The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature

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The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature
The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature

If you dream of enjoying an exclusive trip with a vivid experience, go to luxury safari camps and lodges in Africa. These unique locations emphasize on protecting the pristine charm of natural landscapes and preserving the environment.

If you want to experience something special, put your business on the back burner and come to one of Africa's popular safari camps. They act as a great alternative to classic hotels with brick walls and expensive furniture.

Even panoramic windows cannot replace the romance that is given by cozy lodges filled with first-class amenities and dreamy atmosphere. Unforgettable adventures await you here in the lap of unspoiled nature with picturesque rivers and majestic waterfalls.

The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature
Safari camps in Africa give tourists an invaluable experience with nature. Source: Freepik

We invite you into the world of the best safari camps and lodges in Africa, ranging from Hemingway-style mobile tented camps to spacious suites in natural areas with stunning floral safaris. These locations provide travelers with a host of pleasurable experiences surrounded by unspoiled landscapes.

Let's take a quick "plunge" into the world of Africa's best safari camps and lodges to de-stress and renew ourselves spiritually.

Matetsi Victoria Falls

Zimbabwe's private reserve is home to the picturesque Matetsi Falls, which magically attracts guests eager to experience a vivid experience. Here, guests are invited to check into a royal River House villa with several bedrooms or suites with private pools, which are "scattered" along the picturesque riverbank.

In addition to comfortable accommodation, one of the best safari camps in Africa makes a significant contribution to the protection of a record 136,000 acre conservation area. Only 40 km separate travelers from the famous waterfall, which adorns the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Here, guests are invited to take part in chic boat and off-road vehicle rides accompanied by professional guides who are in love with the magic of the local nature. At dawn and before sunset, travelers are very likely to see noble elephants and buffalos. Hippos and crocodiles can easily be found here basking in the sun.

Add to this sumptuous local and international cuisine, served both indoors and outdoors by courteous waiters, and your vacation picture is perfect.

The magical atmosphere at Matetsi is helped by spa treatments using natural ingredients, including beneficial essential oils. Wellness therapists are excited to tap into the rich heritage of African healers in a chic retreat.

Wilderness DumaTau

Let's visit another popular safari camp in Africa that graces the pool at Duma Tau. It is set in the Linyanti Private Wildlife Reserve, near the delta of the scenic Okavango Delta. The protected area covers 300,000 acres and seamlessly transitions into the Chobe National Park.

The camp originates at the headwaters of the Savute Canal, home to herds of elephants. Travelers are fascinated to watch the wild animals as they cross the mainland and stroll quietly through swampy islands of emerald greenery. Staying in luxury suites with individual swimming pools and tropical showers are brightened by amazing landscapes with calmly walking hippos and other species of tropical animals.

The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature
Duma Tau is a paradise with exotic plants and animals. Source: Pixels

On the outdoor terrace, under the shade of mangosteen trees, it is so pleasant to enjoy the charm of the local nature with a glass of exotic cocktail. One of Africa's best safari camps, located in the Duma Tau Basin, works hard to preserve the pristine beauty of the protected area. It protects the region's Red Book fauna from extinction. These include the agile antelope, wild dogs and majestic elephants.

Singita Sabora Tented Camp

Among thecool areas for recreation in Africa, an honorable place is occupied by Singita Sabora Tented Camp, which found a cozy "shelter" in the Grumeti Reserve of Tanzania. Under his "reliable wing" it was taken by Paul Tudor Jones, who rented the Grumeti Reserve and arranged an excellent safari camp in Africa Singita Sabora.

Five resorts with unique lodges with natural materials predominating in the interiors blend harmoniously into the scenic area of the reserve. In 2020, the lodges underwent a radical renovation, whereby vintage furnishings from the 1920s were harmoniously complemented by modern, minimalist furniture. Mahogany antiques and Persian carpets add a special elegance to the rooms.

Mint green and malachite shades prevail in the houses, which are in harmony with the herbal motifs of the surrounding nature. The dwellings are adorned with authentic handmade decorative elements.

Tourists are cordially offered 9 lovely tented suites with comfortable pantries and individual terraces with yoga mats. Here you can relax amidst the magical African nature and exercise if you wish.

In addition to royal accommodations, the Top Safari Lodges in Africa offer guests tempting meals from graduates of the local Grumeti Cooking School. They lovingly prepare savory delicacies of African cuisine for guests using sustainable products and signature recipes. Appetizing lunch or dinner can be enjoyed in the open space near the lodges or in the forest with lush trees.

