TOP 15 tropical places to visit around the world

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TOP 15 tropical places to visit around the world
Zanzibar. Source: Pixabay

At least once in his life, everyone has imagined lying on warm golden sand under the shade of broad-leaved palm trees, where the warm waters of the ocean or sea gently touch your feet. Drinking a cooling cocktail, thinking only about nature and space, your relaxed body takes on a soft tan.

The perfect picture from a dream is, in fact, more than real, you just need to move closer to the equator and explore the local islands and resorts - the perfect tropical places to visit around the world. Proof that nature and man, in their cooperation, can reach fabulous heights in creating a paradise life. Landscapes, bizarre flora and fauna, fantastic sunrises and sunsets, perfectly comfortable temperature conditions, friendly warm waves - created by Mother Nature, harmoniously emphasised by the Disney-like beauty of architectural buildings, stunning water parks, swimming pools and the aromas of restaurants with all kinds of exotic cuisine. It seems that there is nothing to add, but human imagination is limitless. Every year, various wonders appear and new opportunities open up for exploring nature, getting as close as possible. Settling right in the middle of the ocean or underwater, taking the most exotic walks in comfort has become possible thanks to once unbridled dreams. So don't limit the flight of your dreams and prove to yourself that it can become a reality. We have prepared a review for you: the best places to go on tropical holidays, even on an average budget.

1. Who hasn't dreamed of the Maldives?

The phrase "I want to go to the Maldives" has become a common phrase in everyday life. It is a kind of standard for an ideal place with perfect holiday conditions in a tropical climate.

The Indian Ocean encompasses more than 1,000 islands in its warm waters. Only 200 of them have been explored by humans, and only 5 are densely populated. But every year the territory of this chain of islands is being developed. However, there is an unspoken race between the ocean and humans. In 2004, a tsunami flooded a large part of the atolls. People accepted the challenge of nature. The island government built flood defences to prevent future tsunamis. So, to date, humanity has pulled a little ahead in this titanic competition.

The capital of the Maldives, Male, is heavily populated and offers travellers the charms of an expensive resort. The white sands of the beaches and colourful coral reefs peek through the crystal blue of the ocean waters. But rushing away from the centre, you can find absolutely incredible secluded places with exactly the same natural wealth, for a less expensive price.

The season in the Maldives is much longer, but the most favourable time is from November to May. Otherwise, there is a high probability of getting into the rainy season and not getting the long-awaited bronze tan. Yes, amazing tropical places have limited holiday periods.

Maldives. Source: Pixabay

Departing from Thailand, you can consider inexpensive flights - up to $300 for a round-trip flight. And staying at the inexpensive Sands Exotic Hotel (Thulusdhoo. Discount available during registration) - one night for two will cost you less than $100. After saving on accommodation, treat yourself to a variety of activities offered by exotic islands:

  • diving
  • snorkelling
  • parasailing
  • surfing
  • exotic dishes of restaurants and cafes
  • safe underwater excursions where you can swim with impressive Manta rays and formidable marine predators - sharks

We have found the best quality and price offer in the Maldives for you. This is Kurumba Maldives, don't forget that a bohemian holiday can be affordable for you.

2. Tropical paradise of Bora Bora, Tahiti

This is where your fantastic bungalow is located. Right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. On the largest island of French Polynesia. Among the peaks of the island nation, consisting of 118 islands rising above the azure waters of the so serenely named Pacific Ocean. The romance of "pure water" will enchant every couple who comes here on their honeymoon. Settling in luxurious bungalows in the middle of the sparkling water, you can put your feet in the soft waters of the ocean pool at any time. And before your eyes will be the shores with white beaches and coconut palms, and your ears will enjoy the beautiful French language of the locals.

The exquisite cuisine on Bora Bora will give you a taste delight and a variety of ocean snacks.

May to October is the perfect time to visit the island. And to make the resort satisfying on a modest budget, visit the local market Le Marché Papeete. There you can taste the variety of local cuisine and buy souvenirs without spending a fortune.

