Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City

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Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
Rome's best neighborhoods are charming and welcoming. Source: Freepik

Rome is always a great option for a trip, where ancient ruins harmoniously "neighbor" with ultra-modern architecture. To live in the Eternal City, many travelers choose the historic center with terracotta townhouses of the 17th century, marble fountains and ancient buildings.

Distant from the center districts are no less interesting in tourist terms - among the high-rise buildings of the 60-ies of the last century quietly "slumber" early Christian necropolises and majestic arches. No matter where you choose to stay in Rome, its amazing atmosphere will leave a deep mark on your heart, and perhaps next time you will want to come back here again.

The eternal city opens the doors for travelers to a world of amazing adventures with visits to museums, galleries and shopping malls. We have compiled for you an overview of the best neighborhoods in Rome with chic options for accommodation and entertainment.

Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
Experience the unreal atmosphere of the Eternal City. Source: Pixebay

San Giovanni

First of all, let's visit one of the cool neighborhoods of Rome for a budget visit, the "name" of which is San Giovanni. Its undoubted pluses include good transportation, safety for tourists and the presence of many hotels with inexpensive accommodation. Here you can touch the eternal treasures of Rome and feel the unique aura of local cultural traditions.

San Giovanni is a popular neighborhood of Rome, which is located in the center of Rome. It is famous for its authentic architecture and rich cultural life. There are many attractions here that deserve the attention of tourists. The main one, the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano, is one of the oldest buildings in the Eternal City, which is steeped in many legends and legends. There is a museum with curious historical documents and exhibits.

The next must-see place in San Giovanni is the Church of San Stefano Rotondo. It was built in the 5th century and embodies the best traditions of ancient Roman cathedrals. The interior of the church pleasantly impresses with its original decoration with authentic frescoes and mosaics.

The basilica is not far from the secret Holy Stairs, by which Jesus followed to his crucifixion. San Giovanni is a fairly quiet neighborhood in Rome with a moderate influx of tourists. It offers many affordable accommodation options in good hotels with classic and exclusive interiors.

Rome Central Rooms

When looking for comfortable hotels in Rome, check out the attractive Rome Central Rooms. They are equipped with cozy seating areas and air-conditioning, flat-screen TVs and coffee machines, while the mesmerizing views deserve a compliment.

Rome Central Rooms is within walking distance of San Giovanni Metro Station. Guests here enjoy a shared lounge and free internet access. Rome's cool attractions are not far from the hotel:

  • Church of Santa Maria Maggiore;
  • Nero's Golden House;
  • La Sapienza University and the Colosseum;
  • Cavour metro station

Guests are invited to enjoy continental breakfasts and rich buffet meals at the guest house.

Diamond Apartments

Royal apartments with one or two spacious bedrooms and a cozy living area are located near Ponte Lungo Metro Station. The comfortable kitchenette is equipped with the necessary appliances, utensils and products for preparing food and drinks. Guests of the apartments can stroll through the stores of Via Tuscolana shopping street. Diamond Apartments is only 15 minutes from Ciampino Airport, which is also a short drive away.

Love Suite Roma

If you want to stay in a good hotel in Rome with a clear focus on wellness services, choose the Love Suite Roma. Relax in the hot tub beside your bed in the soft candlelight, followed by a visit to the sauna, which is located right in the room.

Here, travelers can enjoy a wide range of amenities, including continental breakfasts and free Wi-Fi. Chic views from the window are a bonus for travelers. Love Suite Roma is a wonderful option for a dreamy stay.

RomAntic Dreams.

If you are planning to book a room at a great hotel in Rome where romance is off the charts, favor RomAntic Dreams. It is one of the best options with stylish rooms and functional facilities. Guests are offered breakfasts with an abundance of culinary delights. The hotel is close to the metro, which adds to its favorable benefits.

