on the island of Milos in Greece.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Healthy and delicious Greek breakfasts on the island of Milos at the Ventus di Milo Hotel. Source:

6. Ventus di Milo is an apartment hotel

Getting away inland is sometimes a great idea for a secluded luxury vacation and relaxation. Ventus di Milo is very – a beautiful stopover on the island of Milos, which will give a glimpse of a Greek vacation from other possibilities.

The rooms and suites are very romantic, they can be furnished with cream framed full wall mirrors or have the most incredible coconut light fixtures or interesting handmade tables – the interest to explore will not leave you.

The luxury cave-style bathrooms have showers and in the rooms themselves you will find a refrigerator, TV, and air conditioning.

The terrace and the landscaped pool will be a place for meetings and pleasant solitude, while the restaurant is the place where you will be introduced to Greek cuisine at a high level. One of the best hotels on the island of Milos, Ventus di Milo offers its active guests to supplement their vacation with a variety of excursions and water activities.

Delicious Locations of Milos Island, Greece

The cuisine of Greece will haunt you on Milos Island at every establishment. Homemade flatbreads, olives, and the most flavorful oil that is either sourced from farmers or pressed right in the restaurant's grounds. The cheeses are worth paying special attention to and should be tasted with local wine. As for the bars, it's worth noting the best scenes to make your experience a successful and profound one.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
The night will be a fun-filled night on the island of Milos in Greece, at Verina Bar. Source: @verina_cocktail_bar

1. Verina Bar

While in Plaka, the capital of the island, it is worth climbing to the top of one of the hills where Stelios Matioudakis realized his adult dream. By naming his bar after one of the strongest nautical knots Stelios laid a strong foundation for his business as well. This fisherman's atmosphere amidst nets and catch pays tribute to coastal villages and historic crafts. Original Greek homemade appetizers and a large selection of brightly bottled drinks will keep you lingering for a long evening and return many more times. Enjoy the vibrant color and drink combinations in the cocktail mixes and don't miss the Sailor's Punch.


2. Bar Aragosta

The city of Adamas second harbor spot for fun and relaxation at night. Bar Aragosta creates a positive atmosphere through a great RnB playlist and pop tracks. Opening the menu you will come across Aragosta champagne, you are here for it. Any mixes with this sparkling drink are a great start and continuation of your fun evening on the island of Milos.


Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Several levels of the bar will take you to different heights of panorama on the island of Milos in Greece. Source:

3. Bar Akri

I wonder what your grandmother would say if you turned her house into such a luxurious jazz club. She'd probably wish you a fair wind. The atmosphere of your evening at Bar Akri will be divided into two parts: before 10 p.m. and after. The first part serves as a lounge and warm-up area. The terraces are filled with ethnic rhythms and a slightly romantic atmosphere. You'll recognize the entrance to the second part by the piling bass in the speakers and the changing light rhythm. It is at this point that the disco, funk, and pop fun begins. The menu is filled with varieties of gin, various carbonated mixes, and plenty of liquors.


Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Drown yourself in experiences and flavors at Utopia Bar on the island of Milos, Greece. Source:

4. Utopia Bar

The town of Plaquet can be a great seaside spectacle if you're at Bar Utopia. Here, a cocktail with sunset rays has a direct meaning and incredible coloring. This is a very popular spot in the island's capital, Milos, so bother to grab a table in advance. Don't worry, you will have something to try and something to do while waiting for the sunset painting. Even very large companies are cozy here, and there are romantic corners for couples. Premium drinks compete with local wine producers, and professional mixologists can mix magic without a gram of alcohol.


5. Bar Mostra

The Adamas Observation Deck is the name given to this landscaped spot with an elevated terrace. Being part of the hotel, the bar is also open to the passing public. Despite the crowd vying for a front-row seat, the atmosphere is quite pleasant and relaxing. Soft tunes rasp in your ears, as does the pleasant warmth of classic sea cocktails in your throat. "Friends" of aperol will come across a pleasingly large selection of blends with this drink, Negroni and Cosmopolitan awaiting their rabid fans from all over the world.


The best things to do on the island of Milos, Greece

To properly enjoy a luxury vacation on Milos Island, plan at least a couple of its most impressive activities. It doesn't matter the land, water, or underwater realm, everyone will find fun and excursions based on preference.

