Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks

By Anna Veselova-SolovoniukApr 17, 2024 15:02 PMFlorida
Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
Florida's coastline has a lot to offer you in beach vacations. Source: Photographer Julia Kuzenkov/Pexels

Beach vacations in Florida are very diverse, it all depends on your goals and choice of location. Find your best Florida beaches for family picnics, romantic walks, and active beach and water play. Most of the coast is owned by state parks and you can add snack spots, attractions, and shopping to your beach vacation. Those looking to escape the crowds can head to the islands with the best beaches in Florida for their perfect day or weekend getaway.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
The white sand of a Florida beach. Source: Blue Arauz/Pexels photographer

Explore South Walton

Walton County, Florida is a fairly popular summer vacation destination. If you have at least a few days planned for these landscaped Florida beaches, book your stop in advance. The southern point of the county incorporates 26 miles of coastline that are divided into 16 beaches. Here, everyone can realize their goals for a peaceful and relaxing vacation as the crystal clear blue water sets a smooth rhythm. A multitude of hotels and resorts offer their comfort and activities outside the beaches, while 4 state parks allow you to satiate your vacation with maximum outdoor activities.

The beach at Miramar may be one of your favorites. The endless sparkling blue and wide stretch of white velvet sand allows for comfortable seating and beach games for quite large groups. You can rent deck chairs and umbrellas, and when you enjoy the sea to go on a gastronomic excursion to restaurants or bars. Shopaholics are also happy here, as you can enjoy antique shops and designer outlet stores in the area.

More than 100 miles of Florida Keys beaches

Romantics and couples love this chain of islands that approach Cuba. Here you can seclude, hideaway, and escape from the bustling crowds. Take a car and don't stop at one island, you can enjoy 42 bridges and one road to make your trip unforgettable and scenery. With a great selection of accommodations for every budget, you can choose your level of luxury and get the most important thing – the best beaches in the Florida Keys. Street food options and restaurant scenes also allow you to find your comfort zone, and the variety of activities on the water make every day in the islands varied and full of experiences. To travel the Florida Keys and Key West with confidence and fun, you can use the free app to recommend places to stop, eat, shop, and even take a short tour.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
The calm, clear waters of one of Florida's best beaches. Source: Getty Image

Beaches of Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park

The park is known for its historical treasure, Fort Taylor. There are some very educational stops along the way to the beach that will take you deeper into the historical events and introduce you to many artifacts. Of course, it is better to set aside a day for such walks, so as not to spoil your impressions with a fast pace.

One of the most popular beaches in Florida is located at the southern end of Fort Zachary Taylor State Park. Its idealistic sea surface and moderate warmth attract families, companies, and lovers of educational vacations. Diving, snorkeling, paddleboarding, fishing, and swimming are possible here. Most of the equipment you need can be rented. Velvet white sand allows you to sit comfortably on a chaise lounge under an umbrella or have a family picnic, and also opens access to several picturesque trails, walking along which you can see rare species of birds, reach cafes and restaurants for a snack, and aspire to learn about the history of the United States.

Cocoa Beach – surfing and beach bars

Brevard County is popular as one of the locations for surfing, thanks to its sandy miles of Cocoa Beach. It's easy to master your board here, taking advantage of several good surf schools. Kelly Slater did just that, becoming a world champion in the sport 11 times. Landscape walks at sunset are particularly good here, so the beach is adored by couples and romantics. And the opportunity to visit a couple of colorful beach bars makes the location even more attractive for adult partygoers. Surf fans can visit the Florida Surf Museum while waiting for waves, as well as interesting exhibitions and events often held on the theme of the board. And romantics should book tickets to NASA's Kennedy Space Center on the Space Coast to enjoy star shows and a chance to go to the spaceport. The Cocoa Beach area will find a very colorful gastronomic scene that will feed you with fresh catch or vegan and gluten-free dishes.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
If it's just the two of you, stay until sunset in Florida Beach. Source: Photographer Jonathan S/Pexels

Juno Beach Park is the beginning of a family adventure

A great beach area for relaxation and a super convenient starting point for many informative and interesting locations nearby. Juno Beach Park's beach is welcoming to families who expect to slow down their daily hustle and bustle a bit, taking the kids to the sand and lightly rolling water. Be sure to bring a picnic so you don't have to scramble off after a couple of hours in search of a snack for peckish kids. A ball and plenty of sand paddles will help you lay down and squint your eyes for a while. When the interest is exhausted you'll have several ways to continue your family day. A walk along the beach for about 20 minutes will take you to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center, where you can have a fun and educational time learning about ocean conservation and sea turtles. Just a 10-minute drive away you'll find John D. MacArthur Beach, and the Bush Preserve is a quarter of an hour away. Enjoy this busy family day at some of Florida's best beaches.

South Beach Park is a treasure hunt destination

The attractive waterfront allows you to find a spot for any of your goals, perhaps except privacy. South Beach is very popular because it falls within the Florida treasure hunt area. The beach area and infrastructure is quite well developed, with extensive picnic areas, places for entertainment, and snacking or walking.