San Giovanni is one of Rome's Top neighborhoods with art galleries and boutiques, restaurants and souvenir shops. While here, be sure to visit the flea market on Via Sannio, which offers a huge selection of vintage decor and furnishings, exclusive clothing and shoes.

Travelers can always head to Via Appia Nuova with great stores and eateries. It is also home to the Laterana Stadium, which acts as the workplace of the Lazio soccer club

Visitors to the good neighborhood of Rome are pleased with the close proximity of the metro station and Termini train station. From here you can reach the Spanish Steps, the Colosseum and the Vatican in just a few minutes.

Centro Storico

Of course, the best neighborhood to stay in Rome is Centro Storico, where the Pantheon, the magnificent Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona are spread out. If visiting the historical sights of the Eternal City comes first for you, then this choice of such a neighborhood in Rome will definitely be optimal.

The historical center is gladly visited by couples in love and families with children, the elderly and single travelers. Here you can perfectly spend a vacation in the circle of loved ones or a weekend full of bright emotions and adventures.

Walking around Centro Storico magically "transports" guests into the historical world of the Eternal City with charming cobblestone streets and cozy alleys. The colorful architecture fills this area of Rome with a special charm and enchantment.

Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
Rome's pretty cobblestone streets are magically appealing to the eye. Source: Freepic

Centro Storico invites travelers to cozy up in hotels with designer interiors and first-class services.

Otivm Hotel

If you want to experience all the perks of royal luxury in one of Rome's best neighborhoods, book a comfortable room at the famous Otivm Hotel. Its cool feature is the charming rooftop terrace with mesmerizing views of the central part of the city with its extraordinary architecture.

Here you can have an appetizing meal while enjoying panoramic views of the cityscapes. Rome 's chic attractions are within walking distance of Otivm Hotel, making it easy for guests to plan their sightseeing at any time of the day.

Singer Palace

If you're looking for a good place to stay in Rome, head straight to Singer Palace. Located within walking distance of the Trevi Fountain, this hotel offers guests a wonderful romantic experience. It features rooms with stylish decor and a cool rooftop restaurant where skilled chefs prepare flavorful food based on signature recipes.

Martis Palace

The Martis Palace offers a royal experience with a spacious rooftop terrace. Guests are happy to book soundproofed rooms with modern technology including flat-screen TVs and air conditioning. The nearby spa offers travelers divine spa treatments.

Guest House Al Conservatorio

Need a budget hotel in Rome? Centro Storico has a surprise for you too - there's the lovely Guest House Al Conservatorio, which is a short walk from the famous Pantheon. Flat-screen TVs with Netflix smart consoles perfectly complement the cozy ambience.


Now let's visit one of Rome's Top Neighborhoods, which is located in the heart of the city, near a picturesque park. There are many attractions and places for a good vacation with luxury hotels.

The Spanish Steps and the baroque Triton Fountain, which adorns Piazza Barberini, are must-sees in Spagna. Check out the Capitoline Museum and stroll through the enigmatic Villa Medici to experience the unique spirit of the Italian capital.

Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
Taste a divine carbonara at one of Spagna's restaurants. Source: Pixebay

Spagna has become a cozy "home" for many cafes and restaurants, snack bars and gelaterias. Here you can appreciate the taste of divine pasta carbonara, grigliata and traditional Italian pizza. Don't forget to treat yourself to delicious Italian coffee and ice cream with juicy fruits and pistachios.

Our tip: Rent bicycles and take a walk around Villa Borghese, which covers a record 80 hectares. A trip like this is perfect for a family outing. And if you want to add some extreme action and fresh impressions to your vacation, take a ride on quad bikes.

Not far from the Spagna neighborhood, Piazza del Popolo is surrounded by many gastronomic establishments. Be sure to visit Acquaroof Terrazza Molinari, where you can sip a glass of red wine while enjoying impeccable views of the surrounding area.

