What to take for an all-inclusive resort: List of the most useful and necessary things on the road

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What to take for an all-inclusive resort: List of the most useful and necessary things on the road
By taking the essentials on the road, you can enjoy your trip to the fullest. Source: Freepik

Travelling to an all-inclusive resort is always a great idea, and the main condition for a successful trip is its proper organization with the choice of practical things and accessories. You should think about the complete set of a travel suitcase in advance to avoid unfortunate surprises in the future. Of course, the necessary things can also be bought at the resort, but it usually costs much more.

We have compiled a list of necessary things for a trip to an all-inclusive resort so that useful items will always be at hand and nothing will overshadow your vacation. In our list, you will find everything you need for carefree relaxation in warm countries, from light sundresses to UV protection.

Passport and other important documents

Be sure to take a passport on the road and pay special attention to the validity of the document. It should expire not earlier than 6 months from the date of travel. Don't forget to bring your travel documents. A practical thing when travelling is a passport holder. After arrival at the hotel, documents and valuables can be placed in a safe.

Dress code

We want to give you a sensible advice: before travelling, you should familiarize yourself with the dress code of the resort. Without going into the details, travellers may think that they can wear any clothes, but in fact, this is not true. Many establishments make certain dress requirements for guests. For example, for men, it can be shirts with collars or long pants for visiting restaurants, and for women, these are elegant blouses, skirts and closed-toe shoes.

Cotton or linen dress for beach walks

An important element of the closet at the resort is a dress made of natural materials, which protects the skin from the harmful effects of the sun and helps to create a light and stylish look in exotic locations. A practical option of clothing for walks along the promenade is a loose maxi dress with a V-neckline with thin straps. If desired, you can tie it on one side, slightly denuding the shoulder.


Vacation at an all-inclusive resort is hard to imagine without a swimsuit. This is an essential accessory for swimming and sunbathing on velvet beaches. We advise you to bring several swimsuits at once, in which you can dive into the azure waters of the pools, do hydrotherapy and relax in the bars with a glass of refreshing cocktail in hand. While one of the swimsuits dries, you'll always have a couple more on hand.

What to take for an all-inclusive resort: List of the most useful and necessary things on the road
Bring several swimsuits with you. Source: Pixels

Flip-flops and sandals: practical footwear for "all occasions"

Thinking about what to take to an all-inclusive resort? Comfortable sandals and flip-flops are great for walking around sunny locations, so be sure to bring them with you when packing. For hydrotherapy in the spa centre, it is worth choosing sandals with good water-repellent properties. They are easy to care for and will always come in handy when travelling.

Choose sandals made of soft materials with cushioning of the foot and fixation of its arch and you will be comfortable in different conditions. You can pick sandals with multiple sets of straps that can be used with different outfits.

When travelling on an all-inclusive vacation, you should keep in mind that in some areas of the resort it is forbidden to walk in flip-flops. In such cases, cute sandals with ankle straps will help you out. You can pick up a leather pair of shoes with cork insoles and rubber soles that provide stability and versatility.


For a trip to hot countries, be sure to bring practical items for an all-inclusive resort, including hats that will protect you from the sun. Cute hats can be used to create stylish or romantic looks. They will become a spectacular decoration of your outfit.

When travelling, you can take with you both a small panama and a large hat with wide brim. Many ladies prefer straw hats, which successfully complement day and evening looks, as well as reliably protect the face, neck and shoulders from the sun's rays.

For men, a neat cap or bucket hat is perfect as it provides excellent protection from the brightest sun. When choosing accessories, give preference to models that are not particularly crumpled so that they can easily be packed in a suitcase. Many of them have practical laces, thanks to which the hats can be lowered to the neck.

Sandals with block heels

Sandals with block heels and ankle straps that can be easily adjusted are ideal for energizing parties and relaxing nightclubs with upbeat tunes. Look out for models with orthopedic insoles with contoured foot arch support and excellent shock-absorbing properties. This contributes to practical daily use of shoes with minimized discomfort and pain.

Sneakers made of water-resistant materials

Don't forget to include sneakers made of soft fabrics that are resistant to the effects of moisture. Favour airy rubber shoes with perforations. The small holes allow excess moisture to drain quickly from its surface. Cushioned insoles make walking easy, and the closed toe makes the models versatile for travelling on dry and wet terrain.