Once you're well warmed up in the sun, you can change the picture and expand your comfort adventures by traveling to Pelican Island National Wildlife Refuge, a drive of only 20 minutes. Several three-mile loop trails will provide you with landscape walks and encounters with rare species of birds and animals. If pelicans are your goal, it's best to arrange your visit in the fall or spring. There are plenty of water activities like kayaking, boating, and swimming, so you can combine your Florida water vacation with a visit to the island.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
Gulf of Mexico treasures on the beaches of Florida. Source: RDNE Stock project/Pexels photographer

Bowman's Beach on Sanibel Island

If your hobby is shell crafting, or if you want to fill a glass vase in your house, or take your dog for a walk, you're in for a treat on Sanibel Island. The beaches are dotted with bizarre shells thrown up by the waves and tides. The Gulf of Mexico surrounding the island paints marvelous pictures at sunset or when the weather changes.

Dogs are allowed on all beach areas, which leads not only to human hangouts and companies that gathered to play volleyball but also to dog acquaintances and games that are interesting to watch.

You can enhance your shell experience at the Bailey-Matthews National Shell Museum, and several colorful stores offer the opportunity to buy beautiful jewelry and interesting items made from the treasures of the seabed.

Bowman's Beach is very attractive to surfers and sailors. Romantics, on the other hand, can head to Blind Pass Beach for a bit of privacy and steamy water sports. The island has a national wildlife refuge and a paddling trail where your canoe trip will total 190 miles.

Lummus Park, Miami is the center of the star-studded party scene

The glamorous part of Miami's coastline with green palm trees, cleared sand, idealistic water, and plenty of stops for comfort and entertainment is found in Lummus Park. It's like a still from a movie: trim guys with cubes on their bellies dashing around playing volleyball, smiling girls in fancy swimsuits slathering on sunscreen, and elegant families eating ice cream or shaking sand off their towels. Lummus Park is an example of an urban beach with VIP-class comfort. This doesn't mean you'll be bored, quite the opposite. You'll get a large selection of equipment rentals for many water sports, various equipped areas for relaxation, and a great selection of the gastronomic scene from a coffee cup to a seafood restaurant. The waterfront of Lammus Park is often a movie set and often just a catwalk for strolls and personal fashion shows.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
Spend a day on the beach in Naples, Florida. Source: Photographer Pok Rie/Pexels

Lowdermilk Park – the romance of Naples

Naples is a destination for honeymooners, couples who want to rekindle a former romance or families who crave a beautiful and relaxing beach vacation without the hustle and bustle. You can always find a playground for children, discover an exclusive restaurant for dinner in Old Naples, or simply admire the sunset on a clean white sandy beach with straw umbrellas and water sports.

Naples is known as one of the best cities to move to in the United States. Here everyone finds a neighborhood with the right atmosphere and needs. The city participates in a project that aims to make residents healthy and influence longevity, so here you will find opportunities to practice various sports and many of them are water sports. Naples does everything to get you outdoors and moving as much as possible. Find your luxurious hideaway on Naples' Gulf of Mexico and enjoy the best beach vacation in Florida.

Siesta Key Beach is an alternative to the Caribbean

This mile-long Florida beach area near downtown Sarasota is popular for romantic escapes and relaxation vacations. The Gulf of Mexico here is idealistic and once you grab a towel and two glasses, the picture becomes totally Instagram-able. Burying your feet in the white sand, you will find many attractive shells, and by renting a kayak, you will go on a romantic walk, in the middle of calm blue waters. sailing is also popular in this part of the beach strip and you will only have to watch the landscape blue picture on which the snow-white shreds move or become under one of them.

The Siesta Key area is known for its nightlife options and tours of the best bars, such as the Oyster Bar or Daiquiri Deck. So after resting properly during the day, you can safely change out of your beach attire and head out to follow the lights and signs on the terraces of the delicious establishments of Florida's charming Siesta Beach.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
Fun for the whole family on Florida beaches – bird watching. Source: Photographer Anete Lusina/Pexels

Clearwater Beach is a popular strip of sandy vacations

The waters of the Gulf are clear and quiet, which has made Clearwater Beach a popular location for families and couples. Even though it's crowded on the weekends, people love it and come from far corners of Florida. In addition to relaxing on the sand, and looking out at the horizon, the beach offers plenty of entertainment and organized activities that are fun for kids and adults alike. After enjoying competitions, tastings, or rides you can go parasailing or organized fishing.

Escape to the island of Key Biscayne

Just a quarter of an hour from Miami, the fossilized mangrove reef offers you one of the best beach vacations in Florida. It offers the midday tranquility and atmosphere of an authentic natural area. The best sight and experience on the island is underwater. Rent gear or bring your own, but you have to see it. Birdwatching enthusiasts may disagree with me though, as the island offers the opportunity to make herons, hawks, songbirds, and ospreys the heroes of your exclusive photos. It's worth a trip to the Marjory Strowman Douglas Biscayne Nature Center if you care about the topic of birds of prey.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
Enjoy sandcastles and small waves on Florida's family-friendly beaches. Source: Photographer Julia Kuzenkov/Pexels

Deerfield Beach – Young Parents Club

Family vacations at Deerfield Beach are popular because of the clean sand and Quite Waters Park, just 10 minutes from the beach. There are some lovely stops along the beach where you can comfortably stay for a couple of days or more. Grabbing a snack, a drink, or enjoying a tasty treat is no problem for this best Florida vacation beach.