One of the advantages of the neighborhood is the close proximity to the Spagna train and metro station. Termini, the Vatican and the Colosseum can be reached from Spagna in just 15 minutes. For shopping enthusiasts, we recommend a stroll along the picturesque Via Condotti, lined with chic boutiques including Gucci and Dior, Valentino, Tiffany & Co, Armani.

Hotel Mozart

In the heart of Rome, not far from the main shopping street Via del Corso, lurks Hotel Mozart. It offers bright rooms with modern TVs, satellite channels and free internet access. The cool highlight of the hotel is the marvelous rooftop garden, which offers magnificent views of neat residential buildings and luxurious historical buildings of the Eternal City.

Every morning, the hotel restaurant offers its guests a tempting breakfast with divine coffee, crispy cakes and doughnuts with delicate fudge. Rome's famous sights such as the Spanish Steps, the metro station and the Trevi Fountain are just a short distance away.

JK Place Roma

Cozy and elegant accommodation is offered by another good hotel in Rome called JK Place Roma. Here guests are offered appetizing breakfasts with sandwiches, poached eggs and vitamin salads. If desired, guests can order classy food and drinks directly to their room. After a busy day exploring Rome's iconic sites, guests of JK Place Roma usually relax in the hotel's stylish bar.

Tree Charme Parliament Hotel

For a comfortable overnight stay in Rome, many tourists choose the Tree Charme Parliament Hotel, a boutique hotel with well-appointed rooms. It is in a good location, surrounded by the beautiful sights of the Eternal City - the Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps and the Pantheon. It is a relaxing place to stay, with aromatic breakfasts to help you regain your strength before a spectacular walk through a city full of historical riddles and mysteries.

Tritone Top House

Among the top-rated places to stay in Rome, the Spagna district is the Tritone Top House. This guest house with a spacious terrace and detailed interiors invites tourists to relax without paying extra.

The cozy rooms are equipped with TVs and free internet access. Thanks to the well-equipped kitchen areas, travelers can prepare mouthwatering breakfasts and dinners right in the room.


Now we want to tell you a little bit about a safe and original neighborhood of Rome called Prati. It is perfect for those who have long dreamed of seeing the Vatican. Do not hurry to draw conclusions about the fact that it is always noisy and hectic here. Despite the tourist attraction, there is usually a calm atmosphere here, which contributes to a pleasant vacation in the Eternal City.

You can safely come here with children or a loved one - a fantastic experience is guaranteed for everyone. If you do not want to stand in exhausting queues near the Vatican, come here in the early morning. And if your soul is still longing to see the majestic Colosseum, tune in for a 45-minute walk to the famous landmark of the Eternal City.

The Prati district has two metro stations, Ottaviano and Lepanto, which offer quick access to Termini, the Colosseum and the historic city center. The main shopping street, Via Cola di Rienzo, with its large number of high-end stores and brand name boutiques, is always a welcome sight for those who like to stroll and store.

No one goes hungry here either - you can always have a great snack in one of the cafes or snack bars in the neighborhood. And if you want to appreciate all its gastronomic advantages, visit one of its restaurants. A great option for an evening visit with family or a loved one is Il Ragno d'Oro. Here, a sumptuous menu awaits travelers with a rich assortment of meat and fish dishes, nutritious salads and snacks. A quick bite to eat is always available at Pinsa 'Mpò for pizza or Farina Kitchen.

Orazio Palace

Stay at Orazio Palace, with its neat rooms and cute rooftop bar, and you'll long remember this cozy location. A relaxed atmosphere with distinct hints of homey comfort prevails here.

Fluffy bathrobes, modern TVs and free Wi-Fi are just a few of the perks of one of Prati's finest hotels. Its friendly concierges are always happy to help and suggest where to have fun in one of the most popular tourist locations in the world. They help to book exciting excursions that will give a lot of emotions to tourists of different ages.

Hotel Della Conciliazione

If you don't know where to stay near the Vatican yet, book accommodation at Hotel Della Conciliazione with comfortable rooms and royal suites equipped with bright terraces. The hotel is surrounded by cool stores and restaurants with Italian and international cuisine. And yes, the prices are quite reasonable.

