Akasa Air Expands Pet-Travel Service and Celebrates Milestone

By Ivan PetrenkoMay 11, 2024 03:35 AMNews
A woman wearing a floral dress carries a cat in a stylish orange carrier backpack with a clear viewing bubble
A woman wearing a floral dress carries a cat in a stylish orange carrier backpack with a clear viewing bubble. Source: unsplash

Akasa Air, known for its reliable service, recently announced significant improvements to its 'Pets on Akasa' service, alongside a remarkable milestone of transporting over 3,200 pets since its inception in November 2022. This achievement not only highlights the popularity of the service but also underscores Akasa Air's commitment to accommodating the needs of pet owners.

The enhancement allows pets up to 10 kgs, including their carriers, to travel in the cabin, an increase from the previous 7 kg limit. This change was implemented in response to customer feedback, demonstrating the airline's dedication to evolving and improving its services based on user experience.

Furthermore, Akasa Air has introduced an extended validity for its travel certificates for pets, which will now last up to 15 days, as opposed to the previous three days. This adjustment adds considerable convenience for passengers planning return trips within a short span, while those staying longer than 15 days will need to secure a new certificate.

In addition to these logistical improvements, pet travelers and their owners can enjoy several complimentary perks such as pre-booked window seats, priority baggage, and boarding services. This suite of benefits ensures a smoother and more enjoyable travel experience for both pets and their owners.

The airline has also partnered with the Umeed for Animals Foundation to enhance pet comfort and safety standards continually. This collaboration includes comprehensive training for Akasa's customer care center, airport, and in-flight teams, ensuring high standards of care throughout the journey.

Belson Coutinho, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer at Akasa Air, expressed pride in the enhancements, crediting them to the valuable feedback from pet parents. He remarked, "This positive change not only reinforces our commitment to listening to our customers but also endorses our culture of using feedback for continuous improvement."

Since launching, 'Pets on Akasa' has facilitated the travel of pets across 22 cities on domestic flights, allowing pets to travel comfortably either in the cabin or cargo, depending on their weight. The service reflects Akasa Air's ongoing efforts to offer an inclusive and humane travel experience, making air travel accessible and enjoyable for pet owners.

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