Budget family vacations: how to spend a vacation with benefits and savings

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Family Vacation in Grand Canyon USA
Family Vacation in Grand Canyon USA. Source: Image by Filio from the Pixabay website

Family vacations are a time to enjoy close companionship, take a break from everyday life and create unforgettable memories. However, when budget constraints limit, it can seem difficult to find and choose the right vacation destination. Even so, there are plenty of great places that allow you to have a wonderful time as a family without overloading your wallet.

We've rounded up 13 of the best places for family travel on a tight budget. From thrilling adventures in national parks to exotic beaches, there is something for everyone to satiate the soul and create wonderful memories. Onward to new adventures!

Grand Canyon National Park, USA: beautiful scenery and plenty of trails for hiking

One of the best places for a family vacation on a tight budget is the Grand Canyon National Park in the USA. It is a stunning place that impresses with majestic scenery and unique beauty.

The main action takes place directly on the Canyon. The best way to enjoy all its beauty is to go on hiking trails. You can choose the length and difficulty of the trip depending on the capabilities of your family. The park also organizes various excursions and programs, to explore the history of the reserve, its flora and fauna.

If you want to spend a longer time in the park, it is recommended to stay at one of the campsites or campgrounds.

  1. Mather Campground. Located in the beautiful surroundings of the Grand Canyon and offers guest facilities including family tents, motorhome campgrounds and tents.
  2. Kaibab Lodge. The perfect place for those who want to enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon but prefer more comfort. Cozy cabins with private bathrooms can be booked here.
  3. Bright Angel Lodge. This is a cultural and historic campground located near the Grand Canyon canton. The camp offers a wide variety of accommodations including hotel rooms, cottages and cabins.

Here you can enjoy scenic views, hiking and picnics with your family. With affordable campground rates and the ability to cook your own meals, you can save a lot on lodging and meals.

In addition to the Canyon itself, there are also other interesting sights to visit around the park. For example, take a trip to Monument Valley or watch the enchanting sunset at Tortolito Flats.

Grand Canyon National Park offers many opportunities for unforgettable family vacations on a tight budget. Spend time in the arms of nature, enjoy the beauty of the Canyon and create memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Machu Picchu, Peru - the impressive ruins of an ancient civilization

When it comes to inexpensive family vacations, Machu Picchu in Peru is one of the most exciting and affordable places to visit. The famous ancient Inca ruins are breathtakingly beautiful and mysterious, making a visit to Machu Picchu an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

One way to save money on a trip to Machu Picchu is to choose a local travel agency that offers budget package tours. These include transportation to the site, accommodation, tours and guides. This is a convenient solution that will save you time and money on your own planning.

You can also opt for more affordable accommodation options - a variety of hotels, hostels and campgrounds that offer comfortable accommodation at affordable prices.

  1. Nativus Hostel Machu Picchu/ Located just a 5-minute walk from the Aguas Calientes train station,Nativus Hostel Machu Picchu/ offers cozy and clean rooms and dormitories. The hostel also offers common spaces including a kitchen, bar and a shared lounge where guests can meet other travelers.
  2. Pirwa Hostel Machu Picchu. Located just a short walk from the bus station for transportation to Machu Picchu.
  3. Supertramp Hostel Machu Picchu. Located in the center of Aguas Calientes, just a short walk from the train station.

In this case, the family can choose the right option depending on their preferences and capabilities.

It should also be mentioned that traveling to Machu Picchu itself can be inexpensive. To save money, one can choose economical transportation options such as buses or trains, or use local public buses to get around.

A family trip to Machu Picchu on a tight budget offers an opportunity to immerse yourself in the history and beauty of an ancient civilization without overburdening the family wallet. Enjoy this fantastic trip and create unforgettable memories with your loved ones.