Hotel Paolo II

If you are desperately looking for a quiet "island" for rest in the Eternal City, stop your eyes on Hotel Paolo II, which is "nestled" in a cozy courtyard. The rooms are equipped with all the amenities of civilization, and there is a lounge bar for pleasant relaxation.

At the 24-hour front desk you can clarify all current issues. The cool Vatican Museums and Castel Sant'Angelo are just a 15-minute walk away.

Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
There are plenty of cool attractions near Prati neighborhood hotels. Source: Pixebay

St. Peter Central B&B

When looking for a budget hotel in Rome, don't rush past the St. Peter Central B&B. It offers comfortable and well-maintained rooms with TVs and air-conditioning, free internet access and mouth-watering breakfasts at the café nearby. The metro is close by, offering convenient access to Rome's best attractions.


Not far from the historic center is another good neighborhood of Rome, called Trastevere. There are many curious places here that beginners and avid travelers should not miss.

A worthy advantage of the neighborhood is the tempting and varied cuisine presented in restaurants with an authentic atmosphere. Here you can sample delicious Roman cuisine with an abundance of savory appetizers and airy pastries. While in Trastevere, be sure to check out Nannarella and Tavernetta 29.

One of Rome's best neighborhoods, there are plenty of bars where you can sample exotic cocktails and de-stress. Locals and tourists alike are always welcome here.

Strolling through the cozy streets of the district, enjoy the unique flavor of historical buildings and picturesque places of the city. Be sure to take time to visit the Basilica of Santa Maria in Trastevere, which is located on the square of the same name. It was founded in 340 by Pope Julius, and over time the structure has been transformed and renovated many times.

The interior of the structure is divided into three majestic naves. The divine atmosphere is supported by a gilded ceiling with impressive frescoes depicting the Virgin Mary and mosaics.

The Piazza Trilussa is another highlight of the neighborhood. It is decorated with a monument to the Roman poet Carlo Alberto Salustri, and thanks to the many cafes and restaurants here you can always indulge in culinary delights from talented chefs.

The square is notable for the fact that art exhibitions are often organized on its grounds. If you're a fan of a cool, adventurous party, visit the square in the evening, when many young people gather here. After the sun goes down, the square is filled with singing and laughter, and street musicians lavishly share their talents with the night travelers.

Another iconic location in the area is Gianicolo Hill, which offers incredible views of the city's surroundings. Thousands of tourists constantly flock here to enjoy the charm of the scenic area. Sunsets are especially beautiful here, with many shades of purple, gold and orange. Photos against their backdrop are simply magnificent.

Don't forget to visit the IL Mausoleo Ossario Gianicolense memorial and the famous Dell'Acqua Paola fountain. And don't be intimidated by the daily cannon shots in the area - this ritual has long since become a traditional ritual.

If you are a supporter of high art of the Renaissance, you will probably be interested in Villa Farnesina, which was built in the early 16th century. This structure is striking for its original exterior and interior decoration with many man-made frescoes.

Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
The frescoes and mosaics of the temples of Rome are admirable and inspiring. Source: Pixebay

Among them, the fresco of the Triumph of Galatea, created by Raphael himself, is a must-see. There is also the Museum of Architecture and Painting, the National Cabinet of Prints, as well as the Institute of Graphic Arts, which, however, is not open to outsiders. The villa is framed by a picturesque garden with fruit trees, which in spring pleases travelers with delicate blossoms of apples, cherries and peaches.

Walking across the Fabricho Bridge, you can get to another fabulous location between the picturesque banks of the Tiber River. There is the mysterious Basilica of San Bartolomeo, erected in the 1st century and the Caetani Tower, dating back to the 10th century. It's not uncommon for the area to host extravaganza movie nights and festivals that excite the imagination of visitors.

