Top 7 attractions in Wales: A cosy overnight stay and a cool travel experience

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Top 7 attractions in Wales: A cosy overnight stay and a cool travel experience
Travellers are always warmly welcomed by hotels built on the site of ancient castles and estates. Source: Freepik

Wales, a land of wild, mesmerizing landscapes and endless beaches, has a friendly atmosphere where visitors are always welcome. Scattered throughout its territory, there are many castles with authentic architecture and the mysterious aura of a rebellious past.

The hospitable country opens a veil to the world of unspoiled nature and colourful attractions before tourists. Its cosy bays are framed by velvet beaches, which smoothly pass into picturesque dunes. Famous places to visit in Wales are shrouded in mystical secrets and wrapped in legends.

Wales is worth visiting not only for its spectacular landscapes with plenty of emerald greenery but also for the mysterious chapels that lie close to raging rivers and jagged cliffs. Travelling through fertile lands with grazing animals, you may accidentally stumble upon ancient buildings covered with flowering plants. Photos against such a background are always bright and juicy, so don't miss the opportunity to fill your album with colourful pictures.

Top 7 attractions in Wales: A cosy overnight stay and a cool travel experience
There are many mysterious castles and chapels throughout Wales. Source: Pixels

Tourist discoveries abound in Wales, so there's never a dull moment here. Luxury hotels on former estates and small boutiques with excellent service are always open to travellers.

Y Capel ("The Chapel")

The best tourist attraction in Wales is Y Capel, which serves as a noble decoration of the city centre and a cosy guest house. Hidden beneath its medieval stone walls, there are many curiosities worthy of travellers' attention.

The former Baptist chapel was erected in the middle of the 18th century, and at the end of the 20th century, it was transformed into a comfortable hotel. Curiously, in the 17th century, there was a mill in this place. The 11 cosy rooms with elements of ancient architecture carefully preserve the traditions of bygone years.

There is a baptismal tank on the first floor, which is glazed and built into the floor. Massive beams made of wood give the institution rustic elegance and at the same time country grandeur. The spacious rooms with understated interiors offer wonderful views of the castle facade and the picturesque surroundings.

The rooms are named after Welsh saints who lived in North Wales and did many good deeds. The religious theme of the guest house is aptly supported by keychains in the shape of a Welsh Celtic cross. The rooms have individual features that give the accommodation a special charm:

  • Signs with room names are made of good-quality Snowdonia slate.
  • The beds are adorned with bedspreads by Melin Tregwynt, a well-known woolen goods manufacturer on the Pembrokeshire coast.

Famous Welsh tourist attractions are close to Y Capel, including the 12th-century St. Mary's Church. It features a crenellated tower with a famous grave, about which the English Romantic poet William Wordworth wrote soulful lines in the 18th century.

The Erskine Arms is a short walk from the guest house and has a great pub where you can enjoy a drink.

Gladstone Library

Among the popular places to visit in Wales, tourist experts include the Gladston Library. This is a unique institution, where travellers who worship reading or simply dream of an impressive vacation in an unusual location constantly come.

The library received its name in honor of the famous Prime Minister Gladstone, who held his position for a long time. He put a lot of effort in new knowledge and discoveries. The prime minister was very interested in scientific research, descriptions of which are placed in little-known books for readers.

The library holds about 200 thousand books of Gladstone's unique collection and offers comfortable accommodations for travellers. The proximity to literature of different genres makes a stay in this institution truly unique. It houses rare manuscripts, Victorian newspapers and publications of a wide variety of subjects, ranging from political writings to fantasy novels.

Top 7 attractions in Wales: A cosy overnight stay and a cool travel experience
The Gladstone Library offers not only a rich selection of literature for book lovers but also a comfortable environment to live in. Source: Pixels

It offers 26 well-maintained rooms without TVs so that disturbing news doesn't interfere with relaxation or distract vacationers from peaceful relaxation. A vintage-style radio fits perfectly into the design concept of the rooms. Signs asking guests not to disturb their reading provoke a genuine smile on their faces.

In the library, which should be visited by tourists in Wales, everything meets the best standards of hotel tradition. The rooms offer idyllic views of the emerald valleys of Wales with majestic churches and exemplary gardens. White birch trees, Japanese cedars, noble beeches and luxurious roses harmoniously coexist here.

The Gladstone Room, decorated in rich crimson tones, is a favourite place for guests to relax. Its walls are decorated with wooden panels, which helps to create a relaxed environment for pleasant reflection.

Here travellers enthusiastically play chess, read books and drink cool wine by the flickering fireplace. Sinking into soft leather armchairs, guests get into another dimension, where peace and tranquility prevail. The library has a cosy lounge and a restaurant with a chic selection of food and drinks.

Grove of Narberth

Among the best tourist spots in Wales, this country house hotel surrounded by lush greenery and flowering plants is of particular interest. It is spread over 26 acres of fertile land and goes by the name of Grove of Narbeth.