Travelers' leisure time at Singita Sabora is always vibrant with safaris and walks through mesmerizing local landscapes or a visit to RISE, a state-of-the-art research center that specializes in conservation.

Jack's Camp

Prominent among Africa's popular safari camps and lodges is Jack's Camp, nestled in the Kalahari Desert. Tourists are cordially presented 9 luxurious suites with massive beds with flowing canopies and original textiles in noble burgundy colors. Travelers enjoy riding quad bikes through the wilderness, where antelopes roam carefree and meerkats "meditate" in the sun.

The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature
Jack's Camp invites travelers to ride ATVs through the wild landscapes of Africa. Source: Pixels

In one of the spacious tents with artwork that the Bousfield family has carefully collected over the years, guests are invited to savor mouth-watering African and international cuisine. The sumptuous menu features both traditional dishes and specialties from skilled culinary artists.

Jack's Camp is a safari camp with an exclusive atmosphere and original designer interiors, where you can spend an unforgettable time surrounded by marvelous landscapes.

Jabali Ridge

Anothercool 7,800-mile safari camp in Africa is located in Ruaha National Park. Its specialty is the opportunity to observe lions in their natural habitat. You can also easily see graceful leopards sleeping in trees or lizards crawling on the ground.

In summer and fall, animals flock to the depressions that are formed after the Ruaha River and its tributaries dry up. This time offers travelers a unique opportunity to encounter cheetahs and sables, wild dogs and kudu.

It's no coincidence that the famous Asilia Africa company chose the Ruaha Valley to set up cool safari lodges in Africa. Jabali Ridge opened here in 2017 with 8 luxurious suites. Their interiors are decorated in understated tones that maximize the natural hues of the surrounding area. Filled with sunlight and homely comfort, the rooms are ideal for romantic vacations just the two of you and enjoyable family getaways.

Shipwreck House

On the Skeleton Coast in Namibia is a cozy African safari camp called Shipwreck Lodge. Here guests are presented with 10 royal suites with a harmonious combination of wooden and glass interior elements.

Shipwreck Lodge is part of the renowned Natural Selection collection of safari lodges. It covers an area of 300 miles and offers travelers a chic tourist experience with dune walks and ATV tours.

Here, vacationers can explore coastal seal colonies and exotic vegetation. Coming here, you can have no doubt about the high level of service in the bosom of the virgin nature of hot Africa.

Mwiba Lodge

In the Mwiba Wildlife Reserve, which is located in sunny Tanzania, spreads another good place for a vacation in Africa. This is Mwiba Lodge, which reveals to tourists a unique opportunity to be part of a busy life in 125,000 acres of wilderness.

The luxurious lodge boasts elite accommodations in 10 suites. Sturdy canvas fabric and glass have been used to furnish them, and carefully selected décor helps fill the rooms with charming coziness. The royal lodges are surrounded by majestic boulders and evergreen tropical plants.

There's always something for travelers to do here, thanks to the spa and fitness center with exercise machines, azure pool and spacious wine cellar with exquisite drinks.

Visitors are thrilled to see wildebeest and African predators including lions and cheetahs. The huge variety of activities includes guided hikes, exciting helicopter tours and hot air balloon rides. If you're a fan of a relaxing vacation, you'll probably enjoy seeing the many-faceted sunrises and sunsets with a vibrant palette of hues.

Ol Donyo Lodge

Now, let's move on to the Chyulu Hills National Park, which is nobly spread out in Kenya. Here, 270,000 acres of land is occupied by another great African vacation spot by the "name" of Donyo Lodge.

It offers guests well-maintained safari lodges with individual swimming pools and huge outdoor beds. Here you can feel part of a vast natural landscape with "wild" and scenery and a romantic atmosphere.

In addition to a peaceful stay in safari lodges in Africa, travelers are happy to go on rides and take grand tours on foot and off-road vehicles in the surrounding area. If you're inspired by outdoor activities, take a mountain bike ride on the scenic roads of the Chyulu Hills National Park or make an extreme ascent of Mount Kilimanjaro.

A Kenya safari camp vacation will help you find peace of mind, redefine your life values and focus on what matters most in one of Africa's best vacation areas.

Loapi Tented Camp

If you've always dreamed of vacationing royally in the lap of divine nature, go to a great African safari camp called Loapi. It is set in the northern part of the country on 281,000 acres of the Kalahari, a hot climate with frequent droughts. Guests are presented with 6 private villas with private vehicles for extreme trekking and personalized guides.

Loapi Tented Camp is perfect for a busy family vacation. Single wanderers and lovers come here with pleasure in search of harmony and enchanting experiences.

