Pete Davidson and Colin Jost’s Staten Island Ferry Set to Transform into Roving Hotel

By Ivan PetrenkoApr 16, 2024 15:36 PMNews
Restored steamship at the pier
Restored steamship at the pier. Source: pixabay

In January 2022, comedians Pete Davidson and Colin Jost made headlines by purchasing a retired 277-foot long Staten Island ferry boat. Initially met with curiosity and humor, their $280,000 investment is now evolving into an unconventional entertainment venue, as reported by Curbed.

Architect and developer Ron Castellano, an initial investor in the project, revealed exclusive details to Travel + Leisure. Castellano's Studio Castellano aims to retain the ferry's original character while integrating modern comforts. Plans include converting the ferry into a hotel with 24 rooms, including two multi-floor suites.

The hotel's design incorporates the ferry's original features, such as outdoor seating areas on both sides, now divided among the rooms. Additionally, the pilot houses will transform into deluxe two-story suites.

One of the most innovative aspects of the project is its potential mobility. Castellano envisions the ferry traveling to different cities, capitalizing on its vast outdoor roof space. The goal is to operate year-round, alternating between warmer destinations like Miami in the winter and New York in the summer, with possible stops along the eastern seaboard.

Preserving the Staten Island Ferry's legacy is central to the project, given Davidson and Jost's roots in Staten Island. Jost even incorporated the ferry into his wedding announcement to Scarlett Johannson.The sentimental attachment to the Staten Island Ferry extends beyond Davidson and Jost's personal connections. It represents a beloved icon of New York City's transportation history, serving as a symbol of community and nostalgia for countless residents and visitors alike. By repurposing the ferry into a hotel, Davidson and Jost honor its legacy while simultaneously redefining its role in the city's cultural landscape for generations to come.

Despite the project's ambitious scope, challenges remain, such as finding suitable docking locations and optimizing functionality within the expansive structure. Collaboration among investors, including Davidson and Jost, ensures a unified vision.

While the project is still in its early stages, Castellano remains optimistic about its potential. As a seasoned architect with diverse projects under his belt, he approaches the Staten Island Ferry hotel with enthusiasm and dedication.

As Davidson embarks on his Prehab Tour and Jost concludes SNL's 49th season, the project continues to progress, promising a unique addition to the hospitality landscape. With each step, Castellano and his team work towards realizing their vision for this iconic vessel turned hotel.

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