Iguazu Falls, Argentina and Brazil - a stunning natural monument

Best family vacations near Iguazu Falls
Best family vacations near Iguazu Falls. Source: Image by willian_hludke from the Pixabay website

If you are looking for an impressive and economical family vacation destination, Iguazu Falls in Argentina and Brazil is a great option. Spectacular views and unforgettable adventures await you here.

One way to save money on your trip is to choose more affordable accommodation options. There are various hotels, hostels and guesthouses in Foz do Iguaçu (Brazil) and Puerto Iguaçu (Argentina) that offer reasonable accommodation rates.

  1. Hostel Bambu. Located in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina, just a few kilometers from the Iguazu Falls. It offers comfortable and affordable rooms, shared kitchen and excursions to the falls.
  2. Paudimar Hostel. The hostel offers accommodation in clean and comfortable rooms and has a pool, bar and restaurant. An ideal place to stay to visit both the Argentine and Brazilian portions of Iguazu Falls.
  3. Tetris Container Hostel. Offers unusual rooms made from standard shipping containers and a shared terrace with beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The hostel also organizes excursions and transfers to Iguazu Falls.

Choose the option that suits your preferences and your family's budget.

A trip to Iguazu Falls does not necessarily require a large expenditure on transportation. Regular buses and shuttles connect cities to the falls, offering a more affordable transportation option. We also recommend using local travel services that offer a variety of tour packages and transfers at an affordable price.

The main attraction, Iguazu Falls itself, is one of the world's most impressive natural wonders. You can explore the park, visit various viewing platforms, take a boat ride near the falls. It is an unforgettable experience that will delight both adults and children.

Family inexpensive vacation at Iguazu Falls gives you the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty and adventure without overstretching your wallet.

Bali, Indonesia - beautiful beaches and affordable prices for accommodation

This is a great destination for families on a budget. The island offers a variety of attractions and activities that are suitable for all members of the family.

One of the main advantages of Bali is the low prices for accommodation and food. Plenty of hotels and inns offer affordable accommodation that is customized for families with children. You can also opt for rentals, which will be a more economical option, especially for larger families.

In addition, there are many free and inexpensive activities on the island. For example, you can visit the local beaches, which are free of charge. Or discover natural attractions such as waterfalls or volcanoes that offer stunning views without costing a lot of money.

One of the most famous tourist areas in Bali is Kuta. It is home to many affordable hotels, restaurants and stores. Kuta is also known for its beach with plenty of water activities and surfing opportunities.

Capsule Hostel Bali. A family hostel in Kuta offering capsule beds and family rooms. There's affordable rates, clean and comfortable accommodations, and a communal kitchen where you can prepare meals for the whole family.

Not far from Kuta is Seminyak, a quieter neighborhood with low accommodation prices. Here you will find beautiful beaches, great restaurants and stores.

M Boutique Hostel. A modern and stylish hostel located in Seminyak, Bali. It offers family-friendly rooms with private bathrooms and amenities such as a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi and a shared lounge area.

For culture and history lovers, Ubud, the center of arts and crafts in Bali, is worth a visit. You can visit local museums, temples and traditional markets. Ubud is also home to rice terraces and waterfalls that are well worth a visit.

Paradise Hostel Bali. A family and friendly hostel in Ubud. It offers spacious and cozy rooms with fans or air conditioning, as well as a shared kitchen and a terrace with beautiful views of the surrounding nature. The hostel is in a secluded location, which creates a peaceful atmosphere for family vacations.

If your family loves natural beauty, Gianyar, an area with beautiful rice fields and the famous Tegalalang Rice Terrace, is worth a visit.

All in all, Bali offers many diverse and affordable activities for a family vacation on a tight budget. You can enjoy the beaches, natural attractions, culture and history without overpaying. The choice of hotel and area to stay depends on your preferences, but Kuta, Seminyak, Ubud and Gianyar offer affordable options for family vacations.

Prague, Czech Republic - beautiful streets, castles and cathedrals

The capital of the Czech Republic offers great options for budget-friendly family vacations. The city is full of historical sights and cultural events of interest to all members of the family.

