Budget beach vacations in exotic locations: top 9 cool options

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Budget beach vacations in exotic locations: top 9 cool options
Beach vacations on a tight budget are a reality. Source: Freepik

Many travelers dream of a luxurious beach vacation with a long swim in the sea and gentle sunbathing. Most of them have a stereotype that vacationing on the best beaches of the world is extremely expensive. Together with you, let's debunk this myth and provide evidence that budget beach vacation is still possible.

The whole nuance is that you need to choose the right geographical location and time of travel. Early booking of accommodation in hotels on the great beaches of the world also helps to save budget funds. If you are already in anticipation of an exciting trip, let's start our virtual review of the world's gorgeous beaches soon.

South Padre Island

Along the amazing southern coast of Texas, there is a cozy South Padre Island, where the famous beaches of the world have found a shelter. You can come here even with a limited budget and taste all the fruits of a luxurious vacation in a paradise corner.

When is the best time to go?

From November to April is the optimal time for travelers to visit, since in summer beach holidays cost much more expensive. In the spring and fall period, it is not very hot and there are no large crowds of people. Winter on the island is quite mild and warm, but you need to take into account the fact that many stores and restaurants are closed at this time of year.

How to get there?

You can get to South Padre Island by air by flying to Houston International Airport (IAH). From here, it's easy to get to your destination by cab or bus.

What to see.

South Padre Island invites you to visit picturesque gardens and parks, aquariums and museums. Water sports, swimming and fishing are available here. One of the best coastal beaches in Texas is South Padre Island Beach, and it's definitely worth a visit.

Budget beach vacations in exotic locations: top 9 cool options
South Padre Island offers a gorgeous vacation even on a tight budget. Source: Pixels

Fans of spectacular spectacles with exotic elements enjoy watching the migration of whales and turtles here. Local bars and restaurants offer guests great food and drinks from talented culinary artists.

Destin, Florida

A perennially popular beach destination in the United States, Florida has a mild climate and amazing scenery worthy of glossy magazine covers. In the heart of the Emerald Coast of the United States lies Destin, one of the most popular beach locations for a relaxing vacation.

When to visit.

The best time to visit the city is in the summer, when the weather spoils tourists with an abundance of sunshine and warmth. If you want to save money, choose the spring or fall months for your trip. During this period, prices for accommodation in local hotels are more affordable, and the cost of entertainment is much more attractive.

How to get there?

You can get to Destin by cab, car or by public transportation. From Fort Walton Beach Airport to the beach there are buses. If you prefer, you can rent a car and quickly drive to the beach at your own pace, enjoying the surrounding scenery and making stops whenever you want.

What about entertainment?

Destin, a paradisiacal oasis with good beaches, offers guests tons of activities. Water sports, including extreme surfing or wakeboarding, boating or kayaking are available. Evening promenades along the promenade are especially beautiful here. What could be more amazing than the merging of the vast water surface with the multifaceted sky?

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Another option for an unforgettable vacation is to visit pretty Gulf Shores, Alabama. This resort town is located in the picturesque Gulf of Mexico, an area with a humid subtropical climate. It invites guests to experience all the delights of a beach vacation with white sand, gentle sunshine and crystal clear water. On 32 miles of pristine beaches everyone will find a cozy oasis for a mental reboot.

When is the best time to go?

Tourists flock here all year round as winters are mild and warm. The best time to visit the best beaches in Gulf Shores is in the spring or fall. Be sure to pay attention to the weather before traveling, as rain and heavy storms are quite common here.

How to get there?

Gulf Shores has a small airport, so you can get here by plane. The city can be reached quickly by private or rented car. You can rent a car at the airport or at a rental station.

What to do here?

In Gulf Shores, travelers find a variety of things to do to their liking. Here you can spend hours lounging on the dazzling white sand or admire the divine sunsets with beautiful shimmers of juicy colors. Tourists enjoy water sports or exotic fishing with magnificent scenery.

If you are lucky enough, you can watch the life of funny dolphins in their natural habitat. You can also play golf at one of the 10 private golf clubs or at the 18-hole public course.

You can get a dose of fresh emotions in the Gulf Coast Zoo with interesting pets or water park with exciting entertainment. Every year on the beach there is a rousing music festival, which helps to plunge into the magical world of music. It lasts for 3 days.

Corfu, Greece

Lovers of romance and intoxicating exoticism often choose Corfu, a charming Greek island with stunning beaches. It invites tourists to relax away from the bustling civilization. It may be more modest than its notable sister islands in Greece, but there are plenty of hotels with affordable accommodations. Plane tickets to this budget beach destination from small airlines are usually inexpensive.

When is the best time to visit?

Corfu Island is visited from May to October, when the bathing season is open. In the spring and autumn months, rest here is much cheaper than in the summer, when the temperature is constantly kept at +30 ° C. Tourists always appreciate the lush tropical vegetation and pleasant sea breezes on the fabulous island.

How to get there?

Corfu can be reached by plane, by Green Buses and Blue Buses or by ferry. From major Greek cities including Athens, Thessaloniki and Larissa, you can take a bus to Igoumenitsa and from there to the picturesque island of Corfu.

