Exquisite bioluminescent beaches of the world to visit

By TravelWiseMar 14, 2024 20:30 PMNews
Exquisite bioluminescent beaches of the world to visit
Look at this magnificent sight: it's worth it. Source: pexels

Do you dream of dancing under the stars at night amidst sparkling and magical surroundings? Well, some coveted destinations in the world can make your dreams come true.

There are many beaches where you can see glowing waves, known as bioluminescence, caused by microorganisms emitting light in the water. Newsbytesapp.com has prepared five exquisite bioluminescent beaches around the world.

Halong Bay in Vietnam

One of the most beautiful bioluminescent beaches in Vietnam in Quang Ninh Province, Halong Bay is known for its stunning natural beauty and emerald waters.

The best time to observe this magical phenomenon is in the late afternoon when the lights on the boats are turned off. Surrounded by cliffs, caves, and limestone islands, this beach is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Toyama Bay in Japan

Toyama Beach, located on the northern coast of the Hokuriku region of Honshu Island in Japan, is known for the species of firefly squid that emit a glowing light along the bay. These squids considered a delicacy in Japan, are three inches long and live at a depth of 1,200 feet underwater.

The bioluminescence occurs when millions of squid come together to fertilize and lay eggs.

Ton Sai in Krabi, Thailand

While in Thailand, don't forget to visit the stunning and tranquil Ton Sai Beach, which will fascinate you with its incredible bioluminescent spectacle.

The bioluminescence here is caused by plankton, which illuminates the area like magic dust. You can also enjoy hiking and rock climbing, golden sand, and crystal clear water all day long.

Exquisite bioluminescent beaches of the world to visit
The brightest bioluminescent beach in the world - Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico. Source: Pexels

Mosquito Bay in Puerto Rico

Located in Puerto Rico, Mosquito Bay is the most beautiful bioluminescent beach in the world, which is a must-see for tourists. In 2008, the Guinness Book of Records recognized this beach as the brightest bioluminescent beach in the world.

Microscopic organisms present in local waters make the water blue and shiny. It contains up to 160,000 microscopic dinoflagellates per liter of liquid.

Reethi Beach in the Maldives

One of the most visited shining beaches in the Maldives, Reethi Beach will amaze you with its magnificent bioluminescent views. Located in a UNESCO biosphere reserve on Baa Atoll on Fonimagoodhoo Island, Maldives, you can try several water sports while enjoying your stay at the cozy resort.

You can also see a stunning sunset here or go for a walk around the islands.

Earlier TravelWise reported that Tripadvisor named the best beaches in the world.

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