Each villa is "attached" to its own chef, who fulfills the culinary desires of guests. A personal butler helps guests plan the perfect trip with stunning safari walks on foot or by car. Here you will definitely feel like a wealthy monarch who gives orders to his subjects regarding dining with exquisite snacks and drinks or cool entertainment.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge

Lurking at the southern end of Volcanoes National Park is another chic African safari camp, Singita Kwitonda Lodge. Service at this elite retreat is geared to meet all guests' needs and wishes, from a cup of aromatic tea in the morning to arranging an exciting guided trip through the colorful wilderness.

The lodges in the safari lodge embody all the expectations of vacationers who appreciate ecological and functional housing. Natural materials such as bamboo and river stones, volcanic rocks and ceramic products of author's design have been used for the interiors. Even the clay bricks used to build the accommodation are handmade.

There are 8 suites to choose from and a private villa Kataza with pretty fireplaces and individual heated pools. Of particular note are the bathrooms with massage areas. These are comfortable areas for de-stressing with complete relaxation and filling with invigorating energy.

The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature
Singita Kwitonda Lodge is the choice for those who choose the best. Source: Pixebay

Royal accommodations are outfitted with expensive linens and colorful design accents. The terracotta-colored furnishings, for example, are immediately associated with the color of molten lava due to the close proximity of volcanic peaks.

Guests of the cool safari camp in Africa can dine in either their room or in the main lodge. Here, travelers are happy to gather to enjoy flavorful dishes dominated by vitamin-rich fruits and vegetables. Meat and fish dishes are often served for breakfast or dinner here too.

In a beautiful African vacation destination, strolls through the fabulous gardens of Singita with exotic vegetation and agricultural crops are always fascinating. New trees are constantly being planted here, offered by a local nursery. Don't forget to visit the Dian Fossey Research Center, which is close to the lodge.

Lale Camp

In a picturesque valley in southern Ethiopia, there is another relaxing place to stay in Africa called Lale Camp. Wildlife and modern interiors here are harmoniously intertwined to form a cohesive whole. Book here one of the 7 tents with tarpaulin walls, comfortable toilet and tropical shower and you will experience the charm of being in an exotic corner of Africa.

Biwa, the good-natured owner of the safari camp, lifts tourists' spirits with amazing stories about the wild natural zone. Travelers reach his cozy camp only by boat, so a secluded environment prevails, where the silence is broken only by birdsong and rustling leaves.

The Omo River Delta, where the camp is nestled, is home to a variety of exotic animals, including fisher owls and vervet, De Brazza monkeys and colobus. The host of the exclusive African vacation spot maintains warm relations with local tribes, and travelers can observe the life and traditions of the Hamar and Nyangatom, Mursi and Kara peoples.

One&Only House in Nyungwe

In late 2018, Africa's luxury hotel One&Only Nyungwe House was introduced to the travel world. It is located on a picturesque tea plantation near Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda.

The area with picturesque swamps and waterfalls is perfect for a vacation. The tropical tree thickets are home to colobus monkeys and black-mantled mangabeys. Visitors are immediately surprised by the huge variety of birds with sky-blue tacos and huge hornbills. in the protected area.

Travelers choose suitable accommodations among 22 deluxe rooms with spacious bedrooms. The main elements of the interiors are king beds with weightless canopies. The panoramic windows look directly out onto the emerald jungle with tropical trees and shrubs.

The rooms of the safari suites are decorated with fine design taste using red, black and white tones. The walls of the rooms are adorned with spectacular Imigongo patterns, while decorative items from local company Indego Africa help to infuse the rooms with a distinctive African-inspired charm.

Grootbos Private Nature Reserve

With its lush forests, picturesque coastline and fragrant flowers, Grootbos Nature Reserve is a wonderful place to stay in the Western Cape province of Africa. This gorgeous 6,000-acre location fully justifies its unofficial name "Cape Town's Flower Kingdom".

Especially for tourist gourmets, a hotel with well-appointed rooms with individual verandas has been set up here. The unique protected area has more than 900 plant species and the hotel owners are actively involved in programs to protect the flora. Dine in the dense rainforest by the gentle light of lanterns to experience true romance in an exotic oasis.

The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature
Grootbos Nature Reserve is a magical habitat for exotic animals. Source: Pixebay

One of Africa's top-rated hotels offers guests a 'dip' into a world of fine entertainment with horseback riding and walks through mysterious caves on the shores of the Walker Coast. After an active day, guests are invited to appreciate local delicacies prepared by skilled culinary professionals. Wash them down with elite wine from the local Overberg region and you'll learn all the secrets of a happy life filled with joy.


