Charming Copenhagen: how to organize the best trip to the noble capital of Denmark

By Valentina BaturinetsApr 15, 2024 14:03 PMCopenhagen
Charming Copenhagen: how to organize the best trip to the noble capital of Denmark
Copenhagen invites you to discover all the tourist benefits with a focus on the best hotels and restaurants. Source: Pixebay

Copenhagen, one of the world's top tourist destinations, has a magical energy thanks to its authentic architecture and tempting cuisine. In 2023, the city received the official status of UNESCO's architectural capital.

Around the charming city with historic castles, travelers enjoy moving on foot or by bicycle. A veritable "kaleidoscope" of museums, creative exhibitions, and art galleries awaits tourists here. Stroll through the enchanting Tivoli Gardens to enjoy cool entertainment with thrilling slides and rides. This fabulous location is always fun for kids and adults alike.

The gastronomic "scene" of Copenhagen is very diverse and rich. New restaurants and wine bars with an impressive assortment of food and drinks are constantly appearing here. A chic addition to the leisure of travelers – exciting shopping with the purchase of branded clothes, shoes, and jewelry.

Charming Copenhagen: how to organize the best trip to the noble capital of Denmark
Copenhagen's urban landscapes are stunning. Source: Pixebay

Lodging in Copenhagen

When coming to Copenhagen, you need to take care of accommodation right away, and we would like to suggest some good options for accommodation with favorable prices.

Hotel D'Angleterre

If you want to "touch" the noble history of Copenhagen for a while, book a room at Hotel d'Angleterre, which has already celebrated its 265th anniversary. Its Scandinavian-designed rooms are dominated by restrained light colors and a weightless atmosphere.

The aura of homeliness in one of the best hotels in Copenhagen is supported by soft textiles with cute prints. The rooms offer wonderful views of Kongens Nytorv with original houses and majestic monuments.

The highlight of the hotel is the large heated indoor swimming pool, where guests can laze from morning to evening. And the Michelin-starred restaurant serves sumptuous local and international cuisine. The friendly concierges catch guests' every desire on the fly, helping to organize excursions and enroll guests in cooking classes with gourmet appetizers and desserts.

The Krane

If your soul craves exclusivity and novelty, book a comfortable room at the extraordinary The Krane. Here, guests are presented with just one room, which is inside a vintage coal crane built in 1944. It towers 49 feet above Nordhavn's industrial waterfront and offers vacationers premium amenities.

Charming Copenhagen: how to organize the best trip to the noble capital of Denmark
The Krane is an exclusive Copenhagen hotel that is located near the waterfront. Source: Pixebay

An overnight stay here costs travelers a tidy sum, but real tourist "gourmets" usually do not spare money for vivid emotions and sensations. Guests are served wonderful breakfasts with exotic cocktails and crispy pastries, and in the chic spa center with rejuvenating procedures, you can experience true bliss. If desired, the venue's staff will organize a shuttle service from the airport to the creative hotel.

Coco Hotel

Overnight with comfort and without cosmic costs can be in one of the rated places for vacation in Copenhagen by the "name" Coco. This relatively new boutique hotel has 88 rooms and is characterized by its skillful use of lush accents.

Travelers are warmly welcomed by a European-inspired café. Here guests are offered flavorful culinary delights of meat and fish, fruits and vegetables. A curious feature of Coco is careful attitude to the environment. After each guest registration the institution plants fruit trees, which contributes to greening and "recovery" of our planet as a whole. The establishment is powered by solar energy, which also speaks to its concern for nature.

Sanders Hotel

Another great place to stay in Copenhagen, where you can spend the night and gain strength is Sanders Hotel with original vintage "touches". In 54 spacious rooms antique furniture and modern interior elements harmoniously "coexist".

The hotel offers many pleasant offers for guests:

  • wonderful breakfasts served on the glassed-in roof terrace;
  • bicycle rental for exciting journeys around the ancient city of Denmark;
  • organizing cool excursions with a visit to the Royal Theater, which is located nearby.

Guests are always delighted by individually guided walks along the picturesque canals on precious wood boats. Sanders Hotel is a chic option for staying in Copenhagen with easy access to entertainment.

Cool things to do in Denmark's capital

Museum of Happiness

One of the best places to visit in Copenhagen is the Museum of Happiness, which opened in 2020. With eight themed rooms, the 2,585-foot facility features original exhibits on happiness. There are curious maps with the happiest and unhappiest states in the world, as well as interesting facts about the key feeling.

In the thematic hall of the institution, visitors are offered to grasp the differences between virtual pleasure, which "produces" the machine of impressions, and reality, which "gives" us not only joy but also sorrow. The unusual Museum presents the results of analyzing data from the Institute for Happiness Research, including economic indicators of the world's countries and wages in different spheres of life.

