The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only

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The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Luxury vacations around the world. Source:

With a spirit of travel and an unwillingness to stop, you find more and more remote and secluded corners on this globe that can offer unforgettable luxury vacations and an ocean of adventure. We are ready to share the best resorts in the world according to travelers themselves, in order to widen their circles and introduce them to vacation spots that strive for perfection.

Of course everyone's tastes are quite different, but we've managed to choose criteria that almost everyone desires. Intriguing interior designs, a nice variety of services, many locations for active or relaxing vacations, a stand-out gastronomic scene and a gem that defines the exclusivity of a resort - all of this is already on our list of luxury stays around the world.

We hope you've already bought a scratch card or updated an old one, as these perfect vacation spots might not have come under your gaze. Continents aren't all we've discovered, as we've found options for the world's best island resorts and they're already included.

Poke your finger at our list of the best resorts in the world and you won't miss out on your vacation.

United States of America

With gems like California, Florida, Massachusetts and nearly 50 other states, the United States is an attractive vacation destination. Here you can discover both beach lagoons and super resorts amidst the desert prairies. Due to the fact that their territories are equipped with very attractive and sometimes therapeutic activities, and a huge amount of money has been invested in comfort you can expand your vacation horizons and try something completely new.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Oceanic romance in Florida. Source:

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa - Manalapan, Florida

A beach resort where among the swaying skirts of yellow white and blue umbrellas you'll find the comforts of an ocean vacation. Florida's coastline is very idyllic on its own, and when you add the modern luxury of a five-star hotel, four award-winning restaurants and water lagoons scattered across 42,000 square feet, your vacation will be filled with meaning.

Surrounded by lush tropical gardens, rooms feature observation balconies with air-swaying chairs where your gaze will contemplate the green-blue expanse that aspires beyond the horizon.

Discover one of the best spas in one of the most popular resorts in the world to enjoy the feel and sensation of your revitalizing body.

Eau Palm Beach Resort & Spa is your coastal dreams come true.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
A beach club for luxury vacations in South Carolina. Source:

Charleston Harbour Resort & Marina, Cape Patriots Point, South Carolina

Before you get here a charming waterway through the lagoon awaits you. It feels like you are getting away from the world, but that is not the case. Your vacation will be tranquil and as private as you desire. Nearly 100 elegant rooms lend romance and fantasies of scarlet sails on the horizon. Your picture outside your window will indeed be filled with sails, because you're at the Beach Club Resort & Marina.

If you want adventure and exploration, the road to it will only take 15 minutes by water or land. But first, try everything the hotel has to offer from tasty seafood specialties at Fish House to souvenirs and handmade soaps at the Marina Store.

A private beach will help you avoid the crowds, and spa services achieve total relaxation and recovery on vacation. Tropical pools overlooking the big water will add a special colorful and inviting touch to the therapy. Participate in organized activities for all ages as much as you like and take advantage of the hotel's offerings for the best excursions on the mountain.

Charleston Harbour Resort & Marina is one of the finest hotels in the world offering an interesting program for its guests and taking care of their harmony.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
The best country vacation in New York. Source:

Troutbeck - Amenia, NY

A country vacation in New York City gives the impression of deception. You're sort of in the Big Apple, but there's no trace of its typicality. It feels like your very rich grandmother decided to reward you with the best vacation in the world, lasting as long as you can afford it.

Such a secluded vacation amidst the benefits of nature will give you a peace of mind worth delving into. Grab your favorite book to read by the fireplace or in a hanging chair overlooking the endless greenery. The simple and relaxed atmosphere that befriends the luxury all around will be the key to your satisfaction with which you will leave this wondrous place, to be sure to come back for a dose.

You can put together your own incredible rustic adventure by adding fishing, landscape walks, tennis or never leave the lounge chair of the pool where you will be introduced to great cocktails. Winter doesn't stop the course of life and you can master skiing, have a fun tubing session or warm up with aromatic mulled wine by the fireplace.

Troutbeck will become your comfort zone that you will keep coming back to.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
A luxury ranch vacation in New Mexico. Source:

Vermejo - Raton, New Mexico

Visiting the largest ranch in the United States, which includes two states and 550,000 acres of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Hills, offers a unique opportunity for limitless experiences and activities that will captivate you with their exclusivity.

One of the highlights for you may be the fully restored Casa Grande mansion. Its historical power is visible in every perfect curl of the interior, and its grandeur is filled with many famous names. The interiors of crystal, marble and porcelain will transport you to another era with modern comfort. The mansion has seven bedrooms, which convey the atmosphere of a bygone era and impress with their elegance at first sight.

Room service is as courteous and attentive as when Douglas Fairbanks stayed here. The atmosphere wouldn't be as complete without it.

Get your legs ready for long hikes and bike tours, as it's impossible to resist the curiosity to look farther over the hill here. The fly fishing season further lures gambling water adventurers and adds a taste of victory to your dinner table.

