Top 10 best things to do on the Amalfi Coast: which town to choose?

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Top 10 best things to do on the Amalfi Coast: which town to choose?
Top 10 best things to do on the Amalfi Coast: which town to choose?. Source: Pexels

Top 10 attractions on the Amalfi Coast: what to see and try on the Amalfi Coast.

Italy is famous for its resorts and scenic views. Once you have been to such a diverse country, you will want to come back. The resort towns offer such a variety of things to do and enjoy, that you can choose any of them and enjoy a whole new experience. And today we're off to the Amalfi Coast, which is enveloped by the waters of the warm emerald green Tyrrhenian Sea. The very south of Italy will warm the soul with the hot rays of the sun, impress the eyes with all kinds of architectural styles and delight the ears with notes of Italian serenades. What could be more romantic than emerald grottoes, blooming mountains and a variety of attractions for all tastes, which is sure to make the head spin. That is why before you go to such an impressive area must be put together a competent route and a list of things you want to see, try and what to do. Then your vacation will be exactly what you dreamed of.

The best activities on the Amalfi Coast await you in our review: Top 10 things to do in the cities of the Amalfi Coast.

Which city on the Amalfi Coast should I choose?

If you're traveling to Italy for the first time – you can point your finger in the south of the country and you won't miss it, as experiences await you at every corner. Still, we've identified the most convenient cities to cover as much as possible.

Top 3 cities on the Amalfi Coast: Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento. The variety of built walking, bus and boat routes, will help you to cover the neighboring towns and villages. And the variety of atmospheric places in these towns will not let you waste a minute.

Tips for vacations on the Tyrrhenian Sea coast:

  • Don't plan much if you are going to Italy for three days, in which case it is better to enjoy the city you are staying in and choose a day trip to nearby attractions.
  • If you are a confident driver and are not afraid of narrow roads and serpentines - car rental will give you not only the freedom of movement, but also the opportunity to absorb the adrenaline coupled with the incredible beauty of the views that open thanks to all kinds of roadside observation points. Make sure you're not annoyed by the difficulty of finding a parking spot and pulling, as the Amalfi Coast draws in an incredible amount of people during the season. Renting a car for three days in Sorrento will cost about 210 euros as of today (2023).
  • The main criterion for choosing accommodation on the coast is a terrace overlooking the emerald sea. And even if you take a simpler room or find a higher apartment, but still have the opportunity to meet the sunrise every morning with a cup of aromatic coffee on the terrace - it will become your own attraction and will fill your vacation with indescribable sea sunrises and sunsets.
  • If you can't stand the heat, try to plan your hikes and trips so that you return before noon, or include in your itinerary a place where you can wait out the peak of the red-hot sun and, for example, have time to quietly explore the local menu while cooling down with ice-cold cocktails
  • The Amalfi Coast is relatively expensive. But if you plan in advance, you can enjoy the divine views even on a limited budget. For example, if you are not traveling alone, but at least three people, you can book a group rather than individual excursions. This will not only save the budget, but also avoid queues on the way to the most famous corners of the resorts. Yes, and car rental will be much more pleasant.

Ready to take in the romantic, graceful, fragrant and intoxicating spirit of Italy? Then here are the top 20 sights of Amalfi. Let's go!

  • A serpentine walk along the Amalfi Coast

If you are staying in Sorrento the best place to start your inspiration is the 16 kilometers of serpentine coastal route. This will give you the opportunity to cover the most views and towns in a short period of time. Provided by local Sita buses, the ready-made route called Amalfi Coast Drive (SS163) is filled with scenic views of lemon groves, atmospheric villages, Saracen towers and pine-clad bays. The bus stops at viewpoints and all the towns on the Sorrento Peninsula.

  • Boat and bus trips to the island of Capri and the Amalfi coast

Capri is famous for its bohemian life, the incredible beauty of its landforms, the impressive yachts parked near the shores. From Naples you can book a group bus tour that will introduce you to the Gardens of Augusta, Anacapri and La Piazzetta and take you to Marina Grande. Where you can continue your incredible journey by bus to Anacapri and take the chairlift to Monte Solaro. You can enjoy the beauty and scenery from a bird's eye view of the Faralloni cliffs. The option of a one-day bus tour can be considered from Marina Grande, its name "Open Capri" (Viator) speaks for itself. We are sure the Blue Grotto will captivate you for a long time.

Boat tours to the island of Capri create a special atmosphere. You can book a boat trip with disembarkation from Sorrento, Amalfi and also Positano.

Don't miss the opportunity to explore the winding shores from the sea, at least one of your planned trips should include a boat trip, they are available in all coastal towns. Discover grottoes with stunning water colors and hidden caramel beaches.

The view on Capri island will adore you. Source: Dominik/Pexels
  • Swim in the Emerald Grotto

A grotto that easily rivals the Blue Grotto in Capri is Grotta Dello Smerald. It is located near the coast of Amalfi. Going down the steps or by elevator, you will find paddle boats that will gladly take you to the emerald waters that glisten on the numerous stalactites and stalagmites. This cave in the small town of Conca Dei Marini, has become one of the best attractions of the Amalfi Coast.

  • Fiordo De Furore – impressive pebble beach

For fans of adrenaline and authentic views, this is a paradise. Located between Praiano and Ravello, the only fjord in Italy (Fjords Di Furore) will impress you even before you get off at the beach. The most convenient transportation is the Sita bus, which will take you to the Furore Bridge. The impression, from the sight of such an intimidating gorge, tickles your heels just thinking about the descent, and the descent itself will take your breath away. For you can reach the beach only by climbing down 944 steps carved in the rock and framed by the rains. So after enjoying the picturesquely scattered cabins, head down and look under your feet. It's better and safer to admire the rocky vistas as you ascend. Below you will find a pebble beach, a friendly sea and a little relaxation. If you are not a fan of rock extreme, hire a boat in Amalfi or Positano and you will easily find yourself on this famous beach. The best time to visit the beach is in the morning.