What to take for an all-inclusive resort: List of the most useful and necessary things on the road
Sneakers are always relevant when travelling. Source: Pixels

Closed-toed shoes

For romantic dinners in a restaurant, prepare closed-toe shoes. Such shoes will help you in cloudy weather when sandals and flip-flops are not suitable. If you choose models with folding heels, it will be easy to put on shoes even while standing.

Evening outfits

Always keep in mind that vacation at the resort is not only endless swimming and sunbathing on the beaches but also visiting restaurants and entertainment events. Don't forget to bring along beautiful evening gowns to look stunning during romantic dinners.

Some resorts include in their packages dinners on the beach, for which you should "save" dresses made of natural materials. In addition to them, you should bring closed-toe shoes, which are often stipulated by the dress code of hotels. Even one pair of shoes will be enough for such events.

Elegant dresses for every day

Your closet should definitely include dresses for going to cafes and stores. Take a few dresses of different lengths with you, which you can alternate depending on the weather and mood.

Short dress for entertaining shows and parties

In addition to solid outfits for going to restaurants, find room in your travel bag for a couple or three cocktail dresses. These can be worn to a fun party or disco with fancy DJ music. You can choose elegant dresses with spectacular cutouts in the front or back, loose-fitting outfits or with a strict silhouette.

Tunic for the beach

Exotic resorts spoil guests with generous portions of sunny warmth, and as a great option for trips to the beach, a light tunic made of weightless materials will be appropriate. Such an outfit can be worn all day long and feels so natural.

Shirt with collar

At an all-inclusive resort, men and women will definitely need a shirt with a collar. Choose practical models made of breathable materials that freely absorb moisture: you will feel comfortable even at high temperatures. You can buy universal models that fit everyone, and then you will have many more opportunities to create stylish and practical looks when travelling together.

What to take for an all-inclusive resort: List of the most useful and necessary things on the road
A shirt with a collar is a versatile and practical piece of clothing. Source: Pixels


Include cotton or linen shorts in your list of things to wear to an all-inclusive resort. Such a piece will favourably emphasize your figure and become a practical solution for walks on the beach and city streets. Such a closet item can be worn with flip-flops and sandals, loafers and sneakers.

Shorts made of water-repellent ripstop fabric are perfect for active entertainment on water and land, so you can safely wear them on the beach and do not remove them during swimming. As for shades, trust your personal taste, choosing both juicy and more restrained tones.

Airy shirt

While choosing clothes for vacation, take with you a lightweight shirt with a loose cut with short or long sleeves. It harmonizes with skirts of different lengths or swimsuits. With a linen shirt, you can create stylish looks and the breathable material keeps you comfortable and light.

Tops with UPF 30+

Before travelling to an all-inclusive resort, be sure to buy tops made of soft fabric with reliable UV protection UPF 30+. You can pick up great clothes made of moisture-wicking Strato Tech fabric, and then you won't be "scared" by raindrops or water on the beach.

First aid kit with emergency supplies

When travelling, it is impossible to do without medicines, which are necessary for first aid in case of cold, poisoning or burns. Unpleasant situations can happen at any time, from cuts to serious gastrointestinal disorders.

In this regard, your first aid kit should always include:

  • disinfectants;
  • allergy medications;
  • absorbent cotton, bandages, gauze;
  • antipyretic and analgesic tablets;
  • means to normalize the digestive system;
  • ointments for rapid healing of burns and cuts.
What to take for an all-inclusive resort: List of the most useful and necessary things on the road
Don't forget to bring a first aid kit with essential medicines. Source: Pixels

Before travelling to a particular country, be sure to find out what insects live in the region and prepare yourself in advance. For this purpose, take the appropriate repellents with you and it will be easier to fight this problem.

Waterproof wallet

Another practical accessory for an all-inclusive resort that is advisable to take with you on the road is a waterproof wallet that can hold money, keys and documents. You can safely take it to the pool and even the sea without worrying about your banknotes getting wet. The accessory can be placed in a pocket when folded or hung around your neck as it often comes with practical straps.

Beach bag

At an all-inclusive resort, you'll definitely need a beach bag to take with you to the beach, pool or spa. It can easily hold a hat and magazine, sunscreen and sunglasses, a water bottle and a snack. Choose models made of water-repellent materials (ripstop, for example) to avoid getting wet. You can put headphones, room keys and other important small things in the side pocket with a zipper. If necessary, such bags can be easily folded and do not take up much space.