Vermejo - Raton is a huge selection of the best stops in the world, with each vacation spot packed with its own idealistic pictures and comfort levels from best to premium.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Instagram Vacation in California. Source:

Palisander Miramar Beach - Montecito, California

An endless beach, framed by mountains, an ocean horizon and a tribute to California's most popular sport. And perhaps the deciding factor in the inclusion of this one of the best hotels in the world was the large number of guest reviews that claimed it had the best service they had encountered. Perhaps you'll see this for yourself when you settle into one of the signature suites, where your terrace juts directly into the beach and ocean. The atmosphere of the interiors is very homely and filled with various decor in the form of photos or cabinets with vases and books. Coziness is felt everywhere, no matter what location of the hotel you are at.

At the resort you will have a great choice of where to dine, eat or enjoy a drink. Perhaps it would take a couple of days to explore the gastronomic scene. Ama Sushi will present its vibrant menu of the most popular Japanese culinary scene, Cabana Bar will treat you right by the pool with great cocktails and appetizers.

Spa and Wellness World will complement your vacation in the world's great resort with the fragrance of natural oils, salts and creams and the relaxing healing properties of professional treatments.

Rosewood Miramar is the epitome of a luxury vacation with a very pleasant and relaxed family atmosphere.


A country that can take your vacation up a few more notches by transporting you to blue turquoise bodies of water surrounded by tall green vegetation. When the area is covered in snow, Canada's resorts turn into the best ski resorts and a professional snowboarder's dream. Climb the mountains of Canada with us to make your vacation as impressive as possible.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Canada's crystal clear air and scenic nature. Source:

Nita Lake Lodge - Whistler

At the height of the Canadian mountains in a colorful resort town has grown a resort that prioritizes comfort. No matter how harsh the weather may seem, your basalt stone fireplace in your room will keep your vacation cozy and warm, transforming the picture outside your window into a winter fairy tale.

The double baths and heated floors will also help you warm up after a fun day of skiing, which will motivate you to return to the hotel no matter how much fun you have had. Being close to the ski elevator, the resort offers endless possibilities for a successful winter vacation. At the foot of the mountain you will find your own lockers for skis and equipment.

Summer brings its joys in the Canadian mountains, and Nita Lake Lodge Resort offers the opportunity for adventure on bicycles, surfboards, canoes and kayaks.

Indulge in alpine cuisine at the Lakeside Restaurant or head to the Cure Lounge & Patio to discover the Canadian gastronomic scene, where the fizzy din with spruce cone syrup will be a favorite.

Nita Lake Lodge - hits the top of the world's best resorts because of the integrity and boundlessness of your vacation.


In a world without borders, Mexico can rival even the Maldives and although its resorts are surrounded by a slightly restless ocean, the colorfulness and deep culture you want to experience smooths the edges. The world's most famous hotel chains have already commandeered tidbits of the Mexican coastline to bring out the beauty and atmosphere of Mexico at its best.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
The best place to vacation in Mexico. Source:

Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort.

If you appreciate luxury, beauty and the ability to do your job, try this oasis on the coast. Of course, the beauty around it was endowed by nature itself, but everything else was done by a very famous and popular hotel chain Four Seasons. Resorts of this company are distinguished by a high bar in comfort and service. About the elegant beauty of the designs are rumored and long reviews are formed. The Mexican outpost is depicted in shades of sea and sand, making it an extension of the ocean. The highlight of the location is the 18-hole golf course by Jack Nicklaus. Be the lucky one to hit a hole in one in the middle of the island 200 yards from the mainland.

Four Seasons Punta Mita Resort in Mexico will wrap your vacation in the best wrapper and fill you with experiences.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Experience the culture of Mexico in comfort and luxury. Source:

One&Only Mandarina - Riviera Nayarit

When a resort, with all its comfortable modern amenities, preserves the flavor of the region in which the outpost is located, it preserves the soul.

One&Only Mandarina is a tribute to the culture of Mexico that becomes part of the preservation of an entire people. Set in a tree house or villa you will be surrounded by colors and textiles, decor and ceramics unique to this colorful people.

Top chefs on several gastronomic stages will introduce you to Mexican cuisine or offer a more familiar spread. Mediterranean cuisine is also represented at the resort and it will only be your choice how deeply to experience the culture of Mexico.

Take advantage of the spa offerings if your desire to dive deep.

One&Only Mandarina is a deep and soulful place to stay that should definitely be in the Top Best Resorts in the World.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
A delicious and fulfilling vacation in Mexico. Source:

St. Regis Punta Mita Resort.

In its 10 years of history and development, this global luxury resort in Mexico has only moved forward to the heights of glory. Situated on the Pacific coast, the hotel maintains Mexican accents in the interior with handmade tiles and has a plethora of water activities in its services.