One of the main advantages of Prague is that most of its major attractions are within walking distance, saving on transportation costs. You can walk across the famous Charles Bridge, visit Prague Castle and its castle, explore Old Town Square with its astronomical clock and stroll through the streets of Lesser Side. Most of these attractions can be visited for free or for a small fee.

Prague also offers many budget or free museums and galleries. For example, you can visit the National Museum, which offers fascinating exhibitions about Czech history and culture. It's also worth checking out the Museum of Education and the European Art Gallery, which also offer interesting exhibitions.

Another great place for family vacations is Letna Park. Here you'll find beautiful views of the city, a playground and picnic space. You can also take a walk around Kampa Island, which is located in the center of the city and offers great opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Regarding accommodation, Prague has a variety of hotel and apartment options that can be suitable for family vacations on a tight budget.

  1. Plus Prague Hostel. Family rooms with private bathrooms and amenities such as a swimming pool, sauna, billiards and a shared lounge area. The hostel also has a great location for quick access to major tourist attractions.
  2. Hostel Elf. Apartments with separate bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. The hostel is located in a historic building in a quiet neighborhood of Prague. It provides a quiet and cozy atmosphere for families, as well as a shared lounge and laundry room.
  3. Sophie's Hostel. It offers family rooms with private bathrooms, as well as a shared kitchen, living room and terrace. The hostel also has a restaurant where you can try traditional Czech cuisine. The location of the hostel allows for quick access to all major attractions.

You can choose a more economical option on the outskirts of the city or use the accommodation rental services.

Prague offers a rich and interesting experience for family vacations with a limited budget. You can enjoy the beauty of the city, visit historical sites and enjoy the local cuisine without overpaying.

Venice, Italy is a unique city on the water with beautiful architecture

Inexpensive family vacations in Europe
Inexpensive family vacations in Europe. Source: Image by Lubos Houska from the Pixabay website

This city is a great place for family vacations on a budget, despite its fame and reputation.

One way to save money on accommodation in Venice is to choose a hotel or apartment on more remote islands such as Lido or Mestre. These are close to Venice and offer affordable rates.

  1. Generator Venice. Located in the Judecca neighborhood near St. Mark's Cathedral, this family hostel offers a variety of accommodations for families, including rooms with private bathrooms. There's also a shared kitchen, a games room and a bar.
  2. Anda Venice. The hostel offers comfortable family rooms with private bathrooms. The hostel has a garden and a terrace where you can relax after a day out on the town.
  3. Ai Boteri. The hostel offers spacious family rooms with a fresh and stylish design. There are stores, restaurants and other tourist attractions in the immediate vicinity of the hostel.

Venice is an outdoor museum city, so much of what there is to see is free. You can stroll along the narrow and picturesque canals, visit the famous Piazza San Marco, enjoy the views from the Rialto, and simply wander the streets of the city.

Most museums and historic buildings offer free or discounted rates for children or families. Some of these include the Museum of the History of Venice, Doge's Palace and the Galleria dell'Accademia.

Another great and budget-friendly activity in Venice is to buy a pass for the entire Venice ferry network (Vaporetto). It allows you to move around the city and the islands at a reasonable price, and also gives you the opportunity to enjoy a view of the Canal Grande.

If you want a taste of authentic Italian cuisine, it's worth checking out the small restaurants and cafes located in less touristy areas. They offer more affordable prices and traditional dishes.

Venice doesn't have to be expensive. By choosing more affordable accommodations, enjoying free attractions and activities, and avoiding peak tourist season, you can enjoy a great vacation in Venice on a tight budget.

Macerat, Mexico is a historic town with beautiful churches and castles

This beautiful city, located in the state of Guerrero, offers a variety of opportunities to relax and explore without busting your budget.

