The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions

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The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Convenient search for accommodation anywhere in the world. Source: Photographer Vlada Karpovich/Pexels

When planning a trip to rest everyone thought about the question: to spend time and organize independently or to order with the help of a travel agency and do not bother. However, those who have already tried their own efforts have realized how much cheaper the trip can become and never return to outside help. We decided to reinforce your success with sites that will solve the main question of your vacation: where to live.

With the best trusted vacation rental sites, you get extra protection and options. Platforms are improving every day and many already offer contactless check-in or concierge services to enhance your vacation and fill you with the amenities you need. Filters and mobile apps help you quickly and mobilize to find the right fit for you, which immediately takes into account all your wishes and eliminates the need to review and check a bunch of information.

If you still don't know how to find a vacation home read our review of the best vacation home search services where we will reveal the pros, features and secrets of these platforms. In front of you are the most popular options of places where you can search for vacation rentals as they are tested by millions of users from all over the world.

Search for vacation rentals more profitable, faster and more mobile knowing all the nuances of vacation rental booking sites.

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
A large number of vacation accommodation options for every budget. Source:


A company that conquered the world back in 2008 by entering the market with more than 6 million offers in 100 thousand cities around the globe. Since most of the offers on the site are very affordable accommodation options, you have every chance to make your trip as comfortable and affordable as possible.

What I can find

From barter accommodation, rooms, suites, apartments, houses to floating accommodation. You should just enter all your wishes in the filter and enjoy the options offered. Remember that you can also specify the comfort. For example: air conditioning, washing machine or swimming pool.

Also, you will find a section called "WWII options", where you will find the most incredible and unique places for a vacation in the world.


Since the company has undergone some sort of upgrade as of 2018, the Airbnb Plus version has been released . The new version will give you vacation rental options that have been further vetted and received top recommendations. This solution may shorten the list a bit, but it will definitely add security and guard against scams, as well as increase the comfort level of your vacation hideaway.

Try booking your vacation home at

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Your long vacation anywhere in the world. Source:


One of the market leaders in finding vacation homes or longer term options. For example, you need a house for a couple of months with all the amenities for a long-term stay, it's here. The company offers mid to high end options in addition to hotels, which is reflected nicely in the value for money.

What I will find

You can find both individual rooms and entire apartments with houses in big metropolitan cities like: Philadelphia, New York, Rome, Rome, Dubai, Boston or London.

Comfortable accommodation options may include separate kitchens or even oases in a private courtyard.


The handy app allows you to find accommodation in any major location in the world in a very mobile way. From the filters you have cities, dates and number of guests, as well as handy maps to choose a convenient neighborhood in a city. Additional filters pop up when you open the city and here you can specify the amenities you need. Points on the maps feature approximate price tags, which helps you inspect only those options that are comfortable for you in terms of price. Benefits and discounts can also be indicated, which are labeled in the shelter. The rating will be your guide to safety and quality of services.

Book your vacation accommodations through

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Large spaces for your vacation. Source:


The company offers housing options for vacation and only for it. Therefore, you will avoid the unpleasantness of private offers with hook-ups or other people's property that is forbidden to use. It is worth studying the offers properly, so as not to fall victim to small print and seemingly insignificant conditions. which can spoil the party. In the case of a party, it is worth discussing and clarifying all the nuances.

What I'll find

Among the offerings on six continents, spacious dwellings with their own kitchen or, even, a courtyard with a pool, where a family or company can feel at home, predominate. The grounds can be as small playgrounds for children or trampolines and a parking space that will accommodate the iron member of your family with comfort. Most of the places are easily accessible for animals. Apartments, houses, cabins, villas, chalets are all on the list of offerings.


You can use the application on your cell phone to comfortably search for accommodation. Becoming a regular client of the site, you can get additional discounts on booking accommodation for your vacation. The homepage already has a convenient thematic division of offers so that you can narrow it down. You will even be able to choose the flexibility of canceling your reservation or accommodation for living with pets. The security of the options offered is quite high, as all offers are further vetted.

Don't be lazy to leave honest reviews because it helps to keep others safe and improve the service's offerings.

Book the whole world with

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Put together your complete vacation with accommodations and entertainment. Source:


Being affiliated with Tripadvisor, FlipKey can help you find a vacation rental based on numerous customer reviews. Using Tripadvisor's data, the accommodation search site can select options based on restaurants, bars and attractions nearby, which can put your vacation together in the best possible way.

What I'll find

You'll find over 800,000 locations in 190 countries around the world. Everything from private rooms to luxury villas can fit into your filter. You will be able to choose an interesting stopover surrounded by a variety of experiences and opportunities. Very detailed filters will help you to sort out your dream accommodation as much as possible.


Of course the advanced filter is one of the best features, but not the only one. The currency converter will help you to display the price in the currency you are used to, which will speed up the search process. By opening the search results by location you will be able to see a list with prices, labeled amenities and number of reviews. The map will show you what's close to your chosen accommodation and make it easier for you to make a good plan. You can even find out how quickly the owner responds to you on average, which is a nice addition to the service.