Know once you get to Waters Park, you're not likely to leave it anytime soon. The water park will be the kids' first destination because when you add slides to a seaside vacation, it's a win-win formula for success. The park also offers mountain biking, disc-ball, and water skiing.

Haulover Park – a beach vacation without a bathing suit

The nudist area is just a separate part of the park, where those who want to feel free and relaxed can realize their goal. The other areas are full of families and singles who fly kites, run barefoot on the yellowish strip of beach, or fish in the water. You can rent bicycles to ride in the park, play big tennis on the courts, and play golf near the beach area. The turquoise-clear waters of this Florida beachfront will be a great place to refresh in the heat and relax away from the big crowds.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
Landscape sky over a Florida beach. Source: Photographer PHILIPPE SERRAND/Pexels

Hollywood Beach – Glamorous Beach Day

The waterfront fringing one of Florida's luxurious beaches Hollywood Beach will allow you to fill your day not only with a great tan or beach volleyball but also with the best restaurants, landscaped terraces of coffee shops, performances, music shows, shopping, and many interesting organized hangouts in the beach area. Hollywood Beach vacations are always fun, leisurely, and enjoyable for the day.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
Florida Beach Retreat. Source: Photographer Anete Lusina/Pexels

Navarre Beach is a place of relaxation and retreats

Navarre Beach is known for its seclusion and silence. It is surrounded by such star attractions as: National Coast and Navarre Beach Park. So the bulk flock there, leaving a sweet spot for retreat lovers and adult outdoor activities. Hiking, diving, and fishing are all done in peace and tranquility under the sound of the waves. You'll love the pier that goes far out to sea and the wooden promenade platforms. Since the town is small and not very popular, renting its beach houses is more than pleasant. Once you know the price of buying a house, though, you'll think twice about investing in the tourist industry in this part of Florida.

The beachfront of Grayton Beach State Park

The town of Santa Rosa Beach will be a great place for beach escapes and hiking adventures. The 400-acre state park offers a braid of white sand and blue waters, as well as an interweaving of four miles of hiking trails that allow you to walk all day, birdwatch, discover incredible scenery, and find your unique treasures in the form of cozy stops and luxury resorts with the best dining scenes and romantic getaway offerings.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
The changing moods of the sea near the coast of Florida. Source: Photographer Marcus Ireland/Pexels

The most beautiful beach in Florida is Marco Island

You can choose either the civilized part of the sand belt to enjoy all the benefits and comforts invented by mankind, or you can visit the wild part of the island within the Collier-Seminole State Park.

Here you can camp to make your romance authentic, as well as go fishing and take scenic canoe trips. You can meet the island's rare inhabitants at the Briggs Center, but be aware that you'll need time to explore the trails and make new friends.

Delray Beach is a quiet getaway for a solo escape

It is noteworthy that following the strip of blue, and white, there is a wide green strip. Rest here is very calm and measured. The absence of crowds will give a sense of space and freedom, and the silence, broken only by the cries of birds will allow creative impulses to turn into real business. Pick up a book, bead, and weave, and when you want a change of scene and experience, head to Atlantic Avenue to find your favorite store, meet a fellow visitor at a local cafe, or plan a cultural event for the evening. The city has a wonderful arts district. where you can get inspired for a new hobby, and shop for souvenirs and unique jewelry.

Best Florida beaches for relaxing on calm waters, wave surfing and trails for scenery walks
It's not all about sandy vacations on Florida's beaches. Source: RDNE Stock project/Pexels photographer

South Beach in the South Beach neighborhood is a trendy sandy area

Beach vacationing is a lifestyle habit of locals and wannabe tourists. Here rollerblading lanes intertwine snack bars with street beach food, and beach volleyball never ends. The neighborhood is interesting for its historic, art deco architecture, which will present the opportunity for interesting walks after sunbathing on an idealistic beach. Don't even try to blend in with the local crowd, as you have to settle here to achieve that color. The gastronomic scene is interesting with its cozy terraces and historic buildings like Joe's Stone Crab. For over 100 years, the establishment has been allowing its customers to savor crab.

Henderson Beach State Park Beaches

A long wooden promenade takes you out to wild and pristine stretches of white sand beach. Henderson Beach State Park offers an authentic vacation experience. For example, if you rent a campground, you can fish, bike, and watch the feathered inhabitants of the wilderness 24 hours a day. Great sunsets and sunrises will have you turning on your phone camera like clockwork, coming up with a social media caption for the inspirational day you've had. Walking along 30 meters of white dunes and the sound of the surf in your ears will be a harmonious backdrop for practicing yoga or making a list of life plans.

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