Belt bag

A very relevant thing for an all-inclusive resort is a handy belt bag, which often replaces travellers' wallet or small purse. Choose compact models with unobtrusive design, and such a thing will definitely come in handy during the resort vacation.

Its internal compartments can easily hold bank cards and passport, phone and practical items for daily use. Belt bags are equipped with a through part of the belt, which can be quickly put on the handle of the suitcase. This is a very convenient accessory for travelling.

Waterproof phone case

A great thing for all-inclusive resorts is a phone case made of waterproof materials. Thanks to the thermoplastic materials from which the product is made, tourists can easily use the phone in working mode. The case does not prevent making calls, sending messages and even taking photos underwater.

Jewellery case

When packing your suitcase, don't forget to bring a jewellery case. This will help you easily stow your jewellery in one place, and when you arrive at the hotel, you can leave it in the room safe. Jewellery cases come in different types. One practical option is a zippered accessory with convenient compartments for chains and bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Scuba diving kit

If you prefer an extreme vacation with snorkeling in the depths of the ocean, think about snorkeling equipment in advance. You can buy a personalized dive kit so that you don't have to hastily search for the right thing for an all-inclusive resort and overpay later. Of course, some hotels offer their own snorkeling gear, but a personal kit is never too much.

Buy a snorkeling kit with adjustable straps, high-strength glass lenses and an elastic snorkel. Look out for sealed models with custom fit and no glass fogging.

Portable safe

On the road, the topic of reliable storage of personal belongings and valuables is always relevant. A compact safe, which is fixed to stable objects, is perfect for this. It can be attached to a golf cart or a shelf in a closet. Thanks to its small size, this all-inclusive resort accessory fits easily into a suitcase or backpack and doesn't take up much space.

Choose models from trusted manufacturers with a patented lock design so you don't have to worry about it breaking.

Portable speaker

The perfect addition to a resort vacation is music. Place a small speaker in your travel bag and your favourite tunes will accompany you throughout your trip .You can play songs from your playlist on your smartphone.

When choosing, pay attention to its dustproof and waterproof properties. The speaker features a 16-hour battery life and can be easily charged with a charger if needed.


In this age of high technology, you don't have to worry about paper books for leisure reading. For this purpose, it will be enough to carry an e-book with a convenient anti-glare screen. Thanks to this, you can easily read even on the sunniest day, and practical water-repellent models exclude the ingress of liquids inside the device. Such gadgets can be safely taken to the sea or in the pool as they are "not afraid" of moisture.

Phone charger

Among the first things you need to take with you to an all-inclusive resort is a phone charger. Of course, you can buy one at the airport or one of the stores in town, but it will most likely be overpriced.

Portable power supply

Our smartphones and phones have one similar property: they can run out of battery at the most inopportune moment. To avoid unfortunate troubles, we suggest you to buy a portable power supply with low weight and excellent charging properties. This is an indispensable accessory at an all-inclusive resort.

With the help of such a device, you can charge your gadget almost 100% in just half an hour. Moreover, you can charge two devices at the same time, which multiplies its practicality.

Water-repellent cards

In sunny resorts, the rhythm of life of travellers slows down, and many of them choose a game of cards for a pleasant leisure time. Take waterproof cards that can be taken to the sea. They usually last a long time and any dirt can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Water bottle with a built-in filter

Beautiful landscapes of warm countries and a high level of service of hotels please and impress tourists. The only thing is that one can not always be sure of the quality of drinking water. A bottle with a compact filter will solve this problem. Such an accessory provides reliable protection from pathogenic microorganisms, as well as eliminates turbidity and contamination.

We recommend that you choose compact models that can easily fit in a travel bag or suitcase.

Air mattress or hammock

Many travellers take an air mattress or hammock with them on the road in compact sizes, which demonstrates high indicators of practicality. It replaces several useful items for vacationing at an inclusive resort, from a raft and chair to a hammock and a handy accessory for sports activities.

Towel clip

Another good thing for an inclusive resort that you might not immediately think of is a towel clip. It's easy to attach to a chair, and you can use this item to take up space on the beach. Thanks to its sturdy fastening, the accessories can be safely used even in windy weather. The clips can be conveniently used as clothespins for drying swimsuits and washing clothes on a rope.