Take into account that cab prices on the island are quite expensive. If you like extreme and crazy emotions, rent a car, moped or ATV to move around the island.

What to do?

Corfu island is famous for its original architecture and original culture. Tourists enjoy visiting the fabulous Achillion Palace, which offers mesmerizing views of the island with its pretty capital of Kerkyra, and the Byzantine castle of Angelokastro.

The romantic heart-shaped bay, which is located in Paleokastritsa, is always the center of attention. This amazing landmark with turquoise waters is worth seeing from a height to fully appreciate all its charm.

If you dream of being on the most beautiful beach in a peaceful atmosphere, visit Kassiopi, a village with a rich history dating back to 300 BC. It is easily accessible by bus.

Budget beach vacations in exotic locations: top 9 cool options
The island of Corfu is chosen by many lovers of exoticism for budget beach vacations. Source: Pixels

Well, if your heart desires fun, head to Kavos, the southern part of the island, with its masses of bars and nightclubs. On the purest sandy beach you can enjoy the sun and stunning local scenery for long periods of time. Another plus of vacationing in this location is the lower hotel prices compared to other parts of the island.

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Against the background of other Caribbean countries, Puerto Rico stands out immediately. It invites tourists to have a royal vacation without a big financial outlay. San Juan, the sunny capital of Puerto Rico, is spoiled by the sun and refreshing breath of sea breezes. This city serves as a heavenly haven for picturesque beaches with velvet sand and clear sea waters.

How to get there?

The paradise with the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean can be reached by air from many cities in Canada and the United States. The most flights to this beach destination are organized from New York and Miami. From other U.S. cities it is possible to travel with connections.

What to do in the city?

In the city of San Juan with a stunning nature, it is God said to go surfing. In winter the waves here are much steeper than in summer, so professional surfers come here for a portion of adrenaline in December and February. For new emotions you can always go to the Grandiose Sea Carnival with spectacular actions and impressive costumes.

The exotic area has some of the best beaches to visit in the world. The Saman Peninsula is within easy reach, where travelers can enjoy watching the humpback whales play. Avid fishing enthusiasts are passionate about fishing here on their own or under the guidance of an experienced expert. He provides all the necessary equipment and shares valuable tips with tourists.

Ocean City, Maryland

Ocean City, Maryland invites visitors to plunge into the atmosphere of a serene vacation by the blue ocean. Lovers, singles and couples enjoy visiting these places. There are miles of boardwalks for strolling, and 10 miles of famous beaches with velvet white sand for unforgettable relaxation.

When is the best time to organize a trip?

Ocean City is best visited in the summer, when the weather lavishes travelers with sunshine and warmth. If you want to save money, choose the period of the year starting in September and ending in May to visit popular beaches .

At this time there is no hustle and bustle, and hotel accommodation and entertainment prices are significantly reduced. There are many "No Parking" signs in the city, so it is better to leave your car in the parking lot after arrival.

How to get to the city?

You can quickly get to Ocean City by car or bus. By car you need to take highway 50 in the eastern direction, and buses usually leave here from Washington or Baltimore. In addition, Ocean City has an airport that only serves private flights.

Why it's worth a visit.

Ocean City offers great opportunities for fun activities like swimming in the ocean, playing golf, or visiting water parks. It regularly hosts colorful festivals and concerts on Division Street Beach, where you can recharge your batteries with positivity. Fireworks and watching movies on the beach light up the fires of joy and fun in the eyes of tourists.

The Jolly Roger amusement park offers vacationers fun for the most sophisticated tastes. On the beautiful beach there are many hospitable restaurants and cafes that invite you to taste delicious food and drinks from culinary professionals who are in love with their work. It's worth coming here just for the succulent crab cakes and savory fishcakes.

Cape May, New Jersey

Cape May is a lovely beach town that is located in the southeastern part of the state of New Jersey. It has a small area, but this is compensated for by its popularity among tourists. Here are the TOP beaches in the United States with soft milky white sand and tons of entertainment. Travelers come here to enjoy amazing sunrises and sunsets and wonderful walks through picturesque landscapes.

Budget beach vacations in exotic locations: top 9 cool options
Lovers often come to Cape May for weddings and honeymoons. Source: Pixels

Loving couples have favored this city for weddings and honeymoons. There are many curious historical buildings, museums and art galleries that invite tourists into a world of vivid emotions and impressions.

When is it better to visit Cape May?

Of course, in the summer season Cape May reveals to tourists the whole palette of colors and shades, but if you count on a budget beach vacation, come here in the fall or spring. At this time there are no crowds of tourists, and the pleasant coolness contributes to a wonderful relaxation by the turquoise ocean.

How to get here?

You can get to Cape May by car or bus. Only 2.5 hours drive separates the city from New York or Philadelphia. The Delivery Bridge, which connects the city to the mainland, is a quick drive to the city.

What is there to see and do in Cape May?