And now we want to invite you to one of the marvelous places of sunny Zambia, which is located in the Lower Zambezi National Park. This luxurysafari camp in Africa by the "name" Lolebezi, which was founded in 2006 by Bex Ndlovu, a famous Zimbabwean guide.

The design of the accommodation was well "worked on" by Fox Browne company from Johannesburg, which took the green theme of suites and family rooms as a basis. This idea was very successful, and today Lolebesi is known worldwide as one of the top vacation destinations in Africa.

The safari camp is set on the picturesque coast of a bay with a wide variety of fish. Vacationers here are encouraged to take a game drive to explore the mesmerizing landscapes or go on a quiet canoe safari. Walk through lush forests, home to swift leopards, or take a river trip in search of new exotic discoveries, and you'll be swept up in the excitement.

Beyond Phinda Forest Lodge

In the picturesque location of KwaZulu-Natal, within the scenic South African Game Reserve, Beyond Phinda Forest Lodge, one of Africa's top-rated safari lodges, is comfortably nestled. It offers travelers luxurious accommodations in Vip rooms and family suites, as well as cool safari amenities.

The hotel has a comfortable fitness room with exercise equipment, where you can perform individualized sets of exercises with a knowledgeable instructor. Guests especially enjoy wilderness walks with observation of cheetahs and elephants, buffalo and rhinos in their natural habitat.

Travelers appreciate the rich diversity of wildlife in the Phinda Game Reserve. The 74,000 acres of land are home to elephants and rhinos, lions and cheetahs, as well as the Temminka lizard, which not everyone gets to see. In addition to seeing wildlife, travelers can visit a Zulu village to learn about its life and cultural heritage.

Royal Malewane

The Thornybush Private Game Reserve is home to another good African vacation spot called Royal Malewane. Since its opening in 1999, it has been constantly updated and transformed.

Guests are patiently "waiting" for cozy two-bedroom suites and 4-bedroom family suites. The rooms skillfully use bright colors that fill the accommodation with lush accents and help to create a special mood. One of Africa's best safari camps offers guests cool areas to relax:

  • turquoise pool;
  • a fitness room with exercise equipment;
  • a spa center with professional masters and healing ingredients for natural-based treatments;
  • yoga studio with experienced instructors;
  • play space for children.

Of course, the hotel pays special attention to safari walks in the protected area, which serves as a natural habitat for majestic lions and buffalo. Knowledgeable guides reveal to guests many secrets related to the life of wild animals.

The best safari camps and lodges in Africa: 17 secrets for a wonderful vacation with family or friends surrounded by pristine nature
Relax in the Thornybush Private Reserve to find the peace you desire. Source: Freepik

If you wish, you can spend a useful time in the research and conservation center or with a group of specialists who fight poachers.

If you are tired of the gray routine and you feel a severe lack of positive emotions and adrenaline, visit the Royal Malewane Hotel, a bright decoration of the private reserve of Thornybush.

Segera Retreat

Talking about popular safari lodges in Africa, we have no right to miss Segera Retreat, which is located on the grassy Laikipia Plateau. This 50,000-acre eco-resort gives guests a rare opportunity to view the population of elephants and black rhinos, which are on the endangered species list.

Travelers are presented with 6 villas with exclusive amenities that are adorned with exquisite sculptures from the private collection of Jochen Zeitz. Check into Segera House or Villa Segera, with comfortable bedrooms and personalized service, and you'll experience all the perks of premium accommodations. For lovers of refined luxury and privacy, the original Nay Palad Bird's Nest is perfect for complete relaxation while enjoying the unrivaled scenery of the surrounding area.

The main lodge, with spectacular artwork, has a bar and dining room serving wonderful African and international cuisine. Appetizing lunches and dinners are made memorable with drinks from the resort's wine gallery.

Traditionally, much attention has been paid to environmental conservation here with regular tree planting and helping to set up solar farms. Segera Retreat works closely with the Maasai tribe, so guests can learn in detail about their habitation and cultural traditions if they wish.

We are happy to take you on a tour of some of Africa's finest safari camps and lodges, which embody royal luxury and offer guests a chic stay. Booking accommodation in most of them, you automatically take part in programs to protect protected areas to prevent the extinction of rare representatives of exotic flora and fauna. The fact is that part of the proceeds received after paying for accommodation in popular vacation destinations in Africa, goes to the implementation of excellent conservation projects.

If you have long dreamed of extreme adventure in the bosom of divine nature, then this time has come - safely reserve safari suites in Africa for a wonderful vacation with family or friends!

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