One of the main advantages of Macerata is the affordability of accommodation. There are many affordable hotels and hostels in the city that offer comfortable accommodation for families. You can also consider renting an apartment or house, which can be a more economical option, especially for larger families.

Macerat is famous for its historical sites, including the famous ancient ruins, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can visit the Machu Picchu Archaeological Park, where you can view the magnificent pyramids and structures of the Mayan civilization. The entrance fee to the park is also available at an affordable price.

If you have a love for nature, you can also head to the Grillasto Shirugau National Park, which is located near Macerata. Here you can explore the jungle, hike the trails and enjoy the beautiful waterfalls.

The local cuisine of Macerata offers a variety of authentic Mexican dishes that are also relatively affordable. You can try popular dishes like molas and tamales at local restaurants and save on food costs for the whole family.

Macerat also offers various cultural and entertainment activities such as music and dance performances, fairs and festivals. You can enjoy live music and traditional Mexican festivals without spending a lot of money.

Mexico is one of the inexpensive destinations for family vacations, especially if you are smart about planning your trip.

Istanbul, Turkey - the city's culturally rich history and unique attractions

With its unique location at the intersection of Europe and Asia, Istanbul offers great opportunities for budget-friendly family vacations.

One of the most attractive aspects of Istanbul is its rich cultural heritage and historical landmarks such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia Cathedral and Topkapi Palace. Most of these are included in the tourist card, which is available for a very reasonable price, allowing you to save money on visiting various museums and monuments.

A family vacation on a tight budget can also be spent enjoying free attractions such as the Grand Bazaar and Kapalıçarşı, where you can wander the narrow streets and sample local delicacies. There is also the opportunity to stroll through the famous Taksim Square and wander down Istiklal Street, where you can experience the atmosphere of modern Turkey.

Istanbul also offers various parks where families can spend time outdoors for free. Gulhane Park, for example, is located in the heart of the city and offers the perfect place for a picnic or a peaceful stroll through the beautiful nature.

Istanbul also has plenty of affordable entertainment options, such as hiking in the mountains or excursions along the Bosphorus River, which can be combined with visits to historical sites. There are also plenty of local restaurants and cafes where you can sample delicious and inexpensive Turkish food.

Turkey, is a great choice for an inexpensive family vacation. And Istanbul is a great starting point for further travel in Turkey, thanks to its well-developed transportation system and budget accommodation options. This allows families on a tight budget to enjoy all that Turkey has to offer without overloading their wallet.

Bangkok, Thailand – cheap accommodation, delicious food and lots of attractions

Family idyll in Thailand
Family idyll in Thailand. Source: Image by Sasin Tipchai from the Pixabay website

A great destination for inexpensive family vacations due to the variety of attractions, available activities and accommodation options. Thailand's capital city offers not only a rich culture, but also plenty of budget-friendly vacation options.

One of the top places to visit in Bangkok is the Royal Palace, which features magnificent temples and palaces. There is a fee to enter the palace grounds, but the cost is affordable for families on a tight budget. Also near the palace is the Chedi Longne Temple, famous for its huge Buddha statue.

Another attraction of the capital is Wat Arun, a temple covered with beautiful mosaics and located on the very bank of the Chao Phraya River. Here, you can climb the temple's high pyramid to enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

If you want to spend time in nature, you should visit Lampini Park, where you can see giant eels and feed the fish in the lake. The park also offers free fitness areas for exercising.

When it comes to accommodation, Bangkok offers many inexpensive hotel and hostel options for families. The Khaosan Quarter, popular with young people, can offer affordable accommodation options as well as lively night markets and street food. There are also numerous family-friendly hotels offering comfortable rooms at affordable prices.