Entertainment in Bora Bora:

  • a variety of water sports
  • hiking trails for walking
  • kayaking to the tiny Motu Islands
  • underwater adventures with sharks
  • whale and dolphin watching
  • jet ski tour
  • Museum of Tahiti

The Bora Bora resort in Tahiti is not a cheap option for a tropical holiday, and yet, by saving on flights or preferring expensive services to less expensive activities offered by locals, you can visit this paradise created by nature and man.

3. Perfect combination of colours in the Seychelles

This is truly a place kissed by God. This combination of clear blue skies, crystal clear blue water and rich green hues of the fauna on the Seychelles is something you can only imagine in a very vivid dream. Or you can see the picture with your own eyes by visiting one of the 115 islands located 2000 kilometres off the east coast of Kenya. Most of the islands in the Seychelles are a UNESCO nature reserve and are under strict protection. This proves that the nature of the territory in the middle of the Indian Ocean is so unique and picturesque that it is worth seeing this art form at least once in your life. Fans of wildlife, coral reefs and blue lagoons with boulders will be delighted.

Seychelles. Source: Pixabay

The airport, located in Mahe, not far from the island's capital Victoria, will welcome foreign visitors from the air. And the cruise ship port will provide shelter for visitors sailing across the ocean. Here you can admire the sights of the Morne Seychellois National Park and get to know the wildlife up close and personal.

And then, it will be very difficult to choose an island for the perfect tropical holiday, because all the places in the Seychelles are perfect. So, start with any of them. The main thing is with the inhabited ones. Many of the territories in this group of islands are undeveloped. Well, those where not only human feet and hands have been, but also a fantastic mind, will offer such a variety of options that it can make your head spin. Activities in the Seychelles are a match for their picturesque and intense nature: from diving to safaris, as long as you have enough money. If you're a carefree tourist, this resort can easily earn the status of the most expensive tropical holiday in the world. For those who want to see the Seychelles on a tight budget, you'll have to try and save on literally everything, from flights to accommodation and food. But everything is possible. And the Seychelles can give you unforgettable tropical places at a reasonable price. Use Airbnb to rent accommodation from locals and book early for flights, and the takeaway food won't leave you hungry. Make popular tropical vacations come true.

4. Bohemian life in the Bahamas

Islands of solitude and sailing. The pearly waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the greenery of luxuriant pine trees - amazing tropical places. All this comes together in Abacos in the Bahamas. Only 300 km from sunny Florida, and you are alone with nature. The contrast between the lively holiday destinations in Florida and the outer Bahamas is dizzying. Absolutely sleepy villages that seem to have caught Zen will enchant you with their authenticity and silence. Traces of the British loyalists who once inhabited this place are easy to spot among the narrow streets with brightly coloured cottages.

Relaxing holidays, secluded beaches and just turtle-like movement are the motto of the Bahamas. Golf carts and boats are the main means of transport in this area, so tranquillity has simply settled in.

Despite the seclusion, there are plenty of popular holiday islands:

Elbow Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Treasure Cay, Guana Cay, Walker Cay and Man O'War Cay.

Each is washed by azure waters, full of white sandy beaches, bright coral reefs and green pine trees. You will be able to see the famous striped lighthouse on Elbow Cay and take a look at the preserved antiquity of Green Turtle Cay.

One of the most exciting things to do in the Bahamas is to communicate with the local population, who are happy to tell you all the legends and stories of their islands.

There are also many traditional activities on the islands: from underwater excursions to fishing. But what the waters of this part of the Pacific Ocean are really famous for is the opportunity to sail. Whether it's a yacht or sail surfing, the result will exceed all your expectations.

The choice is always yours. You can visit these islands as a carefree tourist, or take advantage of local accommodation, attractions and entertainment. There is always something to save on. But this will not greatly affect the quality of your tropical holiday, as the nature of the Bahamas has created its wonders for everyone.