The south of Italy is the best part of the country to be visited firstly. Source: Pexels
  • A visit to Pompeii is a must

You can't think of a better place to introduce children to Italian history. Along the way, children can look for riddles and clues that will make their trek around the ruins of Pompeii motivating and engaging. The atmosphere of gladiatorial battles, the theater stages of Pompeii, and the preserved style of decorated Pompeian houses give some mysterious connection to the people who lived before us. The only thing that can hinder this solitude is the huge number of people that Pompeii attracts because of its fame. Avoiding the queues and minimizing the crowds can help with a tour from Sorrento. It is designed for half a day and you can consult with a guide on which day it is best. Half a day in Pompeii is absolutely enough, as the midday sun doubles up among the stones and enjoying the history will be just unbearable. One of the nice things is the free admission for children.

  • Touch Heaven and Walk the Way of the Gods

It is an unusual walk that takes place high above Positano and it is a 7 km (4.5 mil) hike between the towns of Bomerano and Nocelle. You can start your journey of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) by taking a bus to one of these towns, or you can go directly from Positano or Praiano. Only in this case you may have to climb about 1,700 more steps. For those who like to challenge themselves and feel like Kung Fu Panda, this is a wonderful chance. Do not regret any of your choices will help just divine beauty of views of the bays, sparkling in the sun sea and the vast horizon, enveloped by the height of the blue sky.

The option to book a guided tour may be the best, you'll be captivated by legendary stories along the way, stop for an atmospheric lunch in Nocelle and get a chance to walk down the steps to the center of Positano.

  • Add colorful ceramics to your photos in Vietri-Sul-Mar

Tired of looking at the emerald, blue and deep green colors of the Amalfi Coast? Though of course it's unlikely to happen, but still. Add bright, stylish backgrounds to your photo content. And bring some home at the same time. Vietri-Sul-Mare is the capital of ceramic souvenirs and ceramic tableware with an incredible combination of colors. The town by the sea makes its characteristic polychrome majolica pottery that goes back to the 15th century.

Captured rural and seascapes with the traditional depiction of a rooster or a donkey literally fill the stores and streets. The walls of the stores, brightly decorated with colorful ceramics, are a flight of fancy that you'll want to capture. And when you approach the Church of St. John the Baptist, you can admire its colorful dome.

This is a place where ceramic born. Source: Vincenzo Iorio/Pexels
  • Dive into the underwater Roman kingdom

For lovers of underwater trips and experiences, the small town of Baia, near Naples, offers an absolutely stunning dive to the sunken Roman kingdom. This excursion will immerse you not only under the emerald waters with a variety of fauna, but will also give you a touch of history going back to the time of Nero, Julius Caesar and Mark Antony. The city built by the richest emperors with country houses, grand statues, paved roads with nymphs and mosaic floors sleeps peacefully sheltered by the Tyrrhenian Sea in the underwater archaeological park of Baia. Diving with an instructor will make such an excursion not only interesting, but also safe. There are options for diving with children.

  • The romance of sunsets in Ravello

Although Sorento is sung about, it's too crowded for solitude these days. But in Rovello, its alleys densely clothed in greenery offer many secluded corners. And you're not a prisoner of the alienated town at all. From Ravello, you can take many day trips by bus that let you get rid of the feeling that you're missing out on something. In reality, though, you may well take a couple of days to explore the small resort town. In addition to the beaches and the usually offered activities at seaside resorts, here, you can take very scenic walks to the elegant villas of Rufolo and Cimbrone. Their grounds are enveloped by the most beautiful gardens of lemon and olive trees. In the summer, you can enjoy Italian music concerts in the villas and in the evening you can sit on one of the terraces and enjoy the sunset and the rosy Tyrrhenian Sea.

Villa Cimbrone operates as a hotel and restaurant, but you can also enter its grounds. You'll marvel at the hectares of lush roses, camellias and hydrangeas. And the Infinity Terrace will satisfy your romantic nature with views of the horizon and sunset.

  • Gastronomic Tours on the Amalfi Coast

You can start enjoying the elegance of Italian food in any of the cities if you are in a hurry to try traditional dishes: pizza, pasta, limoncello, Italian wines and seafood salads. But if you want something more profound, revealing not only your gastronomic range, but also touching the strings of your soul guitar, go to a small village near Positano, called Montepertuso. This is where you will find Donna Rossa, a restaurant specializing in "cucina del territorio" with local delicacies. Enjoy homemade tagliatelle with arugula con frutti di mare and ravioli stuffed with artichokes. And the delicate lamb and the variety of local fish will help to satisfy any needs of your refined palate. And the word "Bellissimo" will take on a color, flavor and taste that you will long and pleasantly remember. By the way, the food is not the only thing Donna Rossa restaurant is famous for, don't forget to admire the view from its sunny terrace.

As for Sorento, here, too, it can offer your inner gourmet a taste of unpretentious Italian cuisine. And we know a tour that will help you discover and not miss the taste. Star Cars' specially designed "Gastronomic Tour to Sorento" will give you the opportunity to taste the best Italian products straight from the producers. Starting at the ancient olive oil mill, you'll be transported to the Caseficio dairy, where mozzarella, ricotta and provolone are made. This walk includes lunch and offers the opportunity to visit the family-owned company that makes Limoncello.

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