Frederiksborg Castle

On three picturesque islands framed by emerald gardens and an epic lake with glistening waters lies Frederiksborg Castle, a chic spot for a day trip to Copenhagen. The famous Museum of National History successfully reflects authentic Danish culture with original artwork, elegant furnishings, and sculptures.


Be sure to visit one of the popular locations in Copenhagen – a wonderful ski area of the city, called CopenHill. It was erected on the territory of the progressive Amager Ressource Center, which specializes in recycling waste to produce heat and electricity.

The plant surprises travelers with original architectural solutions. Its facade consists of large aluminum blocks, which are stacked in a staggered order, and glass windows. The plant helps the Danish capital get closer to one of the important goals – minimizing carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.

There are many exciting things for travelers to do here, including the following:

  • 450-meter-long chic ski slopes with artificial turf;
  • 500 meters of scenic hiking trails for spectacular walks;
  • the highest climbing wall in the world with a record height of 85 meters.

In addition, CopenHill has a luxurious observation deck with stunning views of the Danish capital's landscapes.

Tivoli Gardens

One of the best attractions in Copenhagen is Tivoli Gardens, which surprises travelers with a huge territory of 82 thousand square meters and a lot of driving entertainment. The famous park has been welcoming guests since 1843, and this place is ideal for lovers, groups of friends, and couples with children.

The ancient location with Disneyland and Europa-Park attracts more than 4.5 million people every year, and their number is constantly growing. This "paradise island" is located in the heart of Copenhagen, opposite the legendary City Hall and the Hans Christian Andersen monument.

There are 26 exciting attractions, the number of which increases to 29 during New Year's Eve and Halloween. The Roller Coaster, which has been operating since 1914, is very popular among tourists.

On the territory of the park, there is a boutique hotel Nimb, a chic place to stay in Copenhagen. It is arranged in the shape of the famous Taj Mahal, and its interiors delight guests with Moorish luxury rooms with magical views of the surrounding area.

Rooms at the hotel feature four-poster king beds and vintage furnishings. Bathrooms are adorned with double sinks and deep white-washed bathtubs.

The Nimb Brasserie restaurant serves chic Scandinavian and French cuisine, and the Bar'n'Grill offers a taste of refined oriental delicacies. The institution maintains the tradition of serving afternoon tea with tempting pastries and delicate sweets. If necessary, the staff helps visitors to organize transfer by own limousine from/to Copenhagen Airport.

Charming Copenhagen: how to organize the best trip to the noble capital of Denmark
Tivoli Gardens is a luxurious oasis for children and adults alike. Source: Pixebay

Thanks to the grand scale, tourists are never crowded in the Tivoli Gardens and there is a distinct sense of freedom. Kids spend a lot of time on the swings and rides, while parents enjoy tasting the aromatic beer or mulled wine prepared in the park.

For fans of art, there are also many surprises here with a concert hall and a mime theater. In the evening, travelers are fascinated by the spectacular light and music show of the fountains. A curious feature of the Tivoli Gardens is that they are constantly being improved and completed. around the mirror lake of the park are growing more and more new buildings and attractions.

Travelers who love "hot" sensations, do not miss the opportunity to ride a roller coaster at a speed of 77 km / h. When moving through the loping or spiral, tourists are breathtaking, and adrenaline is off the scale.

Choose fun for the soul at Tivoli Gardens, one of Copenhagen's coolest vacation spots:

  • Vertigo, a 40-meter tower around which planes move at 100 km/h. This attraction is, of course, for daredevils with "iron nerves" who are hard to get off balance.
  • Star Flayer flower carousel, which was placed in such a way that it could be seen from any point of the park. This is the largest chain ride in the world with the speed of the seats moving up to 70 km/h.
  • A huge axle with two pendulums to which the cabins are attached. The speed of their movement reaches 100 km/h.
  • Riding on radio cars in mysterious caves. Especially violent emotions, similar to the feelings of the winners, guests "cover" when reaching the top of the tower.
  • Mirage is a cool attraction with cars for kids over 5 years old and two-seater gondolas, which are shaped like wild animals. As the cabins move, travelers can explore all corners of the Tivoli Gardens while enjoying the magical charm of its landscapes. The ring with cabins is the most impressive part of the attraction, which moves around the central axis at a furious speed.

Kids do not miss the chance to "get acquainted" with the pirate ship, which is being guarded by Captain Soro and his crew. Fans of the soulful characters of the famous Danish writer enjoy visiting Andersen's Land of Fairy Tales.

Great shopping in Copenhagen

Illums Bolighus

Not far from the Royal Porcelain store is Illums Bolighus with original decor and good kitchen utensils. Here you can find interior attributes from famous designers from Denmark and other countries of the world. Here you can buy both a nice souvenir and excellent kitchen utensils.

Prices here, of course, are expensive, but this is justified by the elite quality of things presented in the store. It is important to take into account that Illums Bolighus often offers pleasant discounts and bonus offers, thanks to which you can buy quality goods at a favorable price.

