The best hotels with less than 20 rooms: fabulous villas, bungalows and rooms for exotic vacations with premium service.

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The best hotels with less than 20 rooms: fabulous villas, bungalows and rooms for exotic vacations with premium service.
The world's top boutique hotels invite you into a magical world of delights. Source: Freepik

Many people associate luxury hotels with huge concrete "blocks" with panoramic windows, turquoise pools and spas with elite services, but don't hurry to draw unequivocal conclusions. Today we want to present you with vivid evidence that small establishments can also be chic.

Many boutique hotels, the number of rooms in which does not exceed 20, offer guests royal accommodation, specialty cuisine and a seductive list of services. They are located in different parts of the world. These are the ones we want to tell you about today.

Villa Bokéh, Guatemala

Let's start our journey with a cute hotel, which "nestles" on the outskirts of Antigua Central America. This is Villa Bokéh, designed for 15 rooms and its main "trump card" is a chic interior decoration with an abundance of spectacular photographs and sculptural compositions. The dwelling is decorated with custom-made author's furniture and original textiles.

The best hotels with less than 20 rooms: fabulous villas, bungalows and rooms for exotic vacations with premium service.
Villa Bokéh - a paradise with amazing nature and wonderful cuisine. Source: Freepik

With less than 20 rooms, the hotel offers guests a sumptuous delicacy that emphasizes seafood and natural ingredients. A morning compliment of rich Guatemalan coffee is the perfect way to start the day in an exotic natural setting.

If you have long wanted to relax in harmony with nature, book a cozy room at Villa Bokéh, which clearly shows the characteristic features of Tuscan estates.

Eagle's Nest, Russell, New Zealand

The next good vacation spot, which includes 5 luxury villas, is spread out on New Zealand's North Island. This five-star favorite has rightfully earned its status as one of the best hotels in New Zealand.

The hotel is located in a magical location, on the slope of a picturesque mountain, by the azure waters of the Pacific Ocean. The largest villa "named" Rahimoana, has sliding walls of glass and invites guests to enjoy wonderful views of the surrounding area.

In addition to a good location, the hotel "boasts" a unique list of services with an emphasis on privacy. The one to four-bedroom villas are a decent distance from each other. Each is surrounded by 75 acres of subtropical "paradise". The establishment's culinary scene is simply gorgeous. Travelers are delighted to dine on flavorful vegetable and seafood dishes.

After a sumptuous meal it is so pleasant to plunge into the turquoise waters of the pool, and in the evening - to relax on the terrace with a glass of fragrant wine under the singing of birds and the rustling of emerald leaves.

Another pleasant surprise for travelers - the refrigerator is fully loaded with groceries, and on request the service staff delivers Thai food to take away. A personal trainer and wellness services specialist help guests improve their bodies and well-being.

A rented Porsche Cayenne is always available for an unforgettable drive through the landscaped grounds. Amenities offered include daily hearty breakfasts and excursions with a personal escort.

Musha Cay, Exuma, Bahamas

If you think David Copperfield's private archipelago is just another illusion, no, it's pure truth. The wonderful vacation spot, provided for 24 guests, has 5 magnificent villas with designer decor.

Depending on your finances and mood, you can book here a bungalow with elegant bedrooms or a luxurious 10,000-square-foot mansion with comfortable kitchen areas and a well-appointed sauna. Spacious verandas around the perimeter of the villas are a practical embellishment.

The best hotels with less than 20 rooms: fabulous villas, bungalows and rooms for exotic vacations with premium service.
Musha Cay - David Copperfield's mystery solved. Source: Pixabay

Lovers come here to add fresh emotions to their relationship and newlyweds to celebrate the best day of their lives. Here you can have chic family vacations and secluded weekends and be filled with invigorating energy.

There are 40 private white sand beaches near the hotel for luxurious relaxation, and a 28-foot catamaran is available for cool water activities. Kids don't get bored here either. They just love swimming in the ocean and exciting treasure hunts.

Exclusive vacation is decorated with daily breakfasts, prepared with love by talented culinary artists, and pleasant gifts from David Copperfield with a personal autograph of the "magician".

Imanta Resorts, Punta de Mita, Mexico

Let's take a look at another cool hotel with less than 20 rooms. This time we'll head to sunny Mexico, to the three-story treehouse in Imanta. The picturesque Pacific coastline offers the perfect tourist experience.

Stroll the trail along lush fig trees and relax on a private beach where the waves whisper against the golden-white shores, and you'll finally solve the mystery of where "heaven on earth" is located.

One of the favorite activities of guests at the best hotel in the world is whale watching from the balcony of the three-story house. If desired, guests swim in three private pools with marvelous waterfalls. Guests enjoy daily wholesome breakfasts and romantic dinners with sparkling champagne and wonderful delicacies for two.

Tutka Bay Lodge, Kachemak Bay, Alaska

A crazy idea by a team of enthusiasts to open a comfortable fly fishing lodge in 1982 was successfully realized and quickly grew into a profitable business. It was owned by wildlife guide Carl Dixon and his wife Kirsten Dixon, a skillful cook and author of a famous cookbook.

The couple owns Winterlake Lodge Cottage, which is close to scenic Denali Park and Tutka Bay Lodge Cottage, an exotic oasis near Homer.