  1. NapPark Hostel at Khao San. This hostel is located in the heart of Bangkok, close to the popular Khao San Street. It has family-friendly rooms with amenities, as well as common spaces including a kitchen and lounge area.
  2. Yim Huai Khwang Hostel. This hostel is located in a residential area of Bangkok, close to local markets and shopping centers. It offers family rooms with private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. The hostel also has a café and a shared kitchen for guests to use.
  3. HI-Sukhumvit Hostel. Located in Sukhumvit district, this hostel offers family rooms and tents for budget family vacations. It is close to the subway and shopping centers, and it has common spaces such as a kitchen and lounge area where families can spend time together.

Bangkok is also famous for its inexpensive and delicious street food, which can be found in many areas of the city. Whether it's night markets, street stalls or local eateries, families can enjoy the local cuisine without spending a lot of money.

Thailand, offers inexpensive family vacations with many attractions, affordable activities and budget accommodation options. With its culture, nature and great food, Bangkok will provide an unforgettable vacation experience for the whole family.

Liverpool, UK - home of the Beatles, a huge number of free museums

The UK offers a great option for family vacations on a tight budget, thanks to its diverse attractions and affordable accommodation options.

One of Liverpool's main attractions is the rich musical heritage associated with the legendary band The Beatles. You can visit The Beatles Story, a museum about the life and career of this legendary band. There is a fee to enter the museum, but it is inexpensive.

Another great attraction is Albert Docky, which serves as home to a plethora of entertainment with little or even no cost. Here you can visit museums, galleries and spend time outdoors enjoying the picturesque views of the River Mersey.

Family vacations in Liverpool are also closely linked to the beautiful beaches. Head to Crombrox Beach or Normandy Beach to spend time in the sun and enjoy the sand without spending a lot of money. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants with affordable prices waiting for you on the beaches.

When it comes to moderate accommodation, Liverpool has many budget hotels and hostels that offer comfortable facilities at affordable prices.

  1. YHA Liverpool. Located in the center of Liverpool, this hostel offers family-friendly rooms with amenities and access to shared spaces such as a kitchen and living room. It is close to the city's most popular attractions such as the Albert Dock and the Beatles Museum.
  2. Selina Liverpool. Offers family rooms with private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. The hostel has a shared kitchen and lounge area, and there are cafes and restaurants nearby.
  3. Hatters Hostel Liverpool. This hostel is located in the picturesque Bolton Street area, just off the main shopping street and close to Merseyside Marina. It has family rooms and a variety of shared spaces including a kitchen, games room and bar. The hostel also offers excursions and entertainment activities for guests.

You can also save money by choosing places with affordable food. Liverpool offers many cafes and restaurants with varied menus and reasonable prices, especially in the Cortrie Quarter, Dickle Street and Walton neighborhoods.

Liverpool is a great place for family vacations on a budget. With its attractions, affordable entertainment, and inexpensive lodging options, you can enjoy a great vacation in this musical city without spending too much.

Dublin, Ireland - beautiful parks, old architecture and affordable prices

Stories of interest to the whole family
Stories of interest to the whole family. Source: Image by Howard Walsh from the Pixabay website

Ireland, offers a unique family vacation experience on a budget thanks to its rich history, cultural attractions and affordable entertainment options.

One of Dublin's main attractions is its historic center, Earl's Quarter. Here you can stroll the streets, see beautiful homes and visit many museums and galleries, including the National Museum of Ireland and the Irish Art Gallery. Most of them offer free admission.

We also recommend a visit to Glenafky Park, a large and beautiful park with wonderful nature and picnic facilities. The park is also home to the Irish Botanical Gardens, where you can enjoy the beauty of a variety of plants.

Cultural vacations in Dublin can be spent attending concerts and musical performances in various pubs and music venues in the city. Many of them offer free performances or affordable ticket prices.

In terms of accommodation options, Dublin has many budget hotels, hostels and guesthouses where you can find comfortable accommodation at affordable prices. Neighborhoods such as Temple Bar and Smithfield are popular areas with budget accommodation options.

