Top 11 Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas: Experience culinary delight in the glittering city's chic locations

By Valentina BaturinetsApr 23, 2024 08:03 AMLas Vegas
Top 11 Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas: Experience culinary delight in the glittering city's chic locations
Las Vegas buffets delight tourists with a variety of cuisines. Source: Freepik

The idea of the first buffets belongs to casino owners, who were interested in keeping gamblers in the walls of their establishments for a long time, in order to get more profit. The first institution of this type appeared in 1940 in El Rancho Vegas, on the Strip. Its "name" Chuck Wagon gradually became associated with light buffets of the buffet type.

Now we would like to introduce you to the best Las Vegas buffets with marvelous cuisine. Here you can find savory delicacies of American and international cuisine with an emphasis on hearty author's dishes and tempting drinks.

These days, establishments with succulent buffet appetizers have become more stylish. They are decorated with designer furniture and carefully selected decor, and the menu never ceases to amaze with fresh meat and seafood novelties.

We invite you on a fascinating journey through the Top Buffets of Las Vegas with appetizing cuisine and exemplary service.

Top 11 Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas: Experience culinary delight in the glittering city's chic locations
Las Vegas buffets are the epitome of fine dining. Source: Freepik

The Buffet at Wynn

The first establishment we'll be checking out today has the colorful name of The Buffet at Wynn. This cute restaurant with a classy buffet in Las Vegas is charming both inside and out. It is accessed by a scenic pathway framed by lush palm trees and lush greenery.

Upon entering, guests are pleasantly impressed by the harmonious decoration of the dining room with elegant furniture and cute decorations. The doors of 16 culinary stations with flavorful delights from skilled cooks are cordially open to travelers.

Try the eggs Benedict and grilled steakhouse steaks here. For brunch, which takes place here from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m., be sure to order the red velvet pancakes, crab legs and the signature king lobster.

Market Buffet

One of Las Vegas' coolest buffets can be found at the Market Place Buffet a whopping 12,000 square feet. It is comfortably located in the vibrant Summerlin neighborhood in the northwest part of Vegas. The Market Place Buffet features cozy patio relaxation areas. Italian and Oriental delicacies are featured. The pizza with mushrooms, cheese and olives is simply divine here.

The Market offers a diverse menu with juicy ribs and flavorful sweets to suit all tastes. There are sumptuous champagne brunches, and on Saturdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m., guests are treated to a sumptuous Aloha Night Dinner with plenty of savory Hawaiian cuisine.

Bacchanal Buffet

One of the coolest buffets in Vegas is presented at the Bacchanal Buffet restaurant. It is located near the Bellagio Chocolate Fountain and welcomes guests into a spacious dining room with glass partitions and a weightless atmosphere. The menu includes more than 100 dishes from different cuisines of the world.

Enjoy crispy lechon and grilled oysters, chapeche dumplings and unrivaled quesadilla of duck carnitas. Order the extraordinary gabi leaf stew and the Mimosa cocktail, which is among Caesars Palace Bacchanal Buffet's Top Drinks. And don't forget the Nutella pancakes - they are simply gorgeous here.


According to many travelers, a good Las Vegas buffet is offered at AYCE. There is a rich assortment of both traditional and exclusive dishes, the mere sight of which whets the appetite of guests. Indulge in pineapple glazed ham, crispy sweet corn tofu tamale and eggplant caponata. In addition to mouthwatering food, guests are encouraged to participate in fun themed evenings here.

Top 11 Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas: Experience culinary delight in the glittering city's chic locations
Stop by AYCE to enjoy the finest in cuisine. Source: Freepik

Every day of the week is marked with something special. For example, on Wednesdays and Thursdays the AYCE Buffet restaurant offers lobsters in huge quantities. On Friday it serves tender ribs with spicy sauce and snow crabs masterfully prepared by culinary experts. On weekends there is a special movement with Sunday brunch, where divine wines and champagne flow.