5. Long beaches of St Barts, Caribbean

This is where you can definitely find yourself in the centre of a celebrity party. The constant flow of celebrities has made this part of the Caribbean a hot party, with very expensive services. Global brands with their stores, private villas, and fine dining - all of this is abundant in St Barths.

Caribbean. Source: Pixabay

Millions spin here and drown in luxury. But it's not just material luxury that makes the Caribbean famous. Long, bright beaches, flowering hills, azure waters and palm trees make these places unique and picturesque. And the diversity of the underwater world attracts divers and snorkellers. The Caribbean Sea fully satisfies fishermen of all sizes and equipment. It rides its waves for surfers, sailing enthusiasts and brave yacht captains.

The low season in the Caribbean can please budget tourists, as the same bungalows, villas and rooms will drop in price as the season goes away, and there will be an opportunity to enjoy bohemian life for less money. And the locals are not averse to providing their homes for overnight stays for a small amount of money. And nature, as always, gives its generous gifts in the Caribbean for free. You will be able to enjoy long golden beaches, palm trees growing thickly, and oceanic delicacies performed by locals.

The Caribbean is the finalist of the top 5 tropical places to visit.

6. Most picturesque reef of Ambergris Caye, Belize

One of the most popular destinations in Belize is Ambergris Caye Island. Being located near the Belize Barrier Reef (a UNESCO heritage), the island has become one of the most desirable for divers, sailing and fishing enthusiasts. Fans of the Disney underwater world can go to the Hong Chan Nature Reserve, located in the deep sea, near the second largest barrier reef. The reserve is famous for its shark and stingray alley and the opportunity for fishermen to catch tarpon, snook and barracuda.

Luxurious beaches, restaurants and carnival nightlife attract partygoers and those who want to have fun. In the southern part of the island is its main city of San Pedro, where the main points of civilisation are built - the airport, shops and hotels. But this does not make the city crowded. The island has a measured atmosphere and Mexican cuisine. This is due to the island's close proximity to Mexico, so Spanish is not uncommon here. In general, the island is a haven for many expats.

Ambergris Caye offers its guests numerous activities:

  • kayaking
  • windsurfing
  • parasailing
  • jet skiing
  • diving
  • snorkelling
  • fishing

And that's just on the water and underwater spaces. You can also have fun on land:

  • various festivals, including the famous lobster festival (held annually in the first week of June)
  • a parade of boats with festive lighting
  • excursions on a golf cart
  • restaurants with exotic seafood and snacks

Ambergris Caye combines wealth, luxury and accessibility. This is a nice tropical holiday not for "all the money in the world". Accommodation on the island can be found for any budget, from hostels and private villas to 5-star dive resorts.

The dry season in Belize is short, only from December to April. But the off-season offers great discounts, and you can live like a king for a reasonable amount. And it rains mostly at night or a few hours a day, provided you don't get caught in a tropical storm.

7. Conquer the peaks of the Dominican Republic

A great option for the most beautiful tropical holiday in the world, accessible to both chic and budget travellers. Located in the eastern part of the island of Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic is famous not only for its white beaches and all-inclusive packages, but also for its rich history and cultural heritage. The island in the Caribbean is rewarded with a variety of nature, both underwater and on land. Jungles, deserts, mangroves, coral reefs, savannah and soaring green peaks - all these heritage can be contemplated with the help of various walking and field excursions.

And if you are an all-inclusive tourist, head to such resort towns as: Puerto Plata, Punta Cana and La Romana. You will find options for the perfect combination of coastal hotels, with access to golden beaches, panoramic views of green palm trees and the Caribbean Sea, on the southern coast of the island.

And if the spirit of adventure and freedom beckons you to the unexplored expanses of the universe, get away from the advertised resorts and head to the lesser-known, but no less interesting places in the Dominican Republic. You can find affordable accommodation, transport and a guide who can take you to the highest peaks above the Caribbean Sea, take you down the turbulent rivers of the Rio Yaque del Norte, lead you to waterfalls, through dense jungle, organise a bike ride along alpine trails and show you the undeveloped beaches of the Samana Peninsula. There are plenty of opportunities for diving, surfing, and snorkelling in the Dominican Republic. And sunbathing on the white beaches will be available to you, no matter where you go. We recommend ending your trip in the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo. To touch its architectural buildings, at least with one eye, and to hear only a part of the stories from its fascinating history is a great luck and pleasure.