The gastronomic scene is represented by several exquisite locations with a range of menus that can satisfy both fish and meat eaters and vegetarians who want variety and naturalness.

Good service helps to get rid of unnecessary questions that can prevent you from relaxing on vacation, so that your trip to Mexico will be filled with relaxation and emotions.

The St. Regis Punta Mita is a great choice for someone wanting to vacation at only the best resorts in the world.


If you have already discovered the continent of Africa for your vacation our list will only add goals. However, if it's your first time, it's worth starting with places that will be a pleasant discovery rather than problems that you'll have to deal with for a long time to come. Our resorts in Africa are safe, idealistic, comfortable and full of the most beautiful African atmosphere that so few people write about.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
An oasis amidst the African savannah in Kenya. Source:

Elewana Elephant Pepper Camp Elewana Masai Mara - Kenya

If you want to tickle and excite your senses by overcoming a new level of fear Elephant Pepper Camps is for you. You will find no fences or wire restrictions. Your comfortable tents are pitched right in the middle of the savannah, where the hosts are not you. And while the glamor of the amenities is undeniable, you can only relax by overcoming yourself. But what a sweet victory awaits you.

The experience is strong enough to keep you coming back for more adrenaline.

To reassure you a bit, we inform you that security is guaranteed.

Elewana Masai Mara Elephant Pepper Camp will help you discover new qualities and pump up your strengths.

Ulusaba Private Game Reserve - Sabi Sande

The resort located at the top of the mountain possesses healing scenery of the Dragon Mountains. Located on the reserve, the hotel has rooms that are hard to look away from. Rock Lodge and Cliff Lodge can open up the idealistic landscapes of Africa, complete with private in-room pools.

Want more exotic Africa go to the tree houses, which add to the excitement and provide unforgettable moments of relaxation.

Several times a day safaris are held on the reserve where the game takes on realism and excitement.

After a long photo safari, when your camera memory will be filled with posing elephants, zebras and even jaguars, you can relax in a bungalow where spa procedures take on a new meaning and replenish all the energy spent during the day.

Savor Pan-African cuisine prepared by award-winning chefs. All your food and drinks are included in your accommodation and you can expand your gastronomic range up to 6 times a day.

Ulusaba - Sabi Sand is the world's best resort for a successful safari.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Experience the wild world of Africa without leaving the bathroom. Source:

Olonana Sanctuary - Masai Mara, Kenya

This haven in East Africa will make your vacation an unforgettable and heavenly experience. The options in the comfortable grounds with tents and pools range from hippo watching on the restaurant terrace to hot air ballooning, which gives an unrivaled picture of migrating herds and scenic panoramas of Africa. Instagram tented rooms feature large four-poster beds, lovely en-suite bathrooms and private relaxation terraces with stunning views.

The camp's restaurant will delight you with Malindi plaice dishes and only natural produce picked right from the garden.

Visit a Maasai village to experience the color and culture of Africa, so far away but so desirable.

Olonana Sanctuary will become a world resort where you will be the deity.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Your sanctuary amidst the wild savannah in Zambia. Source:

Lolebezi - Zambia

Those who enjoy a safari filled with a love of wildlife will appreciate the care taken for themselves as well. A luxurious lodge amidst the wild savannah has all the charms of a luxury vacation in Africa.

Embark on the most spectacular canoe trip, where crocodiles and hippos will be your mesmerizing walking companions. With multiple tours worked out by the hotel staff, you'll dive headfirst into Africa's wildlife and natural world and have an ocean of the most memorable experiences.

Tree houses and suites confirm the hotel's boutique status and feature thatched ceilings. For those who like to laze around, the camp has a spa hotel that offers care for your body and mind.

Lolebesi Resort hosts spectacular events where the culture of the region is highlighted and rituals and traditions come to life.

South Asia

The countries of South Asia are set amidst nature's creative fantasies, which are painted on canvas with bold strokes and dramatic subjects. You'll be treated to dizzying panoramas and Instagrammable locations amidst rugged landscapes.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Malaysia's most inspired vacation. Source:

The Ritz-Carlton, Langkawi - Malaysia

Finding yourself amongst a jungle that's over 10 million years old is simply exhilarating. And the fact that you'll find yourself amidst unprincipled modern luxury and comfort is a little reassuring. Adventure awaits you, but in the most inspiring and safe way possible. Amidst the waves of the Andaman Sea, there are cushioned loungers and 90 suites and 29 villas on the mainland, where beach views are axiomatic.

The highlight of a luxury vacation will be the variety of handicraft activities that preserve local culture and introduce traditions.

They say Asia has the best spa treatments and the Ritz-Carlton Langkawi is proof of that. Experience a world of love for body, mind and spirit.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
A luxury lounge village for lounge vacations in Thailand. Source:

Banyan or Phuket - Thailand

A luxurious Thai village where perfect comfortable villas are surrounded by emerald greenery adding accents of black gold and red. The comfort level reaches private landscaped pools and 24-hour chef and butler service.