This location is worth a visit to enjoy the rustic charm of the interiors and the surrounding area. A cosy courtyard with scattered trees and tables where you can warm up with a glass of sparkling wine is arranged for the pleasant leisure of guests.

There is a small pond with a mirror-like water surface not far from the hotel, which perfectly complements the picture of a royal vacation with a spicy country charm.

Several gardens with individual zest are arranged around the hotel. One of them is adorned with luxurious cherry trees and noble boxwood, and the other with different types of ferns. The pearl of the institution is a wonderful arched portal, bypassing which, travellers get into a new fairy tale with bright coneflowers and fragrant lavender. "Green" hotel has its own vegetable garden with juicy vegetables and spicy herbs.

The interior decoration of the establishment is no less attractive than the surrounding gardens. Here different variants of shades, patterns and materials are harmoniously combined. The rooms are decorated with handmade designer items and vintage décor elements that skillfully emphasize the elegant style of their design.

The floors of the rooms are decorated with soft velvety carpets, and the walls are decorated with pretty tapestries with intricate patterns. The interiors of Grove of Narbeth are perfectly complemented by paintings by talented artist Gillian MacDonald.

The neat and bright rooms are filled with attributes of Welsh cultural heritage, such as lamps of miners who used to live in the area and carved spoons, which used to be given to their lovers before their wedding. Cast-iron baths and good ceramic fireplaces look very organic here.

The history of the guest house carefully keeps its secrets, revealing only some of them to the guests. There is the room of Daniel and Elizabeth, who worshipped this establishment, and the Seddon Room, whose name refers to the famous Arts and Crafts architect of the late 18th century.


The Portmeirion hotels with their original exterior design and spectacular interior decoration are some of the most visited places in Wales. One of them embodies the noble traditions of Victorian culture and is located near the white-sand beach and the River Dee. The other is nestled comfortably on top of a picturesque hill and skillfully celebrates the Gothic style of architecture.

Portmeirion is a pretty location with powerful energy. Speaking of architectural style, it resembles an Italian village with a magical aura. Here unusual sculptures with original decorations and a touch of originality "take root".

The attention of travellers is immediately attracted by the playful variety of shades of the palette, ranging from gentle blue to bright yellow. If you take a closer look at the architectural elements of the buildings, you can see cute mermaids and angels, who are always happy to share their hospitality with passers-by.

The central square of Portmeirion is decorated with luxurious swimming pools, which were built using elements of Italian architecture. The square is framed by lush greenery with dragon trees and magnificent rose bushes, meadow flowers and exotic plants.

The famous Welsh landmark is criss-crossed by many paths and stairs with steep steps. The dramatic cliffs nearby do not contrast with the general ensemble of Portmeirion but successfully fit into its holistic "puzzle". Neoclassical facades and interiors perfectly complement the author's decorative arts and bright Renaissance style.

Top 7 attractions in Wales: A cosy overnight stay and a cool travel experience
Wales is adorned with many Victorian-style structures. Source: Pixels

If you want a new adventure and fresh emotions, go for a walk through the picturesque forest that surrounds Portmeirion. Thickets of exotic ginkgos gently alternate with glades of colourful tulips.

Clough Williams-Ellis has infused the architecture of Portmeirion with a fresh design breath. He devoted 50 years of his life to this work, skillfully restoring sections of buildings threatened with demolition.

These days, Portmeirion puts a lot of effort into recycling biological materials. Environmental priorities are evident in many things here, including transporting vacationers from a restaurant with fine dining to comfortable rooms with high-end amenities.

Albion Aberteifi

The passionate creative impulses of James Lynch and Sian Tucker gave birth to a boutique hotel with the cute name Albion Aberteifi, which is one of the top 10 attractions in Wales. Its story begins with the setting of a small warehouse on the cosy waterfront of the River Teifi in Cardigan.

The hotel got its name thanks to the ship Albion, whose mission was to transport Welsh emigrants to Canada. Its spacious 12 rooms contain original evidence of the hotel's inextricable link to the city's maritime adventures.

Goods to be transported were carefully stored here, including coal and rock salt, flavoured oil and tobacco, red wine and wood. In addition, products for export, including fish and grain, wool and slate, were temporarily housed here.

Inside the establishment, guests will find interiors in an understated Scandinavian style with a dash of Japanese wabi-sabi. Such an outlook glorifies simplicity and authenticity and denies the use of pretentious and vulgar design elements.

The first floor of the facility is decorated with elegant vases with field flowers. The use of natural wood materials makes the interiors of the rooms as harmonious and complete as possible. Unpretentious furniture with an emphasis on practicality looks appropriate here. Pillows and blankets made of wool perfectly complement the interior decoration of rooms and comfortable areas for rest.

The window sills of one of the main attractions of Wales are decorated with cute things reminiscent of the busy sea life. These include wooden keys, a winch, and huge bottles for transporting wine. Travellers should definitely check drawings with sketches and calculations of ships of the 19th century, which decorate the walls of the third floor in the form of graffiti.