Jägersborggade Street

If you want to experience the magic of shopping therapy, be sure to visit Jägersborggade Street with its string of boutiques and brand-name stores. Here you will find luxury goods for all tastes at quite attractive prices.

Our tip: Be sure to visit the ceramics stores on Jägersborggade Street, which are famous for their chic porcelain pieces. One of the favorites among travelers is Keramiker Inge Vincents, with a rich selection of handmade items.

Magasin du nord

Travelers who get energized by shopping are sure to visit the Magasin megamarket with duty-free shopping. It offers a huge range of high-end clothing and electronics, handbags and fashion accessories. It has been operating since 1869 and during this time has managed to win many fans from Denmark and other countries of the world.

Cool restaurants

A good trip around Copenhagen is unthinkable without visiting cool restaurants that offer a taste of savory local and French, oriental, and Scandinavian cuisine.


Be sure to visit the Noma restaurant with chef Rene Redzepi. The establishment is famous for its varied seasonal menu with an abundance of vegetable and seafood dishes. In summer light vegetarian dishes with healthy cheeses and greens prevail here, and in winter - specialty meat delicacies skillfully prepared by talented cooks. The restaurant has deservedly been awarded Michelin stars, which testify to the professional level of the establishment.


If you want to experience new sensations, visit one of the best Michelin-starred restaurants in Copenhagen called Alouette. The facility with a modest garage-type door and a corridor with spectacular graffiti invites guests to the world of bright gastronomic "masterpieces" with plenty of appetizing appetizers and salads, pies, and desserts. The facility's menu is constantly updated, depending on the season and current culinary trends.


Another iconic place for rest in Copenhagen is the Alchemist restaurant with an authentic design. The establishment boasts a two-ton bronze door that subtly conveys the vintage flavor of the ancient city. The institution with culinary "magic" and creative decorative elements presents a luxurious menu of 50 dishes worthy of monarchs.

How to get to Copenhagen

The optimal option for traveling to Copenhagen is by airplane. There is an international airport here, which serves more than 100 tourist destinations. From the airport to the desired point of the city is cheaper and more convenient to get to the subway. There are many cabs in Copenhagen, but they are very expensive.

If you want, you can get from here to other European cities, including the capital of Great Britain, France, and Sweden, by train or bus Rail Europe. The train journey, of course, always takes less time and is much easier for travelers to bear.

When is the best time to visit Copenhagen?

Copenhagen is best visited in April-May and early fall when the weather is warm. During these periods of the year, there are far fewer travelers in the Danish capital than in the summer, and the temperatures are perfect for travel. Of course, if you dream of going to the annual Copenhagen Jazz Festival, then you should come during the summer months.

Charming Copenhagen: how to organize the best trip to the noble capital of Denmark
The best time to visit Copenhagen is spring and fall. Source: Pixebay

Our tip: Visit Copenhagen in December, a magical period of Christmas coziness and lively fairs. There's a spectacular light show in February when the city's citizens are in awe of the Copenhagen Light Festival.

The best neighborhoods to visit


One of the coolest neighborhoods in Copenhagen is Frederiksberg, with tons of cool sights, gastronomic establishments, and boutiques. Famous places to visit include Frederiksberg Palace and the Copenhagen Zoo with its fun fauna.

City Center

In the central part of the capital of Denmark are the famous Kongens Nytorv Square, which holds many historical secrets. Comfortable overnight stays can be had at Hotel d'Angleterre and Nyhavn with luxurious apartments and wonderful cuisine.


If you prefer cozy locations with gorgeous waterscapes, choose Christianshavn. This Copenhagen neighborhood occupies a group of islands with neat rows of brightly colored houses.


Another popular tourist location in Copenhagen is the historic Nørrebro neighborhood, home to people of many different nationalities. Here you can find cool restaurants with spicy Asian and Middle Eastern cuisine.

Our tip: Rent a boat or kayak to explore the marvelous canals that crisscross Copenhagen. Swim in one of the city's picturesque harbors to experience the wonderful atmosphere of Denmark's "oasis of happiness."


When visiting Copenhagen, be sure to make time to visit Vesterbro, the Red Light District. It's known for its vibrant nightlife and cozy areas for family relaxation. Don't forget to stop by Kødbyen, Copenhagen's famous meatpacking district.

Charming Copenhagen: how to organize the best trip to the noble capital of Denmark
Cycling is very popular in Copenhagen. Source: Pixebay

The best option for exploring the city is cycling. For an unforgettable journey, you can choose the route used in the Tour de France Grand Departure. It was held in the Danish capital in 2022. You can also rent a Sixt or Viggo car for a busy trip around Copenhagen.

We have prepared a virtual guide to Copenhagen, especially for you, focusing on the best hotels, restaurants, and attractions in the city. Choose the right time to travel, book your accommodation, and hit the road for new experiences in Denmark's elegant capital!

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