Stainless steel water bottle

A very useful thing for all-inclusive resorts is a reusable stainless steel bottle with double wall insulation. It is very convenient to keep drinks cold for 24 hours. Go for a product equipped with a practical lid with a carabiner and it will serve you for a long time.

Waterproof cameras for underwater filming

Cameras with water-repellent properties are always appropriate at the resort. They can easily take photos and videos at depths of up to 30 feet. They're also commonly used for filming above water or on land, such as ziplining or horseback riding.

Look out for models that offer automatic upload to the cloud, so you can quickly find the photo you're looking for.

Pickleball set

Vacation at the resort can not be imagined without a rich leisure time. Many of them have comfortable tennis courts and pickleball areas. For active games, it is worth buying a branded set in advance, which consists of a practical carrying case, four balls and rackets that are perfect for active family fun.

26 oz. travel mug with a straw

On the resort beaches, tempting cocktails are a must-have to keep you refreshed and thirsty on the hottest day. To avoid overpaying for plastic cups every time, take a large-capacity, airtight mug with straw with you on your travels. This vacuum-insulated accessory keeps your favourite drinks chilled for a long time.

Laundry soap bars

When travelling, there are often situations when you need to quickly wash your swimsuit or towel or clothes. For this purpose, a soap in a compact package will come in handy. It usually comes with a retractable pouch, and its thickness is only 1-2 mm, so when travelling, such a thing is always relevant.

Shoulder bag with anti-theft protection

Among the practical things for an all-inclusive resort, the classic shoulder bag takes an honourable place. It can hold cash for tips and a bank card for shopping.

Choose one made of durable, water-resistant materials and with RFID locking technology. They're a great solution for storing valuable items on the go.

Dry bag

An up-to-date solution with a practical TPU coating that keeps your belongings dry even during inclement weather is the dry bag. You can store your smartphones and personal belongings in it. If desired, you can choose a model with a transparent window in the front of the product, which allows you to keep your belongings in sight at all times.

Theft-proof backpack

To keep your belongings safe and secure, a theft-proof backpack is a handy item for an inclusive resort. It acts as a practical accessory for excursions and day trips.

A product with good waterproof properties and that is cut-resistant will serve you for many years. Buy a backpack with zippers and RFID locking technology and you won't have to worry about the safety of your credit cards and passport.

Cosmetic bag

Of course, you need to take along your daily makeup products: a face wash, CC foundation, a concealer to mask redness and even out skin tone, a face moisturiser and a makeup remover.

The ideal solution for a resort vacation is perfume with a light fragrance. Saturated odors are inappropriate in the heat and can also attract harmful insects.

What to take for an all-inclusive resort: List of the most useful and necessary things on the road
A cosmetic bag is an important attribute of any travelling. Source: Pixels

Many hotels have shampoos and conditioners in their bathrooms, but it is not unreasonable to take your own shampoo and conditioner in small volumes with a convenient dispenser. Travel containers for beauty products or dry shampoos come in very handy in such cases.

It is always appropriate to take a hair brush, a razor, as well as products for styling or straightening hair. Oral hygiene products should always be with you too, including toothpaste, toothbrush and floss.

Lip balms

The hot weather and salty water of the turquoise sea usually leads to moisture loss and dry skin. Usually, the skin of the lips is very sensitive to negative external influences. Thus, you should think about it in advance.

Take lip balms of weightless texture with vitamins A and E and your skin will be very grateful to you. You can buy a balm that helps fight damage, including cracks, and your skin will always be smooth and radiant.

Choose natural cosmetic products without harmful additives and aromatic perfumes to avoid allergic reactions.


For travelling to exotic locations, you should always take sunscreen with you. This is a mandatory attribute of any vacation, which is better to buy in advance so as not to pay extra. Choose natural-based products with high SPF protection to protect your skin from the harmful effects of ultraviolet light.

Buy a cream with a gentle texture, thanks to which the product is easily absorbed without leaving white traces. It works well with makeup products, so sunscreen is definitely worth taking with you.

Don't forget to print out your pass, plane tickets and take a screenshot of your boarding pass to save them in your smartphone's gallery. This will help avoid misunderstandings when the internet is down.

Of course, every traveller has his own list of actual things to take on the road. In this article, we have prepared a selection of practical and versatile things for an all-inclusive resort to make it easier for you to pack a travel bag.

Take everything you need with you and hit the road towards new dreams and discoveries. And may the tailwind be your faithful companion!

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