Coffee shops in Amsterdam: top 10 licensed cannabis cafes

By Tetiana PavlichenkoJul 4, 2023 16:22 PMAmsterdam
Coffee shops in Amsterdam: top 10 licensed cannabis cafes
Each Amsterdam coffee shop has its own unique atmosphere . Source: Image

Amsterdam is a popular tourist destination thanks to its beautiful architecture, vibrant nightlife, diverse attractions and delicious food. But it's also associated with quirky museums and bars, the Red Light District, and, of course, coffee shops. And yes, we're not just talking about trendy latte art or aromatic croissants. One of the main attractions is the unique coffee shops in Amsterdam that serve cannabis. When travelling to this city, most tourists include such coffee shops in the list of must-see places.

The best coffee shops in Amsterdam have an individual atmosphere and offer an extensive menu of marijuana as well as regular dishes. But they are also popular creative and social centres. See which of the 10 best coffee shops in Amsterdam you would like to include in your tourist itinerary.

1. Grey Area

This coffee shop is noted for its exceptional quality of products. No wonder it has been hosting famous guests for a long time, including Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. If you are a beginner or want to try something new, you will appreciate the excellent training and knowledge of the staff. Each guest can count on personalised service and individual offers. The menu includes many high-quality, award-winning cannabis varieties. Visitors are also offered glass bongs, a free Volcano vaporiser, and free organic coffee.

This place is one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam, but at the same time, its premises are quite small and have only a few seats. You can avoid the queue if you visit Grey Area at noon.

2. The Bulldog The First

Coffee shops in Amsterdam: top 10 licensed cannabis cafes
The interior of the coffee shop is decorated with photos of celebrities and messages from guests over the years. Source: Image

When exploring the oldest coffee shops in Amsterdam, start with The Bulldog The First. Today it is a cosy shop with two floors, a gift shop and a patio. But the history of this place began in 1974 with a basement in a former sex shop with a makeshift living room for friends to smoke weed in secret. Now you can see memorabilia from the days of underground coffee shops.

The menu includes speciality products and tinctures, as well as snacks, desserts and drinks. This iconic coffee shop is located in the Red Light District, so it's usually crowded, especially on weekends.

3. Barney's Coffeeshop

The fashionable Haarlemmerstraat is home to many restaurants, cafes and trendy clothing stores, as well as one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam. The coffee shop is located in a historic 16th-century building with a green facade and is decorated in the style of an old pharmacy. The perfect smoking atmosphere is complemented by quirky aesthetics and first-class service.

Visitors are offered a wide range of exclusive varieties of weed and hashish, so this place is more expensive than most other coffee shops. But it has won several awards from High Times magazine and is very popular despite its high price. If the small coffee shop runs out of seats, move on to the smoking bar Barney's Uptown across the street.

4. La Tertulia

One of the main advantages of this coffee shop is its location in a popular tourist area near the famous Nine Streets and next to the Anne Frank House. La Tertulia is a family-run establishment that stands out from other good coffee shops in Amsterdam for its more relaxed atmosphere. Its interior is notable for its abundance of plants, "crystal garden" and indoor waterfall. The coffee shop's menu includes a great selection of cannabis and hashish, as well as hot and refreshing drinks and snacks.

The coffee shop is located on two levels. We recommend sitting on the upper level, which is flooded with sunlight, to smoke, watch people by the canal, have a snack of toast and hot chocolate, and soak up the local calming atmosphere.

5. Original Dampkring

This place has already been visited by several Hollywood celebrities. When looking at the best coffee shops in Amsterdam, you can't miss this attractive coffee shop with a wooden facade. It is often recommended as a showcase cafe during tourist excursions. The interior is decorated in Buddhist and Arabian motifs with a spacious and bright room.

The menu of this coffee shop can shock even experienced smokers with a long list of types of weed and hashish with a detailed description of the smell, taste and effects so that visitors understand exactly what they are buying. It is complemented by delicious milkshakes, cakes and cookies. This place is always popular, so be prepared for a short wait if you visit during peak hours.

6. Abraxas coffeeshop

Another one of the most famous coffee shops in Amsterdam is located in a small alley next to Dam Square. It's a great place with two beautifully decorated floors, wood carvings and a warm atmosphere that's perfect for relaxing after a day of sightseeing. There are also several computers and free internet, chess boards and plenty of space.

The menu has a wide variety of cannabis varieties - from classic ones like Orange Bud to legendary ones like Amnesia Haze. This is a good choice if you are visiting coffee shops in Amsterdam for the first time. That's why there are always a lot of visitors, including tourists. In the evening, the coffee shop is full, but during the day you can find a free table.

7. Green House United


Coffee shops in Amsterdam: top 10 licensed cannabis cafes
This coffee shop is often visited by celebrities. Source: Image

This iconic coffee shop offers potent herbs at solid prices. It's located in the heart of the Red Light District, a 5-minute walk from Dam Square by the picturesque canal. Green House United has already won the Cannabis Cup more than 30 times, outperforming other top coffee shops in Amsterdam. This place is popular with celebrities, so its visitors could see Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, Xzibit, Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson or Pink here.

Green House United offers its visitors excellent varieties of cannabis and hashish, a large selection of drinks, and some of the best burgers in the city. It's worth a visit even if only for the beautiful interior with mosaic stones, blown glass lamps and a large aquarium with exotic fish. Around it are about 10 tables of various sizes with high chairs and comfortable benches, where you can relax, smoke and enjoy the view of the canal or aquarium.

8. Katsu Coffeeshop

This place is unlike any other coffee shop in Amsterdam due to its homely atmosphere. The interior is decorated in boho chic style and resembles a quaint living room. There is plenty of space, you can stroll through the smoking room decorated with artwork or pass the time under the sun on the cosy terrace. Katsu Coffee House is located in a quiet, picturesque area of de Pip, and there are no noisy crowds of tourists that besiege other famous coffee houses in Amsterdam.

This coffee shop offers Jamaican and Mexican cannabis varieties and local strains, a diverse selection of smoking accessories, and a range of regular and herbal teas, fruit juices, soft drinks and excellent Italian coffee. This is a good example of a coffee shop and a social space: guests can visit the coffee shop gallery, play games, take part in conversational meetings and watch major sporting events on TV.

9. Paradox

This place perfectly captures the chilled atmosphere of a classic Amsterdam coffee shop, which distinguishes it from other popular "commercial" establishments with neon signs that attract tourists. The calm interior with wooden tables and restrained décor is more reminiscent of a typical corner cafe. This seemingly very simple coffee shop is located in what used to be the stables of the Amsterdam Fire Department. If you are looking for a calm and cosy place to indulge in some top-notch weed while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Amsterdam canals, this is the place for you.

The menu at Paradox is aimed at customers who prefer quality over quantity. It features about 7 varieties of weed and 6 types of hashish, as well as the famous space cakes with a gram of weed inside. They are not only delicious, but also truly stunning. Guests can also order toast until 17:00 and cocktails until 20:00.

10. Amnesia

This place completes our top ten coffee shops in Amsterdam, but that doesn't make it any worse than the rest. The small coffee shop with stylish dark red decor and pleasant music resembles a trendy New York nightclub of the 60s. Visitors can sit both inside and on benches outside on a nice little terrace to watch the boats moving along the Herengracht Canal.

This coffee shop has participated in many cannabis competitions and now offers a menu with award-winning varieties, including many modern strains - local and imported from the USA. Some of them are 100% organic. There are also quite rare varieties that you won't find in other top coffee shops in Amsterdam, such as Acapulko Gold. Amnesia also serves cakes and pastries and amazingly delicious milkshakes.

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