8. Spiritual relaxation in Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia is a country of sun, temples, incense, tropical fruits and harmonious people. The island of Bali has become the pearl of the Indonesian archipelago. Nature has endowed its territory with bright colours of all kinds of fruits and plants that grow so easily in a pleasant tropical climate. And human hands have built absolutely incredible architectural structures that are harmoniously combined with the whims of nature and delight everyone who has ever visited Bali. The accessibility of such a resort is simply amazing, you can really relax here with any budget in your pocket. And a modest budget does not mean a lack of amenities. Travellers from all over the world flock to Bali for inexpensive spa treatments, affordable shopping and spiritual fulfilment, which is also available to any traveller.

Whether you're on holiday as a family or a couple, or you're just a solo traveller, everyone will find their own paradise and be able to relax in the same way.

If you want a beach with shopping and restaurants, head to Kuta and Seminyak. Surfers are just delighted with these places. You can stay with your family in Sanur - gentle waves, soft beaches and comfort. Even away from the beaches and waves, you will not be bored, as evidenced by the paradise of Ubud, located in the hills, with a variety of Hindu temples, a variety of relaxing massages, fragrant meditations and a variety of Buddhist masters.

Accommodation to suit every taste and budget allows millions of tourists a year to visit the island. From cheap hostels to bohemian villas with their own servants. Truly, the diversity and generosity of the locals is amazing. Perhaps Bali can get the status of the most affordable tropical resort in the world.

9. Cinematic world of the Andaman coast, Thailand

The Andaman Sea coast has created another gem of a tropical holiday. The number of islands of different sizes and the variety in prices for services and comfort have made the place popular from November to April. The rest of the time, the southern monsoon dominates the coast and it is simply impossible to get dry.

Climbing higher to the limestone peaks of the coast, you can appreciate the beauty of the blue Andaman Sea and the bizarre reliefs of the scattered green islands.

The Phi Phi resort islands are known not only for their cartoonishly painted nature and tourist services, but also for their media presence, which has had a favourable impact on the number of tourists visiting the islands. For example, the famous film "The Beach" with Leonardo Dicaprio was filmed on the island of Koh Phi Phi Leh.

In order to properly explore the territories of the scattered islets, choose a base, it can be Krabi Island or the largest island of the Phuket chain. This way, you can easily discover new islands every day, just hire a boat or canoe. The locals are always ready to help and give tours. Don't forget to visit James Bond Island and Khao Sok National Park. After wading through the jungle and exploring the peak viewing heights, you can meet the majestic animals of the islands - elephants. With the help of local residents, you can not only meet and communicate with intelligent animals, but also ride these giants.

Accommodation for any budget size is not uncommon here. You can stay with a family or pay for a kolyba, or give preference to well-known hotel rooms. This won't change your ability to see exotic nature, bask on warm beaches and taste delicious cuisine.

The diversity of the underwater world will not only offer delicious seafood, but also captivate your eyes with the colourful inhabitants of the blue lagoons.

10. Discover Aitutaki, Cook Islands

Thanks to Deems Cooke for discovering this beautiful paradise on planet Earth, which is included in the top 10 best tropical vacations. Another picturesque area that has become a beautiful tropical resort, thanks to nature and a little bit of man. The 15 islands scattered over 2 million square kilometres (756 thousand square miles) are a real find for a secluded, calming and measured tropical holiday. The islands of green palm trees, white soft sand, bordered by the blue of the Pacific waves give a sense of harmony in the soul and paradise on Earth.

Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Source: Pixabay

Rarotonga Island is the largest and most populated of the 15 motu (islets). It is also the central point that welcomes visitors from all over the world. And, while Rarotonga's offerings and gifts are alluring, the second most visited motu, Aitutaki, is just a 50-minute flight north of the central hub. One of the most beautiful lagoons is located on this island. The crystal blue waters surrounding it will delight even the most experienced traveller. Aitutaki is home to only 1800 people - all of them are friendly and ready to give gifts to tourists. But it will be very difficult to find yourself in a crowd, the island's sprawling size makes it feel like a lonely Friday on a deserted beach. On several large motu, you can easily find air transport, which will allow you to make day trips to neighbouring islets and dive into a new lagoon every day, unique in its shimmer and glare.

A wide variety of activities await you in the Cook Islands:

  • kiteboarding on sandbanks
  • kayaking
  • fly fishing for the mighty bonefish
  • scuba diving
  • deep sea fishing
  • scooters
  • bicycles
  • excursions to explore the history and culture of the local population
  • restaurants with exotic seafood and cuisine from the people of the Cook Islands
  • traditional dance show
  • hiking around the island of Rarotonga

One of the budget places to stay in the Cook Islands is Renginius Retreat, located on Ootu Beach. It offers a free flight from the airport, free kayaking and a swimming pool.

And for those who want to relax with a full set of exoticism, there are bungalows right in the middle of the Pacific waters.

11. Dance Hula in Hawaii

Volcanoes are the main attraction of the Hawaiian Islands. This attraction is a magnet for all those who are curious and want to see lava flowing into the ocean and forming new territories and terrifying island curves. The big island of Hawaii is the best place to make your wishes and dreams come true. Here you will find fun tropical vacation spots, with their exotic and curious attractions.

The Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park on this island is protected by UNESCO and is a biosphere reserve. Here you can walk through the tropics, explore the local volcanoes, and climb the lava slopes. Take a bird's eye view of the endless ocean waters, glistening under the tropical sun. Swim in the local fresh waterfalls, with crystal clear water that chills to the bone. Visit the abode of the Hawaiian kings, in the middle of the lush Waipio Desert. Dive into the waters of the Pacific Ocean to make friends with its inhabitants and unique fauna.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, you can stay in both affordable hostels and customised villas. Try the local cuisine and travel to the neighbouring islands.

Another pearl of Hawaii is the island of Kauai or the Garden Island. The picturesque name describes the island well. This is a divine green garden, the flora of which can be studied for a very long time, each time discovering something new, bright and amazing. Take an aerial tour around Kauai. The view from above best conveys the beauty of mountain spires, dramatic cliffs and the power of Mother Nature.

The island has unique weather conditions - dramatically different in different parts of the island. Choose the Poipu resort area if you don't want to get your holiday wet. This is one of the best places for surfing and diving. Hiking in the jungle with a descent into small resort towns will be a wonderful adventure that you will call the best tropical vacations. And if active hiking is not for you, lie down on the warm sand of the beach and enjoy the ocean's gifts, which the locals will gladly prepare for you, covering your dish with exotic flower petals and dancing the Hula for you.

12. Find your island in Fiji

In the South Pacific Ocean, the tropical country of Fiji, consisting of 322 islands and islets, is spread out over the waves. You will definitely find what you are looking for among a third of its territory. You just have to explore every inhabited corner of these places. Cool tropical places on the islands vary from very cheap to the most expensive. But the picturesque nature and blue lagoons will always be with you wherever you stay. The weather conditions practically do not change (except for the period from November to January), which makes the islands suitable for almost year-round visits by tourists. Due to their affordability, the islands are popular with young people and couples looking for an incredible honeymoon. Yasawa Island always welcomes budget tourists, providing them with a holiday for kings. The Beachouse, a family-friendly resort on the Coral Coast, offers accommodation from dormitories to bungalows and provides free breakfast and kayaking.

Fiji. Source: Pixabay

The Mamanuca Islands are also a very popular destination in Fiji. Emerald lagoons, comfortable conditions prepared by the locals and amazing beaches where you can bask all day.