The charming town invites visitors to a world of enticing activities. The luxurious Haydens Beach magically attracts travelers with its pleasant setting near the emerald ocean. One can wander around the town for hours, taking in the local sights and peeking into stores with alluring window displays.

Many Cape May hotels, including Angel of the Sea Bed and Breakfast, offer not only a chic vacation on the azure coast, but also mouthwatering breakfasts in bed. Skilled chefs often use oysters mussels and shrimp, as well as succulent fruits and vegetables to prepare specialties. Isn't that enough for you? Then take an exciting wine tour or savor the taste of craft beer at local breweries.

Travelers enjoy visiting the historic lighthouse, the Franklin Street Museum, and the scenic Coconino, State Park, and Cape May Parks for spectacular outdoor walks and picnics. The Harrison Gallery features original paintings by local artists. Families with children and groups of friends are sure to visit the zoo with its amusing fauna.

Helpful Tip! Before visiting museums, galleries and local restaurants, it's best to book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.


Phuket, Thailand

Travelers always rank Thailand as a favorite destination for beach vacations on a tight budget. Usually, more finances are required for the flight, especially if you need to get here from the United States. Amazing beaches with dazzling white sand are famous for Phuket, a friendly city with attractive accommodation prices. Naiton, Racha Yai and Patong are the best beaches to visit in this pretty resort town.

When is the best time to visit?

The best time to visit Phuket on a budget is between November and April, when it's not too hot and there are no heavy rains.

How to get there?

There are several options to get to Phuket conveniently:

  • by airplane, as the city has an international airport that receives flights from around the world;
  • by bus from Bangkok and other cities in Thailand;
  • by train to Surat Thani and then transfer to Phuket.

Useful tips

When traveling to Thailand, you should have cash, as bank cards are not available everywhere. Remember that Phuket is a real paradise for mosquitoes, so do not forget about mosquito nets. Drinking tap water here is not recommended, and it is better to have a supply of bottled water. In local temples in Thailand, it is mandatory to cover your shoulders and legs - this is also important to consider.

What to see?

Phuket is a holiday city with a lot of entertainment. Here you can see the Big Buddha statue, which sits on a mountain, and the marvelous Chalong Temple. At the Silk Ant Museum, tourists learn all the intricacies of silk making in Thailand.

Budget beach vacations in exotic locations: top 9 cool options
In Phuket, everyone will find entertainment to their liking. Source: Pixels

A good Patong beach offers all the benefits of vacationing in the lap of unspoiled nature. Here tourists can enjoy a variety of water sports. If you are a follower of a quiet vacation, be sure to visit Kamala, a wonderful beach in a quiet area of the city. Phuket regularly hosts an extravaganza Fantasia show with rhythmic Thai dances and spectacular acrobatic numbers. There are markets and stores with a wide range of products, zoos, nightclubs and water parks to visit. Don't forget to buy a couple of cute souvenirs for your loved ones in memory of your colorful trip.

Phuket organizes many wonderful excursions for guests, including trips to picturesque islands and lush jungles. Diving is available if desired, enjoying the beauty of the coral reefs and the vibrant life of marine life.

Ocho Rios, Jamaica

A hugely popular travel destination for couples is Jamaica, where exotic nature blends harmoniously with the island's welcoming atmosphere. Ocho Rios is a romantic beach town in Jamaica with excellent beaches of Turtle Beach and Dunns River. Here nature itself has created perfect conditions for swimming and water sports.

When to visit?

For a budget beach vacation, Ocho Rios is best visited in the winter-spring period, when the air temperature usually does not rise above 25 degrees Celsius. At this time, many hotels and restaurants offer good discounts, as the high season here is still considered summer.

How to get there?

The most convenient way to get to Ocho Rios is by cab or a rented car at the airport. You can also get here by bus.

What to do?

Ocho Rios is a fabulous place that invites you to plunge into a world of colorful entertainment. Of course, in the first place here is a beach vacation with magical walks along the endless ocean. If you want to add adrenaline to your vacation in a tropical oasis, take a horseback ride on one of the most popular beaches of Ocho Rios.

Here you can visit the picturesque Dunns River Falls, go rafting, kayaking or banana boating. The house-museum of Christopher Columbus is a special story, from which travelers are simply delighted. No less popular among tourists is the Bob Marley Museum with curious exhibits.

In local cafes and restaurants, smiling culinary professionals offer a huge selection of Jamaican cuisine. Try kari, a tantalizing meat or fish dish with delicate coconut milk, and your taste buds will be very grateful. The crown dish of many gastronomic establishments is Jamaican pie with meat, vegetables and spicy spices. Well, and you should definitely appreciate the taste of VIP drink of these places, called Jamaican rum.

We think you have already felt what your soul aspires to - to fiery dancing in Jamaica or relaxing vacation on a deserted beach in Thailand. For a luxurious beach relaxation, it is not necessary to count on a large sum of money. The main thing is to choose the right season for traveling, book in advance budget hotel rooms, tables in restaurants and tickets for popular entertainment.

Have a great trip! And let the bright emotions of exciting tourist discoveries prevail during your trip!

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