If you have long wanted to be alone with nature, immersed in your dreams, be sure to visit the Botanical Gardens, founded in 1883. Crystal clear air, original architectural compositions and lush trees create a harmonious ensemble with magical energy. More than 3000 species of plants are represented here with magnificent roses and palms, Japanese garden and bamboo grove.

Perhaps someone will be saddened by the lack of a metro station in the Trastevera area, but this is successfully compensated for by the ample public transportation with buses and streetcars.

Tree Charme

A comfortable overnight stay is offered by Tree Charme, a famous Rome hotel located on a landscaped riverside. From here you can enjoy beautiful views of emerald groves and the velvety river surface. In addition to cozy rooms, there is a spacious terrace for pleasant outdoor relaxation. Only a few minutes' walk separates the hotel from the historic center.

Villa Agrippina

If having a luxurious spa area is an important criterion for you when choosing accommodation, then you should consider a great place to stay in Rome called Villa Agrippina. In addition to a Jacuzzi and sauna, there's a turquoise pool for relaxing dips and a lounge bar with chilled drinks. Well, and the undoubted plus of the hotel, of course, are the colorful views of the Vatican.

Top Floor Trastevere

Top Floor Trastevere guest house invites travelers to spend a night in a cozy atmosphere and enjoy traditional Roman hospitality. Impeccable service, a comfortable lounge area and free internet access are just a few of the establishment's advantages that definitely deserve the attention of travelers.

TrastEver Holiday

All the requirements of a budget vacation in Rome corresponds to the hotel TrastEver Holiday, which is located within walking distance from Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere. For travelers, the hotel has carefully prepared rooms with practical amenities, and in the common kitchen area you can always prepare fragrant tea or coffee.


If your first priority in Rome is to visit the Colosseum, come straight to Rome's cool Monti neighborhood, which is close to the Eternal City's iconic landmark. Immediately we want to clarify that for such walks it is worth choosing morning hours, when there is no large influx of tourists and you can quietly enjoy the charm of the ancient structure.

Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
Choose the Monti neighborhood if you've long dreamed of living near the Colosseum. Source: Freepik

A visit to the Vatican is better planned for the next day, so as not to overload yourself with physical exertion and vivid impressions. You can reach it within an hour, and on the way you will find many curious monuments of the colorful capital of Italy. The specialty of the district is that ancient ruins are in harmony with trendy boutiques, residential buildings and creative cafes.

The Monti district has two metro stations, Colosseo and Cavour. They provide quick connections to the Vatican and Termini Station. There are many restaurants with original menus featuring sumptuous Italian and international cuisine. Stunning carbonara is served at Ce Stamo a Pensà, and if you fancy an authentic Italian pizza, check out La Prezzemolina with its light, friendly atmosphere.

Jacuzzi Colosseum

Book an apartment in Rome called Jacuzzi Colosseum and you can enjoy wonderful views and tonic water treatments. Here you can have an appetizing breakfast on the balcony, getting special pleasure from every second you live.

The Inn At The Roman Forum

Not far from the Roman Forum with its ancient ruins is another good place to stay in Rome. Rooms here have royal amenities and the rooftop terrace serves Italian-style breakfasts.

Nazionale 51 Group

Don't look long for budget accommodation in the Monti neighborhood, but book rooms at Nazionale 51 Group right away. It has spacious and well-maintained rooms with en suite bathrooms, functional appliances and free internet access. Appetizing breakfasts are served here, and you can enjoy a sumptuous lunch or dinner in one of the restaurants surrounding the hotel.

Colosseum Corner

The Colosseum Corner Guest House is another top-rated place to stay in Rome. It's no wonder, as it offers stunning views of the ancient Colosseum or Piazza Venezia. It has all the amenities of civilization, including internet access and flat-screen TVs.


If you have a small budget but are planning a bright and memorable vacation in Rome, be sure to visit the Esquilino district. The Termini train station is located here, so travelers who visit the Italian capital in transit are happy to come here.

