AI content disclaimer

AI content disclaimer: our approach to using AI


Why we are publishing this disclaimer

We at TravelWise acknowledge that AI is transforming the world of publishing, increasing efficiency, and enabling creativity. Our commitment to clarity, integrity, and accountability has led us to present this overview of how we utilize AI in our organization.


The purpose of this disclaimer is to build trust within our community by being open about our AI practices and ensuring that AI serves to complement human intelligence, not replace it.


Our core principles for using AI

AI as a positive force: We believe that AI can enhance the publishing process and add value to our work. It must be used thoughtfully, with consideration for its impact on quality.


Human oversight: AI should assist, not lead. All AI activity should be under human guidance and never entirely delegated to technology without professional oversight.


Gradual integration and evaluation: We believe in carefully implementing AI, assessing its effect on outcomes. Integration should lead to actual positive improvements, not just for novelty.


Transparency: Most importantly, we believe that our use of AI should always be transparently disclosed to our readers.


How we use AI

Article writing

AI assists in drafting articles but always under human supervision. All text is manually evaluated for accuracy and quality by our editors, and every article is fact-checked. AI contributes to finding potential topics and organizing information, but it plays a supportive role, never leading.

Most materials on the site are written by our editors, not AI.


 AI aids in some image generation processes, although not all images on the site are generated this way.

Photography: occasionally, AI tools support post-production editing, but every AI intervention is manually evaluated by our team.

Potential topics discovery: AI is used to find possible subjects for article writing.