Colorful locales in the form of small stores and luxury restaurants are scattered throughout the luxe village, the main pool resembles a lake, and golf courses extend beyond the horizon.

Biking excursions, visits to old towns and hiking up to viewpoints over the lagoon are do's and don'ts not to be missed at the world's best Banyan and Phuket resort .

Island vacations

Hawaiian, Caribbean, Greek, whatever you decide - it will be a paradise tropical vacation with views of volcanoes, dramatic cliffs, vast waters and jungle, and an ocean of luxe services that will immerse you in pleasure and will not leave your skin and memories for a long time to come.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Best place to recognize Hawaii. Source:

Hanalei Bay Hotel - Kauai, Hawaii

Situated right on a swimmable beach, this premier island resort gives vacations the flavor of a dream come true. Its luxurious bungalows and guest rooms, as well as unrivaled villas, are done in Hawaiian style of thatched skirts and fresh flowers. The lava stone bathrooms are designed to emphasize the eco-friendly and natural feel and amenities available only in Hawaii.

You won't want to wear anything other than a swimsuit and fishing net, as your feet will most often be dipped in the warm, soft sand of the Instagram-worthy coastline.

The highlight of the resort is the spa treatments, which are infused with natural vitality. Medicinal plants from the jungle and healing remedies from the ocean are designed to create harmony in your body. Don't even try to look at the time or calendar at this popular resort of the world such concepts dissolve in the ocean.

Hanalei Bay will be your paradise on Earth.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
A sanctuary on St. Bar where you will want to stay forever. Source:

Eden Rock, St. Bar

Climbing onto an island the size of a postage stamp is a memorable adventure in itself. But when your foot steps on the golden sand of the endless beach, you can't say anything but WAR for a few minutes. The red roofs of relax zones and rooms are like beacons in the middle of perfectly blue water and seem to be created to bring you back to reality and to protect you from the state of stupor at the sight of perfect beauty. Although entering the room your eyes open wide again to absorb the whole picture down to the last beautiful detail in the decor.

Here it is possible to relax without leaving your room and without leaving your private pool, but perhaps first find out what you can miss.

For example, a dinner with a famous chef or the most beautiful underwater excursion. Idealism has taken up residence on the island of St. Bar and is ready to be yours. If you manage to splurge on this world famous resort you are lucky to get the best of the world's resorts.

Eden Rock is now the name of your dream.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
Instagram vacation in Bali. Source:

Alila Villas Uluwatu - Bali

The Instagram-ability of Bali is highlighted by soaring cliff tops, tumbling green carpets and a heavenly sea with clouds both above and below. View such beauty from the comfort of Alila Villas Uluwatu, a place where personalized service is commensurate with your desires.

You can plunge into the wild expanse of water by climbing 600 steps, but there are plenty of lagoons with changing booths on site to make up for the activity.

The villas are equipped with all sorts of devices and 24-hour service, and the services of a personal butler will be very useful in making plans for your vacation.

Alila Villas Uluwatu creates an interesting Bali vacation for you, no matter how long you take it.

The best resorts in the world for your luxury stopover on any continent. Traveler's recommendations only
The best place to reboot on Maui. Source:

The Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua - Maui

In seclusion and harmony is what it means to arrive on Maui and head to the world's best resort, Kapalua. That's a Ritz Carlton style that's hard to argue with, as they know a thing or two about exclusive vacations. Luxurious rooms, family suites and detached villas pay tribute to the mighty ocean, dramatic gorges and lush nature all around, elegantly blending modern luxury into the well-established surroundings. The obligatory scenic painting outside the window completes the interior.

The grounds are equipped with blue lagoons tumbling down to the ocean with luxurious changing cabanas. Numerous delicious locations and places for special relaxation such as the spa and lounge will form just part of your vacation. Golf courses will be the goal of club lovers and victory lovers.


Cheval Blanc Randeli - Maldives

It would be strange not to find one of the gems of the Maldives on this list. The idealistic nature of the local world makes you think to life while you sleep. A relative newcomer, the Cheval Blanc Randeli resort has raised the standard of vacationing quite high, even for that paradise on Earth, and proved that ideals can be improved and developed.

Your accommodation will be 45 two-bedroom villas where luxury, modern amenities and unquestionable comfort reign supreme. But, what really makes the resort very warm is the small details in the décor and exteriors, and the very attentive service that won't cross your wish list. It may feel like you're being ruled by sleep, but that's the way it should be on vacation.

Cheval Blanc Randeli in the Maldives is the enchanting best resort in the world for endless fantastic sleep.

Ritz-Carlton, Kapalua is the best place in the world to relax and reboot.

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