  1. Abbey Court Hostel. Located in the historic center of Dublin, this hostel offers family-friendly rooms with amenities and access to shared spaces such as a kitchen and living room. It is close to attractions such as Trinity College and Dublin Castle.
  2. Jacobs Inn Hostel. This hostel is in close proximity to Dublin Central Station and Temple Bar, a popular area with bars and restaurants. It provides family rooms with en suite bathrooms and shared spaces including a kitchen and games room.
  3. The Times Hostel - Camden Place. Located in the city center, this hostel offers family rooms with private bathrooms and free Wi-Fi. It's also close to plenty of restaurants, cafes and stores, making it a convenient choice for families.

When it comes to dining, Dublin offers a variety of options for budget-friendly family meals. You can try Irish cuisine in pubs and cafes at affordable prices. It is also recommended to visit the local market to buy fresh produce and cook in your kitchen, saving money.

Dublin, Ireland is a great option for family vacations on a tight budget.

Mount Fuji, Japan - beautiful views and trails for hiking

Mount Fuji in Japan offers many options for inexpensive family vacations.

You can choose from a variety of Mount Fuji tours. Walking tours of the mountain include taking in the natural sights of the surrounding area and climbing to a low altitude.

Nearby is the beautiful Lake Kawaguchi, great for picnics and walks along the shoreline path. Due to its beauty and natural charm, this place has become popular with tourists.

There are many temples and shrines in the vicinity of Mount Fuji. Most of them are free to visit and offer an opportunity to immerse yourself in Japanese culture and history.

Choose cheap hotels or hostels in Kawaguchi that are close to Mount Fuji. There's also the option of renting a camper parking lot there if the family prefers to vacation outdoors.

If you are traveling in the summertime, the nearby beaches around Lake Kawaguchi are ideal for relaxing. Some are free, while others require a small entrance fee.

Ski resorts in the foothills of Fuji are open during the winter season of the year. Many of them offer various packages specifically designed for family vacations.

Fuji is quite an interesting family trip. And even a limited budget will not prevent you from getting the maximum of unforgettable memories.

Seychelles - crystal clear water, snow-white beaches and affordable hotels

Budget island vacations for the whole family
Budget island vacations for the whole family. Source: Image by pascal OHLMANN from the Pixabay website

Seychelles is a true vacation paradise, but many may think that it is incredibly expensive. But don't worry, even on a tight budget you can enjoy a family vacation in these beautiful islands.

One of the most attractive things to do in Seychelles is to enjoy the beautiful white-sand beaches washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean. You can enjoy beach walks, swimming and lounging on the sand all day long - and it's absolutely free!

In Seychelles, you will find many beautiful parks and gardens where the whole family can spend time strolling and picnicking. Some of them, such as the Botanical Garden on the island of Mahé, offer free admission or a token fee.

Seychelles is also a great place for snorkeling and diving. Visiting the coral reefs and the diversity of the underwater world will be exciting fun for the whole family. Many hotels offer snorkeling and diving equipment rentals at an affordable price.

Choose budget hotels or island hotels that offer comfortable accommodations and affordable rates. Sometimes you can find special deals and offers, especially during seasonal discount periods.

Instead of going to restaurants every day, you can plan your meals and cook yourself. This will not only be economical but also a fun family activity.

Seychelles also offers a number of free places to visit such as historical buildings, markets, national parks. You can spend the day exploring the islands and learning more about the culture and history.

Remember to plan ahead, keep an eye out for special offers and look for opportunities to save money. This way, even on a tight budget, you can enjoy a family vacation to Seychelles.

Seychelles, if done wisely, can prove to be a viable destination for family vacations on a tight budget.

In conclusion, even with a limited budget, it is possible to create memories that your family will cherish for a lifetime. No matter what end points you choose to focus on, the key is to spend time together enjoying quality moments and entertainment.

So don't be afraid and go on adventures with your family, creating memorable moments and vacations without overstretching your budget. Travel, explore, smile and enjoy beautiful moments with the most precious people in your life.

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