New flight rules for Brits to Spain: who is affected

By Tychyna TetianaMar 8, 2024 17:17 PMNews
New flight rules for Brits to Spain: who is affected
Spain warns about travel for Brits. Source: Freepik

Spain is considering plans to restrict some domestic flights to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, which could affect the plans of UK holidaymakers. Flights for which a faster rail alternative route is available, completing in less than two and a half hours, will be restricted. The only exceptions will be routes connected to international airports.

In this way, the Spanish authorities have returned to their revolutionary step to protect the environment, which was announced in 2021. The upcoming restriction is part of an agreement that was reached by the Spanish coalition government in Congress, writes DailyStar.

At the time, the Spanish government considered this ban as part of its additional efforts to reduce climate change, planned until 2050. It is noted that private jet owners will also fall into this category if there is a similar route by rail.

For example, tourists will now have to replace a flight from Madrid to Alicante that lasted about one hour with a train that takes only 22 minutes.

Who is against it

At the same time, some political parties are against the ban, which was supposed to reduce emissions and improve the country's environmental performance. For example, the PP and Vox parties are against the ban. In their opinion, it will make Spain "less competitive" in the aviation industry, and the initiative itself is not very effective.

At the same time, experts from the College of Aeronautical Engineers (COIAE) believe that a ban on short-haul flights will reduce emissions by only 0.06% and will not affect carbon dioxide emissions. However, in their opinion, such a government initiative will have a negative impact on the Spanish air transportation industry.

It is noted that initially the authorities planned to reduce about 50,000 flights per year, which would help reduce CO2 by 300,000 tons. At the same time, the agreement between the PSOE and Sumar political groups also imposes restrictions on private jets and provides for the adoption of European Union rules on taxation of energy products, such as kerosene, used by aircraft.

What changes await the British

From mid-2025, the European Entry and Exit System (EES) is expected to be introduced to the EU. This automated system will automatically register travelers from the UK and other non-EU countries when they cross the EU border. According to the new rules, tourists will have to scan their passports at special self-service kiosks before entering the country where they plan to spend their vacation.

Another big change that will affect British tourists will be the introduction of the European Travel Information and Authorization System (ETIAS), which requires travelers to obtain authorization online or via a mobile app before entering EU countries.

If you are interested in the best tourist destinations in Europe according to the European Best Destinations rating, read the article from TravelWise.

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