Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens

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Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
Best hotels in Cornwall. Source:

We have found the best places to stay in Cornwall for you to experience an idealistic UK vacation. Discover coastal gems, stately manor houses, boutique locations and secluded luxury hideaways for romantic and solo weekend getaways.

Colourful fishing villages and partying port towns have become havens for the top 10 best hotels in Cornwall, ready to make your vacation just as you envision it. Find a place in our perfect list of the best Cornwall hotels for one or more nights.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
Swimming club at the Watergate Bay Hotel in Cornwall. Source:

1. Watergate Bay Hotel

Location: Watergate Bay, Newquay

The bay's two miles of coastline is home to one of Cornwall's finest hotels, offering a variety of activities, comfortable accommodation and a delicious gastronomic scene to the point of idealism.

The beach loft has the most picturesque picture. Here your private terrace connects to the ocean, making the landscape from the floor-to-ceiling windows and doors endlessly blue and changing its hues and moods several times a day.

There is a children's area and babysitting services, so the location is perfect for families.

Two dining areas allow you to more than satisfy your appetite and craving for aesthetics. Dip your feet in the sand at the beachfront bar and sip colourful delicious cocktails with light snacks. Summer evenings turn into a fun sunset party and provide great memories of beach dancing.

The swim club facilities don't end at the 25-metre pool. You can surf right on the beach in the specialized ski chalet to brave the line between the beach and the rough seas.

Be part of the adventure that Cornwall's luxury hotel offers

Watergate Bay.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
Bright rooms at the Idle Rocks Hotel in Cornwall. Source:

2. Idle Rocks Hotel

Location: St. Mawes

A whitewashed manor house right by the water will be a luxury retreat in Cornwall for those who appreciate the view from their window and designer luxury all around.

The restaurant terrace under white sails seems about to give up its moorings to take you on an exciting and inspiring voyage. The gastronomic scene taken over by Chef Dorian Janmaat not too long ago, giving you the opportunity to savour a great-tasting menu and sail away into a world of culinary delight. Save room for the stunning cocktails from the bartenders: they know exactly what they're doing.

The rooms and suites are quite spacious and bright. Their blue accents are designed to blend in with the sea and sky painting in your window. Deep white-washed baths, glass showers, and picture window mosaics create another place of power where you'll want to spend more time.

The Idle Rocks Hotel features family-friendly rooms, available room service and a very attentive and pleasant staff who will be able to help with any questions you may have.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
The relaxed and welcoming atmosphere of St. Enodoc's in Cornwall. Source:

3. St. Enodoc

Location: Weybridge

Elegance, simplicity in atmosphere and friendly smiles will greet you in North Cornwall. Amidst the green rolling hills and beyond the horizon stands the fragrant flower of your successful weekend. Beautiful beaches are only minutes away, and interesting activities sometimes last for dozens of miles along winding paths. The foot ferry to Padstow and walks on the water will also make your weekend varied and entertaining.

Don't leave the property until you've checked out the restaurant, where the variety on the menu will make your lunch a discovery or a familiar tasty delight: it's up to you.

The pool in a separate green space will make you feel like you're in the middle of a park, and the spa will take you into a world of enjoyment, relaxation and revitalization.

Check out the packages on offer from Cornwall's excellent St Enodoc Hotel to choose what's right for you. Your offer may include dinners and tasting menus, a variety of activities or great discounts.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
Retreat and relax with the best spa treatments in Carbis Bay. Source:

4. Carbis Bay Hotel

Location: St. Ives

To embrace Cornwall's most beautiful locations, head to St. Ives, where the popular Carbis Bay Hotel sits on 125 acres of idealistic grounds with a private beach. The hotel is an entire estate with two more Gannet Inn and Gannet House and beach houses with the best panoramic views of the bay.

Of the water activities on the estate, a warm water pool, Jacuzzi and hydrotherapy oasis await you. The spa will add reasons not to leave the picturesque grounds for long and return after any exciting trip outside the refuge. Take advantage of the boat ride offerings to make the picture of the bay even more idealistic.