Find the best for your vacation

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Lots of hotels and private deals for different budgets. Source:


Of course the site is more specialized in hotels and rooms. But today the platform has expanded its offerings with vacation homes and small private cottages or even apartments. As for safety, Booking still relies on customer reviews and we recommend sharing them honestly.

What I will find

You will find houses, cottages, vacation apartments that are rented only by instant booking. Cancellations are made directly through the booking facility, not through the website. This is important to remember. The company does not charge a percentage to you, but directly to the property owner. You won't have to pay additional fees, but you should keep in mind that direct booking often lowers the price of the house, but offers no guarantee of security.


Due to instant booking, you get your accommodation fairly quickly. There is an option to use detailed filters to weed out the unnecessary. You will see the rating and reviews, which will help you decide more quickly. A currency converter and a large number of languages to choose from gives you a good chance that you will easily understand the site. The large selection of properties around the world ensures that you will find accommodation even in the most remote corners of the globe.

Find your place in the world with

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Proven vacation locations. Source:


If safety is paramount to you, then this service will be able to offer you over 35,000 vacation rental properties in the United States, Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico and Belize. The company takes responsibility for the safety of the offers and will handle your transaction from the beginning to the end of your vacation.

The company selects accommodation offers to its list only after verifying the validity of the specified conditions. For example, check the location for cleanliness or the freshness of the linens. This is possible thanks to the fact that the company has a representative office in each proposed country.

What I will find

In the offers you will find houses designed only for vacations. You can choose options with a lawned area or your own garden, choose a lone wolf hideaway or find the best family vacation home, where any age will be interested. You can specify in the filters the availability of a gym and even the view from the window.


The company provides a wide variety of services and provides advice when buying a vacation home. The company's lawyers can advise in cases of breach of security and terms and conditions of the rental agreement.

One of the privileged services for you will be a 3D tour of the desired house, which simplifies the choice. You may have found this rental option on other websites, but you will only be able to walk through your future haven here.

Take a look at your vacation home at

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
This place has everything you need to organize your vacation. Source:


It's not just a vacation rental site, it's an entire base that can help organize a trip from A to Z. With this, the platform attracts millions of users as well as customers listing their properties even at a 30% fee.

What I will find

The list will be quite long but as for vacation accommodations here you can book hotels, guest houses, hostels, motels, villas and luxury apartments. Additionally, you can book airline tickets, car rentals, vacation packages and even cruise ships.


You get vetted and secure accommodation options. The ability to create your vacation from start to finish. Book even tickets to famous matches. As you examine your options, you'll be given ratings, cost, photos, all-inclusive availability, and basic amenities like a pool or hot tub.

Put together your filled vacation with

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
A modern approach to finding vacation accommodations. Source:


One step closer to your safety. Plumguide offers you verified options for around 30,000 comfortable vacation homes. Properties are verified using neural networks and a panel of experts, so you have a good chance of renting a home that meets your expectations.

What I'll find

Luxury vacation home options await you, where a pool, garden or a gorgeous view is not a requirement but a must-have. The company emphasizes on providing only the best options, so you'll have the chance to dismiss anything below par right away. Get ready to choose between a terrace and a large terrace, floor-to-ceiling windows with city views, or your own private viewing deck.

But this by no means means means that your price tag should exceed $200 per night. For example, we found a hotel room in Dubai for two people for less than $100 a night.

The room has a kitchenette and there's a pool on the premises.


Narrow filters appear when you've selected a specific city. You'll be able to immediately indicate the presence of pets, parking, sort the location in relation to the ocean or, even, the presence of a step-free lift. You'll also get the ability to filter pricing to get closer to your travel budget right away.

Find your luxury vacation home with

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Targeted vacation home search. Source: Paris Perfekt

Paris Perfect Shared

They started out by renting out their home and turned a small business into an entire company. This is how a couple from Paris was able to build their own business. Today, the company's offerings cover Italy and Provence, Paris and London. The company monitors safety and checks all properties offered for compliance.

What I will find

Sufficiently comfortable offers that, for example, allow you to admire the Eiffel Tower from the window. As well as a free guide to Paris upon check-in.


Maybe the number of countries isn't as large as I'd like, but if your vacation falls into the list, you'll be able to filter out all the unnecessary stuff and arrive at a dream getaway. You can also book entire tours on the site if you're tired of spending your own time organizing your trip.

Choose your destination with

The best sites for finding vacation accommodations. Your go-to wand for all desires, budgets and occasions
Barter and free options for vacation rentals. Source:


Unlike all of the above options of vacation accommodation search sites, Homestay allows users to discover low-cost, barter or free accommodation. The site currently has over 55,000 accommodation options in 160 countries. So, you have a good chance of making your trip pretty budget-friendly.

What I'll find

Vacation homes based on private offers. You can find an option to stay with a family, or for example, accommodation in exchange for housekeeping, or pet-sitting. Most of the options are for individual travelers and such a platform is hardly suitable for organizing a family vacation.


Before booking, you will have to discuss with the owner of the accommodation all the nuances. For example, agree on the possibility of laundry or, even the use of the bathroom. Your payment for your stay may be a counter offer to rent your accommodation for a period of time.

Try your luck with

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