Can I take an umbrella on the plane: what airline and airport rules say and which umbrella to choose to pass the detectors and screening?

By Tetiana PavlichenkoMay 21, 2024 23:10 PMBlog
Can I take an umbrella on the plane: what airline and airport rules say and which umbrella to choose to pass the detectors and screening?
Check with your airline in advance to find out the requirements for carrying an umbrella. Source: Image drobotdean/Freepik

When packing your bags for a trip, you may find yourself at the last minute wondering whether you are allowed to take certain items, such as an umbrella, on an airplane. Whether to put it in your suitcase or take it with you into the cabin, and whether you have to pay for it - even such a simple thing can raise a lot of questions. Here you will find all the answers to your questions related to how to take an umbrella on an airplane.

Can I take an umbrella on an airplane?

Can I take an umbrella on the plane: what airline and airport rules say and which umbrella to choose to pass the detectors and screening?
The rules for taking an umbrella vary from company to company. Source: Image cookie_studio/Freepik

As with many other items whose presence in luggage usually raises a lot of questions for travelers, the ability to take them on a flight depends on the airline's rules. Therefore, the easiest and most reliable way to find out if you can take an umbrella on the plane is to contact customer service by phone or on the airline's website and ask for advice on this and other issues. If you have booked your airplane tickets with a travel company, you can also address all questions directly to your travel agent.

Usually umbrellas are allowed on board. But most airlines often have various restrictions that are fairly innocuous, but can still bring inconvenience to the passenger. These restrictions are due to the fact that airports and airlines consider umbrellas as an object that can carry danger. Therefore, generally, umbrellas should not exceed 50-55 centimeters in length. This figure is generalized as it refers to general rules, but the allowed length of an umbrella may vary from airline to airline.

If we talk about weight, there are usually no requirements for an umbrella. But since the umbrella can be put in hand luggage or folded in luggage, it is worth remembering that they have weight restrictions. For hand luggage, the maximum is usually 5-7 kg, and luggage should not exceed 15 kg. Therefore, bringing an umbrella with you to the airport, consider whether you will exceed the maximum weight, otherwise it will have to be left at the checkpoint.

There are also TSA rules, which can be used to guide you in the question of whether you can take an umbrella on the plane. According to the TSA, you can, but the type of umbrella and its packaging matters. They can be carried in carry-on luggage and checked baggage, but be sure to go through security screening with them beforehand for potential risks.

Can I take an umbrella in carry-on luggage?

Airlines in most cases have restrictions regarding the size of hand luggage. While compact umbrellas can easily fit under the front seat or on the top shelf, larger umbrellas will likely have to be checked as baggage.

Each airline has its own policy regarding carry-on baggage size. For example, Delta Airlines and Alaska Airlines may have luggage compartments of different sizes, and a small folding umbrella that fits easily on a shelf on one airplane may not fit on the other. Therefore, it is better to clarify this when preparing for the flight. This helps to avoid problems at boarding and ensures a trip without hitches and unnecessary anxiety.

Can I put an umbrella in my checked baggage?

Yes, you can safely put this item in your suitcase: it is allowed in your luggage and nothing will harm it there. But this means that there will be less space in your luggage. Therefore, if you have to pack your suitcase to the top, you should not sacrifice free space for an umbrella - it is better to take it with you in the cabin. However, in this case there will be some restrictions.

Is it possible to take a large umbrella on the plane?

There should be no special questions to the umbrella during the check at the airport, only if it does not exceed the expected size, is not made of metal and is not pointed at the end. Otherwise, it may be checked additionally or even confiscated.

So if you have an umbrella that doesn't meet the restrictions, it's worth approaching reception and politely asking if and how you can take it on the plane. If you have an umbrella that can fit in your purse, you should have no trouble getting to your destination with it.

Can I take a small umbrella on an airplane?

When choosing which umbrellas you can take with you on the plane, rely on short folding umbrellas - this is an option that is 100% suitable. They are quite practical, so many people prefer them for traveling. But if your umbrella has visible damage or defects (e.g. a spoke sticking out, etc.), the airport or airline staff may not let you on board with it.

If you do a little searching on the Internet, you can find out that there is a huge selection of umbrellas designed specifically for carry-on travel. They are foldable, short, a little lighter and more durable than regular folding umbrellas. If you fly frequently, it makes sense to buy such an umbrella so you don't have to worry about these little things before you travel.

