Fabulous scenery, spa and mountains: this town in France is unfairly ignored by tourists

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Fabulous scenery, spa and mountains: this town in France is unfairly ignored by tourists
A view of Lake Annecy. Source: thesun.co.uk (Alamy)

Discover an "unfairly forgotten" European destination that will amaze you with its mountain views, water sports and amazing spas. Hidden in the shadow of its more famous neighbor, the small European city of Talloire remains undeservedly overlooked by tourists.

While Annecy attracts visitors with its Venetian canals and fabulous scenery, just a couple of steps away is Talloire, a picturesque town that is often overlooked, although it deserves no less attention. The article by The Sun describes what other picturesque places you can visit in France.

Being on opposite shores of Lake Annecy, the two cities have similar landscapes. "One of the best places to enjoy these views is Le Col de la Forcla, a mountain pass accessible from Talloire, which is famous for its breathtaking panoramic views and is one of the main attractions. According to one traveler on TripAdvisor, the summit offers "breathtaking views of Lake Annecy and the entire mountain range", and the natural beauty continues in the Roque de Cher National Nature Reserve, which has been a significant nature conservation site since 1977.

This corner of the earth is a mecca for hang gliders and water sports fans, attracting with its breathtaking canyoning tours. There are special cables for exploring caves, and you can easily refresh yourself in natural pools by making a few jumps.

Fabulous scenery, spa and mountains: this town in France is unfairly ignored by tourists
Talloire. Source: thesun.co.uk (Alamy)

"One of the passionate travelers who is passionately in love with this corner of the world is blogger Emily Embarks, who highly praised the city in her list of 'hidden European gems'. "It is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and located above Lake Annecy, where you can enjoy excellent water sports. Taluer is unfairly ignored by visitors to the area due to the nearby popular destination of Annecy, despite its natural beauty," the expert believes.

The Taloire invites guests to relax at the award-winning Spa de l'Auberge du Père Bise. It is located along the shores of Lake Annecy and offers massages, reflexology, yoga and Pilates, as well as a swimming pool with a picturesque view.

The hotel also offers luxurious rooms and suites for accommodation, and other amenities include two Michelin-starred restaurants. Though little known, Taluer attracts those who value comfort and tranquility in their vacation.Taluer is easily accessible from Geneva and Lyon, making it an attractive destination for travelers.

Fabulous scenery, spa and mountains: this town in France is unfairly ignored by tourists
Spa de L'auberge de Père Bise. Source: thesun.co.uk (Spa de l'Auberge du Père Bise)

A night for two in the city is available for a reasonable price, starting at around £65, making Talloire accessible to all budgets.


The small town of Morlaix, located at the foot of the Mont d'Arre Mountains, is associated with traditional British towns. For example, travel writer Anne Richards believes that Morlaix is striking in its "pretty" appearance, reminiscent of the charming towns of Great Britain.

She notes the unique blend of British and French cultures in Morlaix's atmosphere, where pancakes coexist with curry, and architecture reminiscent of Bristol and Bath is decorated with pastel-colored French shutters. This harmonious union leaves a pleasant impression of the city.Meanwhile, another town that should not be forgotten by the British is Colmar. This small town in Alsace has been compared to scenes from a Disney movie.

Its narrow streets along the canals, decorated with pretty houses and cozy taverns, are a photographer's dream. Those who have been there say: "It's like being in a Disney movie! The whole region! I literally gasped as I walked around a beautiful corner."

How to get to France from the UK

- have a passport that expires in three months;

- no visa is required if you are staying for up to 90 days;

- make sure you have an entry and exit stamp for the UK;

- provide proof of accommodation and funds, approximately 120 euros per day.

Finally, for about 10 euros, you need to give 8.55 pounds. It takes from 1 to 4 hours to get to France by direct flight, depending on the location of the city. You can also take the Eurostar train to Paris or Lille.

Read also what else can attract you to France besides the Olympic Games.

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