The estate's numerous restaurants and delicious locations will give variety and choice to the panoramic picture.

The complex is located within 25 minutes walking distance to the town of St. Ives itself, so you will have the opportunity to enjoy a colourful and inspiring stroll among the beautiful and filled streets.

The accessibility of the South West Coast Path will provide opportunities for bike tours and access to viewpoints from different angles.

The Carbis Bay Hotel will give you the opportunity to fill your vacation with exciting activities to suit your own tastes.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
Softness and elegance in every item filling the rooms at Fowey Hall. Source:

5. Fowey Hall Hotel

Location: Fowey

A very nice hotel in Cornwall where families with children feel on vacation. A nice touch will be the 90 minutes of babysitting included in the price of your daily hotel stay.

The panoramic outdoor pool is convenient for all ages, and the comfortable variety of accommodation types will help you find an acceptable range.

The domesticated coziness of rooms and suites with terraces will allow you to spread out boldly and feel at ease. Wide beds, soft furnishings and only necessary in-room locations will make sure you don't have to worry about children's safety.

Thematic packages from the hotel help to tailor your vacation to suit you and make it as rich as possible. The package "spa" will please both a couple in love and a young mom, and packages that take into account the stay of dogs will make your pets happy.

Developed children's menu in the restaurant makes this world much brighter and healthier. Feed even the most unbelievable fastidious, surprising them with the colourfulness in which the most useful products are hidden.

The best hotel for family vacations in Cornwall Fowey Hall offers a variety of adventures for children aged 3 to 8 years in the territory of the children's club. Various workshops, cooking shows, marshmallow days and scavenger hunts will be an exciting journey for children's curious imaginations. Numerous nature walks and treats will make up the perfect vacation for the little ones.

And while the kids are busy the adult locations will help to put together an interesting leisure time with a partner or finally on their own.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
A creative approach to your perfect holiday in Cornwall. Source:

6. Hotel Artist's Residence

Location: Penzance

The Artist Residence brand has introduced its hideaway and has a rather striking recognizable style in Cornwall. The interior of the hotels is made in the style of a rustic cottage, with cosy and wonderful details, which usually prompts one question: how did I not think of it before?

Bedside tables can be constructed from Kenyan coffee crates and pillows from flour sacks. Don't be surprised: creativity reigns here but with taste. Meet the works of British artists as their work will adorn your walls.

Deep tubs standing on footstools are conveniently arranged near the windows so that your therapy is filled with the picture behind the glass.

A variety of cosy locations scattered throughout the hotel will allow you to relax as well as work. The bar and restaurant is quite cosy for both dinner and a cup of aromatic coffee in the morning. Tip: enjoy shrimp on wooden planks to make your experience full of flavour.

Take advantage of convenient deals from the best quirky hotel in Cornwall, the Artist Residence, to make your stay enjoyable for the price and maximize your energized activities.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
The best location for large group meetings in Cornwall. Source:

7. Chapel Hotel

Location: Penzance

Such an escape in Cornwall will stand before your eyes and be heard in your ears for a very long time. The sound of the surf will not leave you day or night, and the cries of the seagulls will become a romantic song that lays on your soul. Your refuge will be an impressive Georgian house located next to the harbour.

Its more than laconic furnishings in light colours allow you to give the world a special flavour that feels good on the lips.

The bedrooms are portrayed in a rather warm elegant style, which is played up by the fireplace and candles. Modern furniture is sometimes found with authentic tables or boxes, but they only add to the attractive picture.

The food is local but served very beautifully, which whets the appetite to maximum speed and allows you to savour every bite sent to your mouth. The Weekend Club offers fabulous dinners based on local produce and the talent of the chef.

There is a sauna on site, allowing you to customize a menu of wellness treatments for each day of your stay. Guests can also make use of the hot tub.

With a company of up to 21 people, your stay can become completely individual and organized to your wishes.

You will discover why Penzance was named the Great City of Great Britain outside the hotel. A wide range of activities and experiences await you in the city.

