For a pittance: in Croatia, houses are offered to families under unusual conditions

By Tychyna TetianaJan 26, 2024 22:45 PMNews
For a pittance: in Croatia, houses are offered to families under unusual conditions
Croatian town. Source: Freepik

The authorities of the Croatian town of Legrad, home to about 2,000 residents, are offering a new round of free houses to attract young families to the region. The town is located on the winding Drava River, which forms the border with neighboring Hungary.

The incredible price of 13 cents surprises potential owners. Why a house in Legrad is worth so little and what is the trick, the mayor writes.

The publication about the new program of the tiny town's municipality appeared recently. This is not the first time the authorities have engaged residents in such an intriguing way. It is reported that the cost of a house will be 13 euro cents.

The first houses were sold under this program in 2018, and three families have already moved in. A total of 5 houses were sold, ready for new residents.

Conditions for moving into such a house

A potential candidate for housing must be under 45 years old, be in a married or non-marital partnership, have no criminal record, or own any other property.

Why is a house so cheap

This is quite simple to explain when it comes to Legrad. Last year, Croatia adopted the euro as its currency, but previously the kuna was used. The program used to be known as "Houses for Kuna," and since 1 kuna was trading for 0.13 euros at the time of the currency conversion, this gives an idea of how the authorities came up with this price.

Other low-cost housing programs in Europe

A similar program operates in other European countries. For example, the Italian authorities are attracting families under a new program called "A Case for 1 Euro" or "Homes for 1 Euro." It is noted that French cities are also using a similar approach to solve their demographic problems, such as the town of Saint-Amand-Montrone.

The mayor of Legras, Ivan Saboljić, is confident that the new program will have a positive impact on the demographic situation. He has already noted that they have welcomed three new families who have joined them. He also emphasized that the arrival of new residents has increased the number of children in kindergartens.

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