Señor Frog's Restaurant

If you're looking for a luxury buffet in Las Vegas, check out Señor Frog's, a restaurant with a huge variety of food and drinks. The menu with a pronounced American accent is presented here. The highlight of the place is an open bar with specialty cocktails and live performances of artists.

MGM Grand Buffet

Continuing our journey through the best Vegas buffets, let's visit MGM Grand Buffet. Here you can savor delicious scrambled eggs with bacon and French waffles with whipped cream and strawberries. Fried turkey and ham, barbecue chicken and shrimps decorate the guests' dining tables.

The beverage selection here is excellent, too, including an extensive wine list, chocolate frappe, iced tea and coffee. The main features of the restaurant are a warm welcome and attractive prices for the food and drinks on offer. After a hearty lunch or dinner, take a stroll through the streets of Vegas with a tour of the Casino Legends Hall of Fame, which is nearby.


Fine dining buffets in Las Vegas can be found at Bellagio, a restaurant that showcases culinary masterpieces from different cuisines around the world. It is located near the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art. Try here sushi and ribs Florentine style and Tatar steak, brisket with rosemary and smoked salmon. Lamb in pistachio crust here is simply marvelous and you should definitely try it.

Margarita, Mimosa and champagne take the crown among the cocktails of the facility. Order bread pudding, ice-cream and cheesecake at Bellagio and your taste buds will "spread a grateful smile".

Wicked Spoon

When Wicked Spoon first opened, diners found analogies to the old-fashioned way of serving buffet food. In the original plates, guests are served shrimp and grits and macaroni and cheese with vegetables.

With one of the best buffets in Las Vegas, Wicked Spoon features a unique seasonal menu with a frequently changing selection of dishes. Be sure to try the pumpkin risotto here with a harmonious blend of ingredients and flavorful spices.

Border Grill

If you're a fan of an unconventional approach to cooking, check out Border Grill for Mexican-inspired gastronomic delights. Here, guests are invited to enjoy a Vegas buffet with French toast horchata and sandwiches with salmon, eggs Benedict and chilaquiles.

Top 11 Buffet Restaurants in Las Vegas: Experience culinary delight in the glittering city's chic locations
Border Grill delights guests with sumptuous Mexican delights. Source: Freepik

Border Grill Catering with charismatic chefs Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger invites guests into a world of sumptuous appetizers and salads made with natural products. Try here rice and beans cooked according to Mexican recipes, delicate tortillas and flavorful salsa. If you wish, you can order delicious food and drinks at home. Prices in Border Grill are affordable, and the service is always on top.

Circus Circus

The cozy restaurant Circus Circus invites guests to appreciate the varied buffet menu in Las Vegas. There are areas for omelettes, slices, and kid-friendly dishes like corn dogs and macaroni and cheese.

Note the huge variety of salads and desserts at Circus Circus. This is a great option for a family vacation, after your visit you can go for a walk in Circus Circus Adventuredome Theme Park.

Dine on airy omelettes and fried chicken, Italian pasta and flavorful donuts here. Wash it down with vitamin juice, coffee or lemonade and your stomach will be "satisfied".


Chic buffet in Las Vegas is presented in Luxor, one of the best restaurants in the city. Here stone columns and Egyptian interior elements look harmoniously. Authentic style of the institution successfully emphasizes the uniform of waiters, which evokes associations with archeological excavations.

The restaurant invites guests to visit a cool 30-foot long salad bar with a wide variety of appetizers for every taste. The in-house bakery makes wonderful pizzas with original combinations of ingredients.

We have been pleased to compile for you an overview of the best buffets in Las Vegas. Now it will be easy for you to choose a gastronomic institution with a rich assortment of salads, appetizers and desserts. Each of them is worthy of your attention and visit.

Enjoy your culinary experiences and extravagant emotions in the shining Las Vegas!

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