The excellent Cornwall Chapel Hotel will help you to organize an itinerary for your informative walks.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
A romantic beach escape in Cornwall. Source:

8. The Pig at Harlin Bay Hotel

Location: Padstow

One of Cornwall's oldest houses is now home to a luxury hotel with panoramic views of the beach from its many windows.

The stone building with its glass roof observation deck stands surrounded by greenery and cosy courtyards with tables under umbrellas and relaxing locations. Rooms with understated rich interiors are very cosy and historically accentuated by the style of furniture, coarse expensive fabrics and original nightlights by the beds. You will be able to choose your landscape from the window, it can be coloured by the sea or fragrant gardens.

Within the hotel grounds you can also find separate romantic hideaways where you will not be disturbed.

The restaurant menu is layered with locally sourced produce, much of which is grown on the estate itself so that the flavour of each dish becomes authentic.

Spa treatments take place away from prying eyes, where you can completely relax and enjoy a restorative experience. The wooden spa cabins are filled with the aromas of herbs and oils, equipped with all the necessary comfort accessories and allow you to plunge into a world of feelings, sensations and self-care.

The hotel organizes excursions both among nature and to the two nearest lively cities, so that your holiday picture is filled with interesting activities and experiences to taste.

A good hotel in Cornwall The Pig at Harlyn Bay takes care of the comfort of its guests and a good rest.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
A heated oasis at the Scarlet Hotel, Cornwall. Source:

9. Hotel Scarlet

Location: Mogan Port

An eco retreat that welcomes only adults on its premises. It allows you to discover and enjoy the relaxation treatments that await you by the most picturesque sandy beach.

Through the glass walls of the rooms, you can see an exhilarating picture of the harmonious existence of land and water. Discover a canvas of beach and waves of rocks, a blooming garden or the inspiring sea. The rooms are quite stylish and modern. Some are equipped with private terraces and balconies, and some stand simply on the golden sand of the beach.

Privacy is paramount at the hotel, so you will be plunged into a world of security and absolute dimensionality, when you want to listen to the music of nature and just sit in silence talking only to the sea.

Both indoor and outdoor cane pools are located on the grounds. The whirlpool bath will add oxygen to every cell of your skin. The wooden sauna on the top of the cliff will give you a whole range of skin and body cleansing treatments that will soothe your skin and soul.

The spa will make your every day relaxing and revitalizing. The natural resources used for all the treatments are absolutely harmonious to the body.

Getting to the restaurant after all the revitalizing treatments you will be hungry, but you will be able to help yourself. A sumptuous menu and skillfully selected wine list will be a perfect ending of the evening against the background of the sunset taking the sea beyond the horizon.

If you've been looking for the most romantic place to stay in Cornwall, it's here at the Scarlet Hotel.

Top 10 hotels in Cornwall on the coast, in the valleys, and amongst lush gardens
Popularity and comfort in Padstow, Cornwall. Source:

10. Padstow Townhouse

Location: Padstow

Capturing the very heart of the town, this popular Cornwall stopover has just 6 comfortable suites. The exquisite designs of the rooms make for a special and deeply meaningful vacation. Expensive upholstery fabrics, bespoke art and decorations make you feel the magnitude and significance of the moment. Modern devices harmonize with the interiors and allow you to diversify your leisure time in the room.

Upon arrival and every morning, you will receive a beautiful basket with treats and pleasant surprises. Take advantage of the privileges of a guest of a luxury hotel in Cornwall to visit the best Michelin-starred restaurant. Don't miss the hotel's "pantry" where you can fill up on delicious snacks, pastries, harmonious cocktails and elevated spirits. The hotel is also equipped with a kitchen that you will definitely want to visit: daily fruit, champagne machine and pleasant treats will make you feel the freedom of choice and your desires.

The hotel staff are very friendly and attentive. They will help you to create unforgettable moments that your imagination has drawn and organize any kind of legal leisure. You only need to voice your wishes and you will get an organized solution of the issue. Podstow Townhouse was created for the realization of fantasy and special vacations.

When going on a family trip, head straight to Padstow for an unforgettable experience for everyone, including four-legged friends.

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