1. Milos Island Safari

The western part of the island of Milos remains a wilderness area protected by EU Natura 2000. You will only be able to get here on four-wheeled steeds, led by a professional guide. This is for the best. This way you can learn about the secret red caves and safely walk their small manganese depths, the extinct volcano with its incredible treasures, and the many winged and four-legged inhabitants of the unspoiled part of the island. The tour is scheduled for a full day with swimming and refreshment breaks.


Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Geo Walks on the island of Milos in Greece. Source:

2. Six hiking routes to explore on your own

Thanks to experts in geology, history, and cartography, online maps have been developed so that everyone who visits the island of Milos can find an interesting walking tour. Miloterranean Geo Walks will be a real boon for exploring the island on your own. Famous sights are included in the routes, including the mines of Theorichia, the prehistoric obsidian quarry, and the Philakopi monument.


3. Put together a collection of beaches on the island of Milos

Among the 70 beaches of the island of Milos there are completely wild areas or those hidden from the eyes of tourists, but so loved by the locals. Alogomandra Beach, for example, is decorated with a dilapidated cave, while Gerontas Beach is a 20-minute walk along a very colorful road before you reach the volcanic sand. Such an adventure map can be very exciting.

Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
The best sailing around the island of Milos in Greece. Source:

4. Sailing tour around the island of Milos

Perhaps such a walk is a must-do on the island of Milos. Colorful coves, incredible caves, colorful Sirmata villages, and swimming from aboard the Yacht in the most landscaped spot near the island of Milos await you. The cliffs of Kleftiko will reveal a pirate hideout and the obliging captain Elias Skidus will organize a fascinating snorkeling in the cave of Sikia.

Take a look

5. The underwater world of Milos Island

Diving near Milos Island is a separate series of galleries with diverse displays and unexpected finds. A walk along the volcanic seabed can be a pleasant encounter with monarch seals and colorful fish flocks. Some excursions include the opportunity to explore the shipwreck off Sarakiniko.


6. Boat for hire

For the confident, boat rentals are a great way to explore the coastal area at your own pace. It can be the most romantic picnic on the beach, which is accessible only from the sea, or a walk for good angles of the island, or maybe a search for hidden caves. No matter – it's definitely an adventure in the spirit of the island of Milos.


Comfortable vacations on the island of Milos in Greece. The best places for stopovers, gastronomic tour and impressive activities
Waters of unrealistically beautiful colors and hues on the island of Milos in Greece. Source:

7. Poliegos Exploration

This can either be your short overnight stopover or just an excursion for the day. Salty Rides is run by a married couple who are happy to organize a trip for you through some of the most surreal waters on the island of Milos. You even have the chance to go to the virtually enclosed Sufi Bay and see the fjord.


8. Cave Wine Tasting

Aging wine clay amphorae in a cave is a centuries-old tradition and you should experience it. Pollonia and its friendly and hospitable owner Kostas Mallis will show you the intricacies of the wine business and let you enjoy the grape beverages to the fullest.


9. Day on Kimolos

A ferry or rental car will help you get around and get to your destination. The miniature island of Kimolos as a separate resort will give you many relaxing experiences and an introduction to its mineral treasures. There is plenty to savor at To Kyma Tavern and plenty to see in the town of Chorio.

10. Ancient Theater on the island of Milos

The historical past of the island of Milos, Greece is carefully protected and preserved. You'll have a great opportunity to see an ancient open-air theater near Trimiti. But it's not just a dead pile of prehistoric stones, it still hosts musical events and theatrical performances to this day, which you can be a part of. The theater seats up to 700 spectators - quite a thrill.


The best way to get to Milos Island in Greece

The island of Milos has its own small airport, but flights are operated exclusively by Olympic Airlines / Aegean and Sky Express. The point of departure and arrival will be Athens. The popularity of these flights is very high due to the speed of the flight and simply stunning picture in the portholes.

Private helicopters and airplanes can be a comfortable transfer. Such a road can be a separate experience for an equally impressive amount.

The sea road is equipped with ferries that depart on schedule from Athens (Piraeus port). Such a trip on the water can take anywhere from 3 to 7-8 hours of your time.

Ferry tickets can be booked in advance using Ferryhopper. You can also make a purchase at the port, but make sure that this date does not fall on a public holiday.

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