Accommodation here also has a huge range of prices, in which it is easy to find your own. Traditional huts or family-run hotels, cottages and villas. Lively middle-class resorts and Cloudbreak, the most visited surfing spot, have made the Fiji Islands popular. Families with children here are surrounded by care and warmth, as the locals are very fond of children.

13. Diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Port Douglas, Australia

The tropical resort of Port Douglas is located in the state of Queensland, in the north-east of Australia. It is a perfect example of how a fishing village managed to grow into one of the most visited places on the planet. The highlight of this picturesque place is the 6.5 kilometre-long Four Mile Beach. Swimming here is prohibited from November to June, due to the sea sting season. But you are unlikely to be left without water, as the city's resorts offer a variety of pools.

The proximity of the largest Barrier Reef in the world attracts diving and fishing enthusiasts, as the catches are impressive in their scale and variety.

Australia has the richest ecosystem in the world. Therefore, there is also a lot of exotic entertainment on land: zoos with free-roaming savannah animals, walks in the Daintree rainforest, descent into the caves of Cape Tribulation, photo safaris, and huge golf courses. Don't forget to head to Mossman Gorge to get a good look at the small inhabitants of the humid tropics. And of course, measure your height against a kangaroo at arm's length.

The season from May to September is the perfect time to visit tropical places to travel.

Take a closer look at Port Douglas to determine your minimum travel budget.

14. Exotic resorts in Sri Lanka

A peninsula in the shape of a tear, it accommodates such a range of holiday destinations that it is easy to get lost in desires. You may not have enough energy to cover the most beautiful tropical places. Take this advice and explore the delights of the peninsula as slowly as possible, savouring every experience.

Sri Lankans have managed to preserve their history and culture not only in books. And this is the first thing you should learn as soon as you arrive at any of the resorts on the peninsula. The customs and architecture that have been preserved to this day will be a fascinating journey into the past in a time machine. Whether it's an organised tour or communication with the indigenous population of still partially wild places.

Buddhist temples, sacred ruins, mosques and colonial forts will be the second big branch for immersing yourself in the atmosphere of Sri Lanka.

Touch the energy that reigns throughout the peninsula, full of incense and a powerful belief in the inner strength of man.

After enjoying and resting your spirit, dive into the ecosystem with wild animals, exotic birds and dense jungle. The photo safari will give you pictures with leopards, water buffaloes, sloth bears and birds shimmering with rainbow colours.

Visit more than 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and head to stunning beaches.

Here are the top 10 must-see resorts in Sri Lanka:

  • Negombo
  • Hikkaduwa
  • Wadduwa
  • Bentota
  • Unawatuna
  • Trincomalee
  • Mirissa
  • Anuradhapura
  • Tangalle
  • Koggala


Affordable accommodation on the peninsula can be found to suit all tastes. The friendliness and hospitality of the locals is unlimited. They will definitely treat you to traditional cuisine and take care of your comfort. The most affordable tropical resort in Sri Lanka.

15. Turquoise waters of Zanzibar

The Zanzibar archipelago in Tanzania was once not only a centre for the spice trade, but also a powerful competitor to tropical destinations around the world. The diversity of cultural influences from many continents has made Zanzibar a kind of museum heritage of cultures from Africa, Arabia, India and Europe. Therefore, Zanzibar is rich in a variety of dishes, traditions and cultural attractions. And the UNESCO heritage - the historic centre of Stone Town will be the cherry on your exotic cake when visiting Zanzibar. Stroll through the intricate, colourful streets, visit the local bazaars to breathe in the aromas of all kinds of spices, learn about the healing properties of each spice and make your own bag with a fragrant mixture of all diseases.

Once you've been inspired and rejuvenated, head to the amazing beaches of Zanzibar, where you'll find all sorts of exciting water activities. Boat trips with dolphins are especially great.

A visit to the Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park will include a meeting with colobus. And in Cheetah's Rock you can book an introduction to larger animals.

It's up to you to choose eco-friendly bungalows or neighbourhood with locals. The local resorts are designed for a wide range of budgets and tastes. This will be your best tropical travel.

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