The Esquilino neighborhood has a clear eclectic trend in commercial and gastronomic trends. Piazza Vittorio showcases the Chinese-Italian community with many retail outlets and cool restaurants. If you're a fan of Central Asian or African cuisine, the Esquilino neighborhood has tempting offerings for you as well.

Our tip: Be extra cautious in this neighborhood, as there are always a lot of pickpockets and scammers. There is no need to worry about its general safety - staying here does not pose any particular threat to tourists.

La Casa Di Amy

Do not "wander" for a long time on tourist sites in search of a suitable option for accommodation in Esquilino. We suggest you to pay attention to the neat rooms of La Casa Di Amy, accommodation in which will not turn you into a beggar.

The institution is located within walking distance from the train station, so it is often chosen by tourists coming to the Italian capital to solve work issues. Free sweets and hot coffee are a pleasant bonus for guests.

Vinci House

Checking into the hotel with the original name Vinci House, travelers instantly get several advantages, including proximity to the train station, the historic Colosseum and the amazing Trevi Fountain.


If you're interested in a comfortable hotel with attractive rates, check out Ulysses in Rome. Here guests are welcomed by a friendly host who knows a lot about luxury and appetizing cuisine.

Travelers here are pampered with divine coffee and crisp pastries, exotic juices and juicy fruits. Internet access is a welcome addition to the amenities of a great Rome hotel.


If you appreciate the successful combination of old buildings with authentic history and hipster street art, you'll probably be interested in Rome's cool Testaccio neighborhood. The shopping scene is intense here, thanks to the presence of a lively market with a variety of goods.

Hustle and bustle, usual for noisy locations of Rome, is not observed here. Walking along its cozy streets, you can meet couples in love with bouquets of flowers, simple workers and small children with melting ice cream.

And of course, what's a trip without mouth-watering delicacies? Try in local restaurants juicy pasta with cheese and shrimp, delicate desserts with cream, condensed milk and fruit, and you can easily answer the question where is the culinary paradise.

The Testaccio neighborhood has the Piramine metro station, four stops away from the train station and the enigmatic Colosseum.

Sweet Home Piramine

Cozy and bright accommodations can be found at Sweet Home Piramine, a well-rated Rome hotel. Everything for peaceful relaxation is here, from elegant furnishings to practical appliances. Thanks to the availability of car and bicycle rentals, it is quickly possible to organize an outing around the ancient city here.

Top 8 Rome neighborhoods: cool hotels, restaurants and attractions in the Eternal City
Take a stroll through the cozy streets of Rome to find peace of mind. Source: Pixebay

Fauno Urban Resort

If you want to stay in the heart of Rome, choose Fauno Urban Resort with its seasonal outdoor pool. There are plenty of places to enjoy your leisure time: a bar and lounge area, a terrace and a lush garden with fragrant flower beds.

Cuore di Florio

On the banks of the tranquil Tiber River, you can always stay overnight in the Cuore di Florio apartment with a king bedroom, spacious living room and two bathrooms. There is air conditioning, free internet access and a well-equipped kitchen with microwave and dishwasher. This option is perfect for those planning a trip for three or four people.

Villa San Pio

If you associate a chic vacation with a luxurious villa with an unobtrusive vintage vibe, book a stay at Hotel Villa San Pio. It features rooms with designer interiors and modern technology. The hotel's front desk is open 24 hours a day, offering guests the opportunity to rent bicycles or go on a chic tour of the city.

Let's end our walk through Rome's best neighborhoods here for now, so as not to bore you too much and leave room for intrigue. This ancient city opens to travelers many historical secrets, enveloping them in a charming aura with the "aroma" of domestic warmth and comfort.

Keep our selection of the Top Rated Rome neighborhoods to quickly find the right options for excursions and comfortable accommodation while traveling.

Have a bright and unforgettable leisure time in the Eternal City!

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