Can I take a beach umbrella on an airplane?

Can I take an umbrella on the plane: what airline and airport rules say and which umbrella to choose to pass the detectors and screening?
Carrying a beach umbrella on an airplane is more difficult, but also possible. Source: Image Terri Cnudde/Pixabay

This will depend on the characteristics of the umbrella itself and the airline's rules. You may have to check it in your luggage, you may be allowed to bring it with you, but you may not be allowed to carry it at all.

In most cases, only a regular beach umbrella is allowed in checked baggage. You will also have to pay for it if its dimensions do not fit into the general rules of the airline. By the way, some of them have separate rates for beach umbrellas.

If you have a compact beach umbrella, which when folded has the same size as a regular umbrella, it can even be carried in your hand luggage, if it fits in it by its dimensions. But regardless of size and weight, make sure your beach umbrella doesn't have a pointy end.

Can I take golf umbrellas?

How do you take oversized umbrellas, such as golf or beach umbrellas, on anairplane? This situation can create problems for air travel. Because of their size, they may fall under different rules with different airlines. For example, golf umbrellas may be classified as sports equipment or specialty items. This means special packaging requirements or additional fees. So if your luggage includes such an item as a golf umbrella, research the airline's policy to avoid inconveniences.

Types of umbrellas and airport security

What kind of umbrella you decide to take on the plane makes a big difference at airport security screening. Long umbrellas, walking sticks, and large travel umbrellas tend to attract more attention at checkpoints and are subject to stricter screening.

Small folding umbrellas are the safest option as they are less likely to be seen as potential weapons, and most airlines' rules make them compliant for personal items.

Traditional straight and pointed umbrellas often attract special attention at security screening. While a folding umbrella with a flat end can easily pass inspection, a large umbrella with a pointed end may not pass at all. So if you have such an item among your belongings, make sure that the sharp ends are securely covered or choose a less "dangerous" umbrella.

Another part of the checkpoint screening is metal detectors. Their detectors can trigger umbrellas with metal frames or metal components. This applies mainly to beach umbrellas and golf umbrellas: they have to withstand heavier loads than everyday umbrellas, so they contain more metal in their construction.

Airline regulations regarding umbrellas in passengers' possession

Can I take an umbrella on the plane: what airline and airport rules say and which umbrella to choose to pass the detectors and screening?
A simple, compact umbrella makes it easier to get through airport security screening. Source: Image Freepik

As mentioned above, the rules regarding carrying certain items, such as umbrellas, on an airplane can vary from airline to airline. Here we will take a look at some of the major companies so that you can get an overview of what restrictions you may face if you decide to take an umbrella on the plane.

Air France

If you're flying with this airline, you can bring an umbrella on board as an extra item that doesn't count as carry-on luggage.

American Airlines

American Airlines rules do not directly stipulate the possibility of carrying umbrellas. However, you can take an umbrella with you on board and it will not be considered as an item to be paid for. But the umbrella will be checked thoroughly at security check.


Delta airline follows approximately the same rules: umbrellas can be freely taken on the plane, there is no need to pack them in a bag, as they are not considered an additional item.


In the rules of this airline, umbrellas are considered a personal item if they are not carried in hand luggage.


If the umbrella meets the 40x30x15 cm size requirement, the passenger can take it with them as a personal item.


Lufthansa does not specifically mention umbrellas in its rules. But it has stipulated in separate posts the requirement for non-folding umbrellas: a long umbrella is recommended to be carried in checked baggage.


Umbrellas are also allowed onboard this airline'splanes. But these items measuring between 38 and 54 centimeters are considered a personal item.

United Airlines

The rules regarding umbrellas on this airline are a bit specific. You can bring an umbrella along with your bag if you are a member of the United MileagePlus program at the time of check-in. Otherwise, you are only allowed to take one personal item and you will be charged extra.


The airfares of this company are quite budget, which makes the carrier look for other ways of income. For example, WizzAir prohibits carrying umbrellas in hand luggage or in hand. The only option to take an umbrella on the plane is to check it in as luggage.


A personal umbrella is the kind of thing that won't go amiss on almost any trip. So it makes sense to take it with you, of course, having previously checked the chances of successfully carrying it on an airplane by a certain company.

Most carrier rules recommend taking flat-topped umbrellas when traveling. But it is better to review the rules of the airport and airline regarding this item and its dimensions, so as not to compromise the safety and comfort of passengers and crew.

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