Can you carry deodorant on an airplane: stay safe throughout your journey

By Valentina BaturinetsMay 4, 2024 10:15 AMBlog
Can you carry deodorant on an airplane: stay safe throughout your journey
You can take deodorant on an airplane as long as the required standards are met. Source: Freepik

Travel in the hot season is always associated with increased sweating and the appearance of unpleasant odors. Deodorants always cope with this problem perfectly. They help to maintain a sense of freshness throughout the journey. The only "but" is that you need to pass a check at the airport before landing.

In this article, we want to tell you in detail whether you can take deodorant on the plane with you on the road and what are the nuances associated with this topic.

Features of transportation of solid and liquid deodorants in airplanes

Immediately we want to note that solid deodorants are much easier to take with you on the airplane than liquid ones. If you want to keep your favorite hygiene item with you, check out our recommendations.

Solid deodorants can be carried freely with you on an airplane in your carry-on and checked luggage. It is the most practical and safe choice for any trip.

Can you carry deodorant on an airplane: stay safe throughout your journey
Solid deodorants can be freely taken with you on the airplane. Source: Pixels

In addition to solid, there are deodorants in liquid and semi-liquid form, which are presented in aerosol and gel, creamy and paste form.

Important! If you plan to transport deodorant in liquid or semi-liquid form, there is such a restriction - you can take with you a hygiene product in a special container with a volume of up to 100 ml. It must be placed in a transparent plastic bag that closes. The volume of the bag is approximately 1 liter, and its dimensions are 20x20 cm.

In other words, when transporting liquid deodorants, the 3-1-1 rule applies, which means that you can transport deodorant in liquid form in a container of no more than 3.4 ounces, which is about 100 ml.

The 3-1-1 rule was implemented by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA), but it applies to various countries in the European Union, the United Kingdom, and around the world. It is important to realize that there are exceptions. They apply to baby food and milk, as well as medical liquids, for which the necessary documentation is completed.

We want to make one more important addition. Deodorants in liquid form can pass inspection if they were bought in duty-free stores at the airport. In doing so, they must be sealed in a protective bag. It is better to put the receipt of payment in the bag so that it can be seen.

Important! In case of violation of the mentioned rules of the American Transportation Security Administration (TSA), you are free to fine and even confiscate the deodorant.

Now let's look at whether you can carry deodorant in liquid or spray form in your checked baggage. Yes, you can, and the 3-1-1 rule does not apply. Liquid deodorants over 100 ml can be carried in checked baggage.

What are the restrictions?

You are probably wondering what is the reason for the strict control over the transportation of liquid and aerosol deodorants. Such restrictions were first introduced in 2006, when the UK police prevented a terrorist attack in which the use of liquid explosives was planned.

Can you carry deodorant on an airplane: stay safe throughout your journey
Enhanced control of personal belongings is necessary to maintain the safety of passengers and crew. Source: Freepik

After such a dangerous incident, liquid deodorants were included in the list of prohibited items. This helps to prevent life-threatening situations for passengers and crew.


  1. The safest option for transportation on airplanes is powdered deodorant and solid stick. They are allowed to be carried in hand luggage in unlimited quantities.
  2. Deodorants in the form of gels and aerosols are subject to the 3-1-1 rule, according to which a hygiene product with a maximum volume of 3.4 ounces can be carried in carry-on luggage.
  3. Liquid deodorants larger than 100 ml can be carried in checked baggage.

Our tip: Be sure to check the volume of your container before traveling. It should not be more than 100 ml. This will help you avoid trouble before your flight.

Have fun traveling without difficulties at checkpoints! And, of course, a feeling of freshness throughout your trip.

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