The couple has passed on their love of their business and travelers to their daughters. Their eldest child is a professional yogi and teaches cool classes on the property. The youngest daughter, Mandy Dixon, lovingly prepares culinary delights for guests. She gained invaluable experience while working with Chef Thomas Keller in Napa.

The talented mother and daughter implement culinary programs, offering guests exciting master classes in preparing gourmet salads, appetizers and desserts.

Nordelaia, Italy

One of the cool hotels to stay in Italy is Nordelaia, framed by 5 hectares of emerald vineyards. This secluded spot with 12 comfortable rooms invites travelers to appreciate the many benefits of a premium vacation.

Cozy accommodations are decorated with snow-white ceilings with original moldings and royal beds with weightless canopies. The color scheme of the rooms perfectly echoes the shades of the surrounding nature, ranging from sandy to deep green.

The best hotels with less than 20 rooms: fabulous villas, bungalows and rooms for exotic vacations with premium service.
Nordelaia offers luxurious luxury lodging. Source: Pixabay

The top-rated hotel, which has fewer than 20 rooms, has two azure pools for aquatic relaxation, a chic spa and two restaurants that aptly reflect the bistro concept. In the spacious dining room, guests are pampered with delicate delicacies from chef Charles Pierce.

Nordelaia is a magnificent mini resort where you will want to stay for a long time. Here you can appreciate all the seductive hues of a carefree life where luxury knows no bounds.

Inverlochy Castle Hotel, Fort William, Scotland

If you're more into old-world structures, consider another chic vacation option, the Inverlochy Castle Hotel Scotland. This 17-room hotel reveals to travelers the many secrets of a royal getaway in a lovely natural setting.

Book one of the rooms on the third floor of the castle, where the charm of the picturesque landscape is so pleasant to enjoy. From here you can enjoy amazing views of Britain's highest mountain "named" Ben Nevis. Take a stroll around the surrounding castle grounds and you will feel a powerful burst of energy and strength.

Green O, Montana

If you want to know the answers to what exclusive relaxation is all about, come straight to the luxury Green O Hotel, which is located in Montana. It cordially offers personalized service without divulging confidential data about the guests.

Upon arrival, guests are politely clarified their preferences in rest in order to compose for them the most rich and interesting program for relaxation. Travelers are happy to laze in the azure waters of the pool, arrange romantic walks along winding forest trails, and in the evenings relax by the fire with a cup of steaming tea or coffee.

If you wish, you can rent mountain bikes and go on a luxurious ride, towards bright emotions and adventures. For those who prefer traveling by car, it is always relevant that each of the houses is "attached" to a luxury Lexus.

Green O is a terrific vacation spot with no more than 20 rooms. Getting here, you will relax on all hundred and feel all the advantages of five-star vacation, which does not "tolerate" compromises.

Beaverbrook Townhouse, London

Between Chelsea and Knightsbridge lies Beaverbrook Townhouse, which consists of two 18th-century Georgian buildings. The subtle Art Deco aesthetic is vividly embodied here, with touches of aristocratic style.

The design concept of the townhouses belongs to a talented master, whose name is Nicola Hardingt. Each room has an individual zest with a successful combination of color shades and skillfully selected decor. Aesthetic pleasure is enhanced by spectacular author's lamps and expensive ceramic tiles that harmoniously complement the interiors.

Treat yourself to a sumptuous 20-course omakase and your stomach will be pleasantly "surprised" and "grateful" at the same time in a beautiful London hotel.

Virunga Lodge, Rwanda

On top of a picturesque hill in Rwanda, there is another great place to stay with less than 20 rooms. This is the Virunga Lodge, which has been pampering guests with exemplary hospitality and wonderful food for 20 years. Its specialty lies in its authentic style and chic service.

The best hotels with less than 20 rooms: fabulous villas, bungalows and rooms for exotic vacations with premium service.
Virunga Lodge - the epitome of luxury in an exotic oasis. Source: Pixabay

Ten luxury suites, called bandas, are featured here. Their windows overlook the rocky volcanoes of Virunga and the glistening water surface of Lake Burera. In 2021, the hotel underwent a refurbishment, resulting in a dramatic makeover.

Apart from the royal interiors, there are many things for travelers to enjoy:

  • A spa center with divine massages and wraps;
  • a workshop and sewing center where guests are invited to learn all the secrets of Volcano Safaris' stylish design.

Add vibrant colors to your life and indulge in pure luxury at Virunga Rwanda Lodge.

Pine Cay, Turks and Caicos

If you're exploring chic vacation options where the usual hustle and bustle is absent and exclusive relaxation prevails, look no further than the Pine Cay Hotel. It is located on the magical Caribbean islands of Turks and Caicos.

In white-washed rooms with rain showers in comfortable bathrooms and outdoor spaces, you can listen to your soul and feel like a harmonious part of the universe. Guests have access to a luxurious private beach with milky white sand and exclusive tiki huts.

In the evening, travelers can enjoy romantic evening entertainment with romantic campfire parties and aromatic cocktails with exotic fruits.

Pine Cay is a harmonious addition to Relais & Châteaux, the famous adults-only hotel of Turks and Caicos. The number of rooms here does not exceed 20 and only travelers over the age of 12 can get here.

We are pleased to organize for you a virtual tour of the best hotels in the world, the number of rooms in which does not exceed 20. Exclusive service with stunning cuisine, rejuvenating spa services and exciting workshops work real wonders. Don't believe us? Check it out for yourself!

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