As for the hotel's accommodations, they are imbued with the spirit of maritime discovery and rebellious ocean breezes. Here everyone will find something very close and intuitive for himself. The rooms of the institution are decorated taking into account the subject, whether it is blacksmithing or sewing.

If you want to occupy spacious chambers with high ceilings and royal amenities, pay attention to the rooms located on the upper tier of the institution. Their interiors are spectacularly decorated with valuable collections of ceramic tableware with Welsh decor.

Bedside lamps with chains successfully support the marine theme, as well as green seaweed tiles in the bathrooms. Large towels made of Egyptian cotton are a nice addition to the interiors here.

Roch Castle

Sightseeing in Wales should definitely include a visit to the mesmerizingly medieval-style Roch Castle. Don't think you'll have to share an overnight stay with the dampness and darkness typical of stone buildings of past centuries. Roch Castle has undergone a difficult transformation, and today it invites travellers to immerse themselves in an atmosphere of impeccable luxury, skillfully intertwined with the spirit of bygone centuries.

The hotel offers 6 rooms nestled on the noble rocks for travellers who are thirsty for unrestrained extreme and bright adventures. You can enjoy the enchanting scenery from the windows of the hotel, with emerald green hills and St. Brides Bay, playfully shimmering in the sun.

Top 7 attractions in Wales: A cosy overnight stay and a cool travel experience
Roch Castle is imbued with the atmosphere of earlier centuries. Source: Pixels

The interiors of the hotel have undergone a thorough restoration and renovation, maintaining the best features of minimalist design. There are many spaces with individual features:

  • A cosy lounge area, which has found a home in a former chapel with oculus and panoramic windows in Gothic style.
  • A solarium with huge windows and professional services.
  • A courtroom, devoid of touches of formal furnishings.

A cosy bar with a huge selection of high-end spirits including Penderyn whisky, Barti Ddu Pembrokeshire Seaweed rum with a subtle bouquet of spices and ruby French wine Cote du Rhone and Château Le Peyrat.

Here you can take a stroll on the magical terrace that adorns the top of the crenellated towers. It is so pleasant to see the amazing landscapes with endless sky, silvery sea and graceful curves of the mountains. The hotel is decorated with marvelous works of art, which are located almost everywhere: in closets, on walls and on window sills.

The original décor of this popular Welsh tourist area immediately attracts the attention of guests, including Marcus Chiappara's pretty seaweed sculptures, Amanda Wright's tapestries and Daniel Wright's signature ceramic urns.

A small library with a light-hearted atmosphere offers a wealth of interesting material on Welsh culture and local hobbies. For example, here you can find literature about famous Welsh puzzles.

The gem of the place is the atmospheric Ap Gruffydd room with stunning views of the picturesque bay and local scenery. The room's bathroom is fitted with a good-sized bathtub and rain shower. Soft towels help to prolong the pleasant sensations after the water procedures.

When you tire of lounging in your snow-white bed, take a stroll through the surrounding grounds of Roch Castle, with lush trees and beautiful flower beds.

Ruthin Castle

The best tourist spot in North Wales is Ruthin Castle with its fascinating themed evenings. They are perfect for exploring the rich cultural life of Wales. The castle, framed by fairy-tale woods and picturesque parkland, features a mysterious dungeon.

The history of the place keeps many secrets and legends. According to one of them, the famous Henry VIII, who treated his wives terribly, lived here. There are places where you can spend a wonderful time not far from the institution:

  • Snowdonia National Park;
  • the city of Chester with its interesting architecture and rich cultural life;
  • Gwydir Park;
  • the beaches of Llandudno.

There is a BAZAAR spa on the castle grounds with hot tubs, relaxing treatments and hot springs. The Tafarn Y Ddraig restaurant invites you to sample mouth-watering local and international cuisine.

Ruthin Castle is a unique location for memorable weddings, colourful evening promenades and bicycle rides. You can book a double room here starting from €157 per night.

When to visit Wales?

Of course, Wales is beautiful all year round. According to many travellers, the best time to visit Wales is summer, early autumn or spring when the weather is wonderful.

Top 7 attractions in Wales: A cosy overnight stay and a cool travel experience
Wales is beautiful at any time of year, but in summer, its palette of colours is particularly varied. Source: Pixels

Decent options for a comfortable stay

Wales pleases guests with its hospitality and invites them to stay in cosy hostels even with a small budget. There are also hotels, guest houses or glamping. The last option is more expensive but it gives a lot of positive emotions and is very popular among tourists.

Sites where you can book cosy accommodation in North and South Wales at bargain prices include Hostelworld,, Cool Stays, and Airbnb.

In our article, we presented the top 7 attractions in Wales where you can not only enjoy scenic views and tourist discoveries but also stay for a few days at a reasonable cost.

Plan your trip in advance by booking your accommodation on the right